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Top Article Submission Websites – 2020


This article contains information on Top Article Submission Websites in 2020.

Top Article Submission Websites - 2020

The art or process of submitting high-quality articles in relation to your blog, website or business to high quality and well-recognized websites or directories is called article submission. The fundamental purpose behind doing so is to improve the search engine ranking of your blog as well as to increase the traffic that it receives.

Article submission websites help a business, blog or website to publish contents and also promote their content on article viewing sites. These websites help augment the search engine ranking while increasing the traffic on the website. The search engine rank is further improved by adding the right keywords in the content. Using this method, one’s brand and products awareness can take good turn-ups.

Many thanks to article submission websites because these websites help articles rank on the first page on Google, sometimes for mid or long-tail keywords, and drive temperate traffic. With the aid of article submission websites, one can get traffic on their websites. This is an effective off-page Search Engine Optimization technique. The major aim behind submitting an article is to run a campaign without any need to pay for techniques like Google AdWords or other paid advertisements.

There are varieties of article submission websites that are available for use. Free article submission websites are more than the paid ones and this is a plus that can be maximized. Article submission is seen as one of the most trusted, effective and accessible techniques that search engine optimization incorporates. Article submission in SEO provides two choices, which are; link no-follow and link do-follow. Based on the type of audience that the company wants to attract, it can choose either of the two options.

Key advantages of submitting articles on articles submission websites

  • This enhances the ranking of your website online presence on search engines, such as Google.
  • As you create content that gives relevant insight into the industry to which your online business provides to, you can as well establish yourself as an expert. This helps generate interest and create and spread awareness, as well. Submission of articles also helps build trust with potential customers. This gives them a reason for visiting your website, thereby, increasing the conversion rate on your website.
  • Submitting your article on these websites can help improve your blog’s or website’s ranking on various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more.
  • These websites help increase the popularity and visibility of your website or blog.
  • These article submission websites help you to establish yourself as an expert in a specific field and improve your blog’s or website’s domain authority.
  • You can also create backlinks with varieties of high DR websites to enhance the traffic that your blog or website receives.
  • The affluence of such websites is only going to increase in the future, and hence, you will have a considerable article submission website list to choose from.
  • One can actually create a solid bond with the readers, which again enhances the increase of your blog’s or website’s popularity.
  • If your article should go viral, it will notably contribute to the growth of your website or blog in terms of visibility, popularity, search engine rank and traffic.
  • Every backlink for your website essentially is like a vote, which helps increase the visibility of your blog or website. Article submission increases the number of readers and generates traffic. It enhances your brand presence and through this SEO strategy, one can also achieve backlinks to their website for a lifetime.
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Find below the top article submission websites for your business, blog or website.

Free article submission websites
  1. Sites.google.com

This medium is rendered by Google for link building. Users can use it to add content and substance to blogs. It is free of cost.

  1. Github.com

This site is a popular article submission website and also has good ratings. This signifies that the articles published here will have the audience.

  1. Ezinearticles.com

It is a website for promoting content and gives a wide variety of content to its readers. Ezinearticles is a popular place for marketing activities as well as content promotion. Submissions on this website are free and it has a good audience base.

  1. Myarticle.com
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This website permits its users to publish their content online. It has several categories and also, provides for a complete room of acknowledgement of the user’s articles.

  1. Articlebiz.com

This website is common among readers and authors as well. It is synonymous to the site mentioned above, myarticle.com, as it has an extensive database of articles. It also has a significant audience. Maximum article exposure, reprintable article contents. Articles are differentiated with major categories and users can submit to a vast number of topics

  1. Goarticles.info

This site permits users to publish the contents on several websites. It has a database of a list of articles with a lot of categories.

  1. Storify.com

This is another common website for the creation and sharing of blogs and stories. It also offers the features of joining several articles, or focusing on one topic or even making a point.

  1. Tumblr.com

Tumbler permits the creation of microblogs and helps its users in sharing content with a network of publishers. The blogs on the site can be created in minimal time.

  1. Quora.com

Quora is a website that contains content in a question and answer format. Its aim is to help grow and share knowledge globally. Choosing this site for article submission can also be very useful for you because it is one of the top rated sites for targeting the right and specific kinds of audiences. It also ensures quite a productive backlinking opportunities.

  1. ArticleCity

This website is categorised by varieties of relevant sections and thousands of articles are published daily on this site. Article city is one of the best platforms for many marketing publishers.

  1. Threadwatch.com

This is a platform where users are allowed to submit articles on different categories and gain traffic to their respective blog or web pages. Majorly used for marketing articles

  1. A1articles.com

Probably you are looking for a way in which to share your knowledge, desires, and thoughts or probably you are looking for a way in which you can quickly promote your site and/or business for free, A1 Articles could be the solution in which to do this.

  1. Sooperarticles.com

This is a content-sharing platform where writers get the chance to reach their readers.

  1. Streetarticles.com
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This is another growing content submission page where people can submit articles in various sections with thumbnails.

  1. Abcarticledirectory.com

This is an online article directory/article search engine for people that need relative, specific information.

  1. Thepr.com.au

On this site, you can find interesting and useful information on most popular themes and you can also publish your own text with interesting content, after registration.

Paid article submission websites.
  1. Amazing.com

This is an article submission website where you make a one-time payment of $9.99. Then offers free web content, free articles and free article feeds which are submitted by the network of quality registered authors.

  1. Rirouse.com

Here, you pay a lifetime cost of $49.95. This directory provides hundreds of links to selected companies and websites in various categories. You are sure to find the products and information you may be looking for.

  1. iSnare.com

This site permits free articles and is a press release distribution platform as well. It is not a free platform but a paid platform. However, it charges a small fee of US 2 dollars to publish the content. iSnare helps the user publish their content in over 2000 webpages. Moreover, as the user purchases more credits, they also get the feasibility of getting the article submission service at a cheaper rate.

Steps to Follow After Submission & Approval of the Article.

Submitting an article on free article submission websites is actually a straightforward procedure. After getting permission from the specific article submission sites, you can increase your website’s or blog’s visibility by implementing other specific relevant steps. These include:

  • One can submit the newly created backlinks received from article submission sites to search engine submission sites.
  • You can also ping your newly created backlinks to get them indexed by various search engines as soon as possible.
  • Bookmarking your backlinks using different bookmarking websites and existing social media profiles is a much-needed step to systematize the process of enhancing your website or blog’s online presence.
  • You can also get high authority backlinks by submitting articles to high authority Directory submission sites.
  • It is often observed that people normally prefer visual content to written content.
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