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Top Profitable Short Courses to Study

This article contains information on the top profitable short courses to study in 2023.

In everything we do, we lookout for profitability, the courses we take up are not left out too. Well, who wouldn’t? We all want to live a comfortable life.

Back in the days, we chose courses to study based on passion but now, we look at profitability. This is the reason why most people force their children to study courses like Medicine, Nursing Engineering etc. These are considered highly profitable courses.

I come from a house where our parents don’t choose courses for us. They believe in “do whatever your brain can carry” but I can never forget the way my School Principal scolded me for rejecting Nursing science to study Agricultural Economics and Extension. To him, my choice, of course, is not profitable.

In this article, we’re not considering such long duration but profitable courses, we will be looking at profitable short courses.

What are short courses? Short Courses are those courses that are completed within a short period, usually within a few months. The good thing about short courses is that they don’t require full commitment like those we study for 4-5 years in school, it can easily fit into one’s busy schedule and sometimes, some short courses do not require exams.

Short courses are more practical skill-oriented than theoretical like in the case of University degree courses. They are an addition to University degrees. One that has completed a short course has an advantage over an individual with only a degree certificate. As a result, this information should not be left out in a CV, for job seekers

In other words, shorts courses provide one with advanced skills that will help an individual to succeed in the work environment.

Having understood what short courses are, below are Top Profitable courses to consider in and outside Nigeria.

Short Medical Courses
1. Phlebotomy

Some medical jobs don’t always require years of schooling. All it takes is undergoing short training. A career in phlebotomy is the perfect example! Phlebotomists are responsible for drawing blood from patients. This is a procedure called venipuncture. They work in hospitals, clinics, and private practices.

Phlebotomy courses usually last less than a year. During this time, training covers things like medical terminology and systems of the body.

Having a certification is important for easy securing of a job with higher pay. The Average Salary of a Phlebotomist is $ around $32,000 annually.

2. Massage Therapist

A Lot of people undergo daily stress and massage is a great of relieving stress and tension. A certificate course in this area will teach you the skills you will require to practice effectively. As a masseuse, getting a job is easy and best of all, you can be self-employed.

The average salary of a massage therapist is about $38,000.

3. Fitness Trainer

There is a great demand for fitness trainers. People want to keep fit and shade some weight. If you enjoy hitting the gym, have a passion for helping others to get fit, then get certified to become a fitness trainer is a good opportunity to earn a lot of money while simultaneously having fun on the job.

It doesn’t cost much to be certified, there are online courses and after which you can either work in a gym or be self-employed. It may take time to build a large client list as a self-employed trainer.

Depending on the employer and the number of clients, the average annual salary is about $50,000.

4. Emergency Medical Technician

EMT is a  popular medical job and the course can last from a duration of 6 months- 2 years, depending on where the program is run.

Just as the names go, emergency medical technicians are usually the first set of people to respond to distressed patients, be it accident or ill patients. They are responsible for stabilizing a patient first, before the arrival of a doctor.

The services of EMT’s are in high demand due to the increasing population of emergency cases. Time and dedication is required in this course and certain exams are taken for certifications

EMT makes around $33,000 each year

IT Courses
5. IT Technicians

The world of technology is so vast now. Many companies, especially tech companies, are constantly in need of IT Techs and the good thing is, people who are passionate about technology no longer require to spend many years to get a degree in IT tech.

The average salary for an IT tech in the United States is over $38,000 each year.

Are you passionate about the IT industry and good at software developing? you may just need to go get trained in this course.

6. Website Designing

Being an active person on social media, I come across thousands of online courses on website designing, with a little amount to be paid. This course though highly competitive is very Profitable for those who can be innovative. Everybody wants to own a website, especially those in online businesses and your services as a web designer can not be underrated.

The good thing is as a website designer, you have ample time to take up full-time jobs alongside.

In case you may want to know, a website designer earns an average salary of $40,000 – $70,000.

7. Animation Certification

The multimedia world is evolving. Gone are the days when we required PC’s before learning a particular course, with an Android phone, life has been made easier. I’m not so techy but one thing I know is that I love animations and that made me pay to partake in an online to have a basic knowledge.

The course only lasted for 3 weeks and that was all. Are you a lover of creativity like me? then you may want to learn this. I learnt it to add to my skills and have fun in my leisure.

An animator earns around $6,500 monthly.

8. Fashion Designing

Fashion course

Fashion is evolving daily and fashion designers/ tailors are in high demand.

Just like any other short course, fashion designing courses/ training can be concluded within 12-18 months, depending on individual ability. If you have a passion for dressmaking, this a course to go for. There are job opportunities in this area. You can be your boss and work in a big clothing outlet.

This course may not really be appreciated in Nigeria because it’s rampant but in foreign countries, it is a lucrative course.

The average salary of a fashion designer ranges from $30,000 – $60,000.

9. Cosmetology

In a world were the population of females who want to look beautiful and appealing to the opposite sex are more, going for a short course in cosmetology is a big bang.

Women are ready to spend a fortune on cosmetics and beauty products and as a certified cosmetologist, you’re sure to earn huge from the teeming population of women.

10. Language Interpreters

The world is vast with people of different tribes, cultures and languages and not all of these people understand English. As a result of this, people who specialize in language interpretation are hotcakes.

Sometimes I wish I was good at learning languages. Some languages to specialize in include Chinese, Russia, Japanese or the common French. Having studied a course in any of these languages, there are opportunities of working in a big International company, hospitals and other opportunities like teaching Language in schools etc.

Just recently my younger brother got admission to study Russia.

I almost discouraged him but after he gave me lists of where he can work upon graduation, we had to allow him to follow his heart. If you are good at learning languages easily, you don’t know what your creator has done for you.

Language interpreters earn an average Salary range if $45,000 – $55,000.

11. Electrical Installation

This is another beautiful and profitable course for anyone who loves electronic devices. Becoming an installer doesn’t require much and jobs are readily available for such people due to an increasing rate of security challenges. Every individual and organization wants to be secured and protected.

Currently, an uncle of mine is working with HIKVISION. They specialize in installation, maintenance and repair of electronic systems such as fire alarms, CCTV(security cameras) etc. He never attended a special school to learn this, he’s basic knowledge in radionics was an added advantage and he’s doing fine.

An Installer earns an average annual salary range of $40,000 -$50,000.

12. Health, Safety And Environment Course

You do not necessarily need to be in the medical field to go for this course. You can get certified as an HSE officer in less than 12 months.

Job opportunity is not a problem as long as companies have the health and safety of their employees at heart. An HSE officer ensures the safety precautions are strictly implemented and adhered in a work environment. The average salary of an HSE personnel is about $50,000 – $65,000.

These are some profitable short courses anyone can enrol for and be sure of great opportunities with mouth-watering offers.

However, the salary may vary depending on location and employer.

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