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Top 10 Useful Student Advice Websites


This article contains information on the Top 10 Useful Student Advice Websites.

Top 10 Useful Student Advice Websites

Website is a collection of web pages and content identified by a common domain name published on one web server. It is accessed by visiting the homepage of the website using a browser from a phone, tablet or laptops. Student visit websites for one thing or the other searching for information regarding a subject matter.

Websites are created for simplicity; student go to one website or the other for a piece of information especially academic articles, educational topics. In this article, we would be discussing the top 10 useful student advice websites.


1. Top Universities:

Student advice on Schools they can Study Abroad can be found on this website. We can search by study level, subject of interest, or destination. It features an easy-to-use university ranking tool. If you’re looking to find the right course, field of study, or the perfect university, Top Universities is your one-stop-shop for university research. It’s like a search engine for all your student needs, enabling you to research from the top down or the bottom up.

2. Khan Academy:

Free Online Academic Courses for Students. This website creates a substantial range of free academic and test prep courses in science, technology, engineering and mathematics topics (STEM). It offers a detailed “free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere in the world on courses like the basic mathematics (Algebra, calculus), physics, biology, programming, engineering, economics, history, etc. with test prep courses (SAT, LSAT, MCAT, etc.) and advice on college admissions, careers, and entrepreneurship

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3. The Balance Careers:

This website Offers thousands of career-related articles for students in a Blog-like format. It offers dynamics in choosing a career path, resume generation because the world of work is changing rapidly. Whether you’re a traditionalist or nonconformist at heart, The Balance Careers is the place to go for fresh and helpful career advice. Here you’ll find friendly, relatable advice on job hunting, writing the perfect resume, negotiating a salary, and how to find the right career for your personality. Whether you’re fresh out of college or want to explore different career avenues, The Balance Careers’ 20-year-strong library of over 10,000 articles will get you headed down the right path.

4. The Penny Hoarder:

This website is user friendly with Easy-to-navigate category to educate you with tips on how to save money. Penny Hoarder is founded in 2010 by Kyle Taylor as one of the nation’s largest personal website to help students take control in their personal finances and make smart money each day through saving, earning and managing money through actionable areas, it encourages coupon deals, smart budgeting and it will help increase your financial literacy at all levels with its online academy, teaching a lot on financial topics such as managing credit, budgeting, and more.

5.  Healthline:

This website offers the best health advice for students in a conventional and alternative standpoint, it is a great A-to-Z resource for a variety of physical and mental health issues, emphasizing expert content in 50 specialities with medical review, fact-checking and clinical guidance. Healthline physicians, nurses, public health experts and patient advocates help ensure that the published information is a beautifully presented, information-packed, evidence based, trustworthy and person-centric with list of nutritious recipes, workout ideas, fitness and eating tips, and the latest health news.

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6. Lifehacker: 

This website offers the best all-around how-to. It’s a useful online resource, offering advice on money, health, travel, cooking, and entertainment. It is founded by Gina Trapanio. It operates podcast, video recording, creatives, and different forms of writing, about finance, technology, health, food and anything related to the modern world. Lifehacker covers diverse topic from home repairs to productivity, health matters (the relationship between DNA tests and exercise routine). It also house entertainment in the latest films, music, and TV shows. You cannot be left out on life hacker as there will something captivating.

7. BudgetBytes:

This website offers the best student meals on a budget with tons of recipes for vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores in an easy-to-navigate site which shows photos for every dish. Budget Bytes is for food lovers, meticulous budgeter who loves science and art because they tend to enjoy it in their meals. Budgetbytes offers reasonable and low-cost mouth-watering recipes that won’t break the bank.

According to the CEO, “Budgetbytes started in 2009 at the brink of losing to adulthood where there were bills to pay and could barely meet up with my needs, it was there and then I started tracking every money spent on food. At the end of the month I sat down and evaluated where money was lost and what area had increased. It was from these evaluations that the BudgetBytes came in.” The website has an easy, accessible broken down category comprising of hundreds of recipes, with their photos such as yummy soups, salads, snacks, and desserts, meat, vegetarian, vegan, and global recipes. There’s even a list of 30 recipes, especially for students. Bon appétit!

8. Everyday Power:

This website offer advice for self-empowerment in motivation, self-help ideas, and quotes. It started in 2003 at Jeff Moore New York City apartment where he teaches 7th grade English language poems, sounds and languages. With the debt to improve and impact these lives, he provides a categorized and catalogue list of relevant or motivational resources, inspirational quotes and self-help articles, as well thought-provoking questions that can help students define what matters in life and how they can apply these in their day to day life. Prevalent topics which student faced are such as What do I love to do? How do I develop the confidence, optimism and vision needed to fulfil my potential? How can I improve my mindset or a difference in the world?. The advice and mentorship that it offers for students has helped Everyday Power over 5 million people every month and a curriculum resource for many schools plus daily motivational before work and school.

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9. My Modern Met:

This website offers an averagely 5 million visitors seeking advice on the best advice for art and culture, design, photography, travel, architecture, nature, and more. It was formed in May 2008 with the mission to create a big city that will celebrate creativity in career spanning photography, graphic design, architecture, science, technology and environmental issues.

10. Eafinder.com:

It is the first website for college students that educate students about student loans, career tips and admission details. It matches college students with scholarships and financial aid offers. Eafinder.com will find scholarships that you’re most likely to qualify for based on your needs. With a database of more than 1000 scholarships, this is the first place soon-to-be college students should start.

Eafinder.com also offers career advice and university searches.

The following sites are instrumental in the development of college students towards self-discovery, self -development and self-mastery

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