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Top 14 Work from Home Paying Jobs

This article contains information on the list of top 14 work from home paying jobs.

Top 14 Work from Home Paying Jobs

“All I want is to go out in the morning and come back in the evening”, “I’m tired of sitting idle at home” etc. Before this time, these were comments from people, when the idea of working from home was not very common and known.

From personal observation and experience, lots of people seem to enjoy working from home these days and technology has made everything easy. Looking at the situation of things in the world, people would prefer a work from home job that pays a monthly salary of 150 USD over an office job that pays 200 USD.

Comparing the two, you will find out that a person who goes to an office has little or nothing to save after daily spending on transportation and feeding unlike the person working from home.

There are other reasons why people go for work from home jobs though that’s not the reason for the article.

If you are interested in working from home, below are lists of paying jobs to consider.


1. Catering/ Baking

It’s not my fault that I don’t only love food but also enjoy cooking. Are you a good cook like me? Here is an opportunity to convert your hobby into a money-making business from your kitchen. It costs little or nothing to start.

Cook in the comfort of your home and sell to interested customers. This can be done by displaying it in front of your house or getting digitized by making it possible for customers to order online for delivery.

It applies to baking, all that is needed is an oven, the good thing is that there are other substitutes for the oven for those that can’t afford one.

With this, you cook and sell to friends, neighbours or become a personal chef.

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2. Marketing

Be it affiliate or digital marketing, this is a job that can be done comfortably from home with the use of a PC or phones with internet access. Affiliate marketing is a referral kind of marketing where you’re required to refer target customers to purchase products for a commission.

3. Freelance Writing

Just as the name goes, this involves writing in various capacities to make money. Different forms of writing exist which includes, copywriting, content writing, ghostwriting etc.

Copywriting has to do with writing texts for the purpose of creating brand awareness.Copywriters write articles for companies to market their products as well as convince customers.

Content writing involves writing contents for websites, Organizations, businesses, logs etc, having specific clients in content writing is usually longer and more detailed than copywriting.

Ghostwriting is another form of writing that involves writing for others without being acknowledged as the writer of the work. The aim is to help others write for money without being recognized as the owner of the work.

Regardless of the type of writing, it is one job that can be done from home.With a PC and phone, you’re set to work from any location. Most writers do not own a special office but make tons of money every month. Writing is one thing I enjoy doing and several times, I have had to write from the comfort of my room to make passive income.

So, do you love writing, think of making money with it, from the comfort of your home.

4. Editing/Proofreading

This is another interesting work from home job. Nobody would want to read a text filled with grammatical jargons. The work of an editor/ proofreader is to read a text and edit the unnecessary things.

It is a sure work that requires a good foundation in English. Not all writers are editors.

5. Blogging

Virtually everyone is into blogging.It is easy and cheap to start. All it takes is to write about something you love and make money from the site. You can be a Food, Fashion, sports lover and simply create contents in those areas.

As a writer, I have been advised by friends and families to consider having a blog. Well, it’s a nice idea but then, one step at a time.

Think of Nigeria’s Popular blogger, Linda Ikeji, then you will agree that blogging is not bad at all and the interesting thing is that most bloggers did not have to rent a space as an office. They work from home.

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6. Event Planning

Work from home and earn huge by planning and organising events for others. It can be weddings, birthday parties, etc.

7. Graphics Designing/ Animation

Since these two are different types of jobs to be done easily at home, they both require artistic skills and passion. Graphic designers and animators are very common these days.

Have you seen a beautiful and colourful fliers, invitation cards etc, that the job of a graphic designer? An animator is simply known for creating captivating 3D effect visuals. Many Organizations are using this strategy to promote the company’s products and services.

You don’t need an office to carry out this task, with your phone, PC and necessary apps in place, you’re set to make huge money

8. Website Designing

Designing websites is something that can be done from home and most people are having websites these days.

9. Child Care Giving

A Lot of people, especially full-time housewives, have taken advantage of this.

Some families do not have time to look after their little children due to the nature of their jobs, these set of individuals are willing to pay anything to anyone who can take care of their children for the period they will be absent.

Such services are rendered from homes. Some people make use of their sitting room or a spare room for this.

10. Social Media Managing

Companies are in need of those to manage their social media pages and accounts. All that needs to be done is keeping up with followers on these pages, always available to respond to their questions and also keep clients updated.

Some people who spend hours on social media chatting and doing all manner of vain things can take up such jobs and make money from any location. You can do this perfectly from home without stress.

11. Fashion Designing

Gone are the days people attribute professionalism by the standard of one’s shop or outlet. Nobody is interested in knowing where you work from, all people are after is how well you can render your services.

People in this line of business are getting wiser, most people now prefer to work from their homes instead of spending to rent shops.

I’m into fashion designing, though currently an apprentice but we moved from working in a shop to working in the house. My tutor intentionally decided to do so for reasons best known to her. Doing that didn’t lower her standard in any way, it didn’t stop clients from locating her.

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Once you’re good at whatever you do, where you work from can never be a challenge. I have equally decided to do my fashion business in the comfort of my house, invest the money that would have been used to rent a space to get machines.

12. Handmade Crafts

There are lots of individuals who are into handmade crafts like knitted materials, bead making, footwear or even the common wigs. From your home, you can produce and sell the friends, family and those in the neighbourhood or you market it online.

13. Fitness Instructor

Apart from those who work in gyms and the likes, others basically work from home. Either the clients visit the homes or they go to their clients. It all depends on choice. Just have good music collections and nice moves needed to get the required results and you’re good to go.

14. Consulting

You can make money from home by simply sharing your knowledge on a given area for a token. Before now, I believed that consulting must be an office affair till I became more exposed.

I’m an Agricultural Economist.During my one year Industrial Training, I worked in a Research Institute where I was trained on Beekeeping. I always desired to set up an Apiary but site was a major challenge and as such, I didn’t set up any.

I felt bad that my knowledge was a waste and so I took advantage of some platforms to talk about beekeeping and got loads of reactions and questions from people until a friend gave me the idea of becoming a consultant in Apiculture.

A few times, I have made money from just sharing my knowledge in Apiculture without having an office.

What is that thing you have knowledge about? Consider sharing it with others and make money from it. It’s a passive means of earning. There are numerous works to do from home and be sure of getting paid. Gone are the days people see working from an office as an achievement.

People are wiser now. Working from home saves one a lot of stress and also money. We all know the cost of going to office work daily.

In conclusion, the jobs contained in this article are just a few out of many options. Making money is the target not where you’re working from. Make proper use of your home. Your home can be your office too.

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