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If You Can Dream It You Can Achieve It

There is a common saying that a man is a product of his thoughts. We’re what we think.

If You Can Dream It You Can Achieve It

The saying, if you can dream it you can achieve it simply means that if you can put the thoughts that make up a dream together in your head, you can make that thought so powerful and just have to find possible means of bringing it to reality.

Dream, in this context, doesn’t literally mean those we have in the course of sleeping, No. It’s simply a wish, a vision of a compelling future, a strong desire to bring a beautiful thought into reality.

Your dream can be to invent something that will be of great help to the world at large, it can be to build an empire, it can be to write a book, etc. Everybody on the surface of the Earth has one big dream or the other, but the major problem is not in having a dream but in taking actions to make this dream a reality.

It is always difficult to take action in making one’s dream a reality when it is not compelling. When a dream is compelling, it overpowers and subdues the dreamer. It leaves the person restless until it has been made a reality. Having a compelling dream is what motivates a person never to give up on a dream, no matter the challenges to be encountered in the process.

Do you have a dream? Is it compelling enough?

I don’t want to scare or discourage you but the fact is, bringing a dream to reality is not an easy task. There are challenges to be faced, setbacks and failures but then, it is important to understand that in order to become successful, you have to be ready to fail over and over again.

Failure is a requirement for attaining success. So, be prepared to face the following challenges:


It’s one thing to have a dream and another thing to believe in your dream. The strongest obstacle to a person pursuing their dreams is the lack of belief that their dreams are possible. So many people are accustomed to achieving very little and when it comes to pursuing something big, they believe it’s impossible.

Not believing in one’s dream may be as a result of one’s background and past. Some individuals come from a background/ family where no success and huge achievements have been recorded, a background where nobody seems to be making headway despite the struggles. This has a way of making such an individual with a big dream to become pessimistic, but don’t forget there are numerous individuals from low and rough backgrounds who have accomplished their dreams against all odds.

The first step towards making a big dream a reality is to have a positive mindset, be optimistic and believe you will come out successful. I’m not trying to get all religious now but then, the Bible made us understand that if our faith is as tiny as the mustard seed, we can move mountains.

If you don’t believe in your dreams, there’s no way anyone else can.

Remember that all things are possible for him who believes. Unbelief is a dream killer.

  • FEAR

Fear is another great challenge people face in the course of making their dreams a reality. As humans fear may creep in but allowing it to linger is where the problem lies, it has the ability to make one abort a beautiful dream. It can be fear of failure, fear of people or fear of success.

The greatest fear many people entertain is fear of failure. This has made many people discard beautiful ideas even before making an attempt to start. Realizing that failure is a requirement for success is a good start, failure should never stop you from trying.

Reading the stories of successful people is always interesting but what some people fail to realize is that they had a fair share of failures which may never be included.

I once watched a clip where a young boy told a very successful and prominent man that he desires to be like him but do not know how to achieve that. The man replied, “If you must be like me, go home and fail more”.

Some people may find this statement very appalling but the truth is, failure is a prerequisite for success. You learn from failing.

Thomas Edison once said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”.Oh! How I love that quote. Develop a positive mindset for failure.

Another uncommon one is fear of success. Yes, we may desire to become successful and famous but there are some who are scared of handling the change that comes with being successful.

The last and very common one is the fear of people. Before most people set out to act on something, they’re always concerned about what people will say.”What will people say”is one statement that has carefully stagnated some individuals?

Elbert Hubbard said, “To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing and be nothing”. Many people never pursue their dreams because they fear what others will think or say. You must know that in everything you do, you will have critics. There can not be life without criticism. Good or bad, there will always be critics. Criticism can make or break. It makes the strong and focused minded and breaks the feeble-minded.

 Fear of being criticized has caused more harm than good in many lives.

Never allow others to intimidate you or talk you out of your ideas. That they haven’t seen it work doesn’t mean it can’t.


Not being focused can be a significant barrier to achieving your dreams. One way people lack focus is by attempting to take on multiple projects at once. This can be overwhelming and distracting.

Everything we do in life requires FOCUS to boom. Be it business, academics relationship or what have you, one thing is, no matter how determined you’re to succeed, there will always be DISTRACTIONS. We can’t avoid it, they will always come but what do you do with these distractions.

Do you give in to them? Do you pamper and feed the distractions to grow?

There will always be distractions but starve them, do not feed them fat. Once you give room for distractions, failure is bound to occur.

Writing out your goals and giving yourself timelines, not moving to the next goal until you complete the first one, is a sure way to deal with this challenge.


In achieving your dreams, you need more than just time and energy. Money is involved too. This challenge is one of the most common challenges people face in making their dreams a reality.

Sometimes the ideas and strategies on which to operate may be there but then, no finance to execute.

It is an error to do away with your dreams as a result of financial challenge.

There is always a way out of every problem. One way is to work on your budget, spending habits and start saving, securing a loan from banks, crowdfunding or by approaching family and friends for assistance.


The habit of seeing the end from the beginning even without taking a step or giving up halfway is a big hindrance to achieving one’s dreams.

Patience is a virtue that needs to be possessed by all who have the desire to make their dreams a reality.

Learn to be patient until the end. After all, a patient dog eats the fattest bone”It doesn’t necessarily have to be bone, it can be flesh, depending on choice.


Not having a strong connection or the support of loved ones can be very discouraging. That is not a reason to give up on your dreams. The most important thing is to believe in yourself. There are individuals who became successful without the support of loved ones.

Notwithstanding, try to build strong connections at every stage of your life, it is very important.


The excitement of working towards making a dream come true can make one set high and unrealistic goals. Doing this can be very overwhelming and when it seems these goals are not achieved as planned, frustration may set in. Not too many people can handle this.

For the easier achievement of goals, try to break it down to smaller units, take it one step at a time, try to work on each goal every day and be happy for every little thing achieved. Slow and steady wins the race.

Consistency is the most important thing.

Having seen there are many obstacles faced when pursuing your dreams. Once you identify the obstacles, you can then take the necessary steps to overcome them. Remember, your dreams are absolutely possible and achievable but it’s up to you to believe and work to achieve them.

Dr Ben Carson wrote in one of his books “By thinking big, we can transform the world”.

Don’t only dream big, work to achieve it.

If you can dream it you can achieve it. YES, YOU CAN!

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