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What to do With a Pass Degree in 2020

This article contains information on what you can do with a pass degree in 2020.

What to do With a Pass Degree in 2020

On getting admission into the University, my target was to graduate with a first-class but then, will I say life happened and I ended up with a 2:1. A number of times, we make good and beautiful academic plans but due to one situation or the other, it just doesn’t happen that way.

No doubt that sometimes, students are responsible for whatever grades they come out with, other times, it may just be due to one challenge beyond their control.

When I see a student coming out with poor results, I get upset and I tend to imagine”what in God’s name was the student doing in school to warrant such a disaster?” Well, I’m not here to scold anyone, neither am I here to pat you on the back.

You probably had difficulties in the university, dealing with a lot of issues or you spent more than half of your time in the university missing classes, having fun and busy with social events and now that university is over for you with a pass, I believe you’re wiser and have learnt from your mistake.

The result is already bad, no amount of worry can remedy the situation. The deed is done and there’s no need crying over spilt milk. It is normal to lose hope once you cite your result but the good news is, graduating with a pass is not the end of the road, you don’t have to give up on your dreams of building a beautiful career. There is always a way out of every situation.

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Are you one of such people with a pass degree and you feel all hope is lost? Now is time to stop panicking and work out how to launch your career with what you have. This article is just what you need to snap out of the dismay, worry and doubt.

 This is an article that has brought an answer to your constant question of”WHAT CAN I POSSIBLY DO WITH MY PASS DEGREE?”

Below are things you can do with a pass degree and probably end up in the same boardroom with a first-class graduate but in order to achieve this, you need a lot of determination, focus and self resolve to succeed against all odds:


If you can afford it, consider a postgraduate course. There are schools that accept 3rd class or pass degrees for PGD. In fact, most Institutions will accept a pass degree holder, and some only require you to pass a test to enter.

Going for a PGD course is a way of giving yourself a second chance. Sometimes, students tend to perform poorly in first degrees because of accepting courses they couldn’t handle. If you fall into this category, then you should consider a postgraduate study on the course of your choice and try to do better.

Once that is done, you can proceed to obtain a Masters degree. Obtaining a masters degree doesn’t change the fact that you graduated with a pass,it only gives you an edge in the corporate world.


There are thousands of short online courses these days.

Based on the choice, you can go for courses in line with your field or outside your field. The important thing is to go for a course that will enable you to stand out from the crowd of job seekers with your certification.

This is a good way to boost your CV and prove to your prospective employer that you’re not defined by the grade in the paper. Improve yourself to divert attention to the pass degree. They will definitely notice the poor grade but certainly can’t resist you. A graduate with a pass degree with a lot of certifications will most likely be chosen over a 2.1 graduate with no certification.

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With your pass degree, you can learn so many skills. In fact, there are over a thousand relevant skills that you can learn online. It doesn’t matter your course of study, class or degree, you need to equip yourself with all the skills that you can get.

If you hope to convince people that you are smarter than your grade, then you must be all out to do that. Have you thought of why companies organise oral interviews despite going through catchy CV’s with good grades, being sent to them on a daily basis? This is because, for most companies, the right people skills are important.

So, asides getting an online skill, develop on other skills including, building your confidence to radiate intelligence, develop your problem-solving skills among others. A business owner is majorly after what you can offer, your skills so to say, not all about the grades.


Just because no one wants to hire you because of your grade does not mean you can not hire yourself. You should believe in yourself and your abilities if no one else does. Your pass degree shouldn’t stop you from going the entrepreneurial path.

A lot of people have turned the challenge of being rejected by business owners into a motivating factor that helped them to build empires. You can do it too. Start small and work hard.

There are so many factors that will make you succeed as an entrepreneur and your class of degree isn’t one of them.

By surveying your immediate environment and creating avenues to meet people’s need, you’re a step towards becoming a successful entrepreneur. Starting up might be tough, but with determination, dedication and consistency, you will surely make it.


There are 2 things most companies hold dear when hiring. Academic excellence and experience. Academic excellence tells them you are smart and experience tells them you know what you are doing.

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In the competitive labour force we have today, I know getting a job with a first-class or second class degree is a herculean task except with a strong network, talk more of a pass degree holder.

With such grades, you stand little or no chance, not because you cannot do the job, but because most employees have a minimum requirement of second class.

However, I believe there are numerous ways to kill a rat. You stand a chance to get employed by gathering experiences from other available means. I didn’t just say “get experience”,I said, “gather experience”Get as much experience as possible. You can gather experience by doing volunteer jobs or even offering freelance services to get recommendations.

If you gather as much experience as you can in your field, employers will see the seriousness and professionalism in you, causing them to overlook your grade. This makes you an “irresistible pass grader”,I love the sound of this word.


Sulking and brooding over your poor result after graduation will get you nowhere. It only makes the matter worse. No individual with a depressed and embittered attitude ever succeeds. So, the most important of all things is to let go, don’t be too hard on yourself.

The deed is already done and now its time to pick yourself up and look beyond your grade. It shouldn’t define you

Your degree result only really matters for your first job and after that, your professional achievements are what really counts.

These are what to do with your seemingly poor result. “Once you’ve got your foot through the door you can build up your skills and contacts and if you do well you’ll be favourably placed when jobs are advertised internally”.

Remember, working your way up is the real deal.


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