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List of Underrated Courses with Benefits

In this article we are going to lay emphasis on the list of underrated courses and their benefits.

Underrated Courses

As an O-level student, I had a hard time choosing a course of study. My principal back in secondary school always had this habit of coming to senior classes to ask which career path we desired to follow. Mine was so bad that I always had conflicting answers. Today it would be Nursing, tomorrow, it would be Gynaecology. Deep down, I knew I couldn’t fit into the medical line but as the norm was back then, every bright science student was expected to tow the Medical path.

Eventually, I applied for Nursing and thankfully, I retraced my step in time, rejected the course on getting the admission and went for an Agricultural related course.

If you’re such a person who believes that lucrative courses only revolve around Medicine, banking, Accounting or even Law, my choice of course may appear appalling. Well, I totally understand if that’s the case.

Over the years, there has been this long standing impression that was created about lucrative courses. If it’s not Medicine, banking or even Law, then it’s not to be considered. This led a lot of students into going for courses they ordinarily wouldn’t have chosen on a normal day.

With this, other courses became overlooked and underrated because they were seen as courses there weren’t lucrative enough to land one a high paying job after graduation. Till date, some students are still affected by this ideology. This is why a lot of research is done by some of these students before choosing a particular course.

Sincerely, the world is fast-changing and what worked for people of the old no longer works in this 21st century. In recent time, human wants are changing. We seek comfort, easier and faster ways of doing things and this is why those supposed lucrative courses back then are no longer the goldmine but instead, courses that give rise to new inventions and are taking the lead.

Getting a job after school has become a tug of war especially in 2nd and 3rd world countries. This simply means that even the courses that were termed lucrative in the past may not get one a job after graduation. Therefore, if you really want to survive in the changing world, you must learn to consider those underrated courses because in them lies the Millions you desire.

No doubt, Medicine, Accounting and Law, are lucrative and nice choice of course, but there are other courses that are long underrated but comes with a numerous benefits.

In this article, you will get to find out these underrated courses that are capable of making you smile to the banks regularly.

Here are some of them.


1. Agriculture

Agriculture is one course that people tend to underrate, but only those who understand the business, knows how important this course is. As a graduate of Agricultural related courses, I understand how badly underrated Agricultural courses are. Then, my friends would mock and call me farmer and all manner of demeaning names but all that didn’t get to my skin because I knew better.

Agriculture is the life wire of many countries, especially African countries and as long as food is one of the commodities which will never go out of demand, Agricultural courses will remain a very lucrative course.

Unfortunately, lack of information is one reason why people undermine Agricultural courses. For this reason, there are many courses in Agriculture that are highly needed in today and even in more years to come.

Some of the major aspects of Agriculture you should know are

Soil Science

It is known that one important thing in Agriculture is farmland. Soil, being a natural and renewable resource, is vital for supporting plant and animal lif and sustaining food production. Although not all forms of soils are suitable for Agriculture and as such, the services of a soil scientist will always be required. As a soil scientist you are required to gather, interpret and evaluate information about the chemistry, physics and biology of soil. With the information obtained from this analysis, a soil scientist can influence diverse issues such as:

  • agricultural production
  • climate change
  • environmental quality
  • land remediation.
  • human health, etc.

The soil scientists are consulted regularly due to the large number of farmlands in existence. While some are paid per consultancy, others are permanent consultants to a particular farm and trust me, the pay is no child’s play.

Animal Production

A large number of the rural people satisfy their subsistence needs through animal husbandry which involves the rearing and marketing of livestock. These animals l include cattle, goat, sheep, pigs and poultry.

For instance, poultry farming is quite profitable and it gives good returns for the amount invested, the time, labor employed and energy spent on it. This is a great means of eradicating unemployment and increasing livelihood in agriculture.


Fish farming involves rearing fish for food in enclosures such as fish ponds and tanks. It is Profitable and can make you a millionaire within a year. So, Agricultural courses may be underrated but bear in mind that as long as the demand for food is increasing on a daily basis, it remains one of the best courses that can give you tons of money if properly managed.

2. Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics and statistics is another beautiful course a lot of people underrate. Even the smart one whose brains are hot with calculations run away from this course because it is believed that every mathematics graduate must end up as a teacher. Well, I was one of those with such ideology.

Those who study maths are logical thinkers and keen problem solvers, eager to make sense of even the most advanced equations; they can identify patterns and use quantitative data to construct solutions. More so, math is involved in just about every job in some way. As a result of this, a wide range of opportunities comes from the universal need for graduates with strong analytical and problem-solving skills. This however shows that studying mathematics can open doors to a variety of amazing careers in many fields.

They are highly sought after in the finance industry, manufacturing industry, medical industry e.t.c, within Nigeria and in diaspora

Most maths and statistics graduates rarely lack jobs once they strive to become experts in the field. Now you know that the opportunities in wait for Maths graduates, you might want to look that direction.

3. Theatre Arts

This course was not only underrated but was also seen as a course for unserious students. But then, it is a course which teaches students to use acting to present the experience of a real or imagined event before a large audience in a specific place either on stage or screen. Graduates of this course are expected to become actors, actresses, cinematographers, movie directors, producers, scriptwriters, and stakeholders in the entertainment industry.

The career opportunities in theatre arts are basically in the entertainment industry which is obviously one of the most lucrative industries in existence. Trust me when I say actors and actresses are doing amazingly well for themselves. If you know your onions in theatre art, the sky is just a starting point.

4. Public Relations

With the rise in the number of businesses worldwide, people are more interested in meeting and collaborating with other business owners from different parts of the world. Internet activities have made business activities even more competitive.

As such, several companies and businesses are concerned about brand management and online reputation management. Public relations involve maintaining or improving the reputation of an organization by influencing how other people perceive it. It is about how organizations communicate with the public, promote themselves and build a positive image.

In the world of business, information must be communicated to the public. So, this is what makes public relations a lucrative career.

5. Business Management

Another course that is a bit underrated particular in Nigeria is Business Management. Anybody studying the course is seen to be wasting time because it is believed that even a baby could manage a business successfully but in the current society, managing a business is risky but the risks can be minimized when properly managed by a professional.

Hence, a lot of business owners are desperately in need of effective Business Managers. Business Management graduates are sought after, and will likely be among the most sought after.

6. Computer Science

Computer science is another course that is underrated in developing countries. This is because the beautiful opportunities are not seen due to the low level of technology advancement. Computer science focuses on the study of software systems. Computer technologies are integral to modern life. In other words, we’re in the computer age where computer science skills are in high demand worldwide.

Computer science touches every field and all aspects of life. There are many interesting jobs available for computer science degree holders. Its knowledge and applications are everywhere, from disease prediction in health care, automation in manufacturing to data privacy regulations, etc.

We are in a digital world and computer science is no longer a course that holders are seen to end up managing business centers as it was the notion of many individuals.

7. Estate Management

Imagine the feeling of prestige a Medical student had some years back when in the midst of Estate management students. To many, there was nothing to be managed in a estate, so why study such irrelevant course? That was how much this course was underrated.

Estate Management deals with the marketing, acquisition, development and disposal of property, or sometimes the management of properties for profits.

Today, real estate still not be valued in tertiary Institutions but the irony of it  is that graduates in other courses have taken to enrolling in different professional estate Management courses due the its current lucrative nature. You can consider a career in real estate as many moneybags in the society are investing heavily in real estate and these people require efficient real estate managers to properly manage their properties.

Real Estate businesses are the current goldmine in the world and believe me when I say it has come to stay.

8. Civil Engineering

Engineering is a vast course with many branches and it is believed that some are more prestigious and lucrative than others. Such Engineering courses like Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering are highly rated unlike Civil Engineering.

However, what people don’t understand is that Civil Engineering has got many unnoticed opportunities. Looking around you, there are many structures that need to be constructed while old dilapidated ones need to be renovated and reconstructed.

Ranging from roads and buildings to parks, all these are constructed to the esthetics of a country and need to be invested in. Civil Engineering is thus a highly lucrative course and the center of rural-urban growth.

9. Marketing

In many countries, marketing is easy. All it takes is just to play music on the streets with dancers to get people’s attention. This understanding of marketing is why as a course, it is underrated in schools.

The rate of competition in the business world is at its peak and with this in view, marketing has gone beyond what it was known for. It is no longer a low budget ball game as usual. Companies are investing heavily in marketing and this has brought a ride in the demand for professionals and marketers.

As a business person, it is a well-known fact that the aim of setting up a business is to make sales which will in turn bring about profits. This can only be achieved when the business is heard by the right audience and customers through marketing strategies. Even banks are employing the services of graduates with this degree. At this rate it is no longer an irrelevant course like it was considered to be.

Marketing is obviously a very lucrative and profitable course because it comes with numerous benefits.

With different businesses leveraging the online space for more visibility, enrolling for online courses in digital and affiliate marketing is an added advantage.

10. Microbiology

This is one medical related course that has been kind underrated by a lot of people. In fact, it is regarded as a dumping ground for students who desired to study medicine and surgery but couldn’t scale through.

Nevertheless, MCB has a lot of benefits which people do not consider. Those in this field are focused on scientific research to solve health issues. In third world countries like Nigeria, Microbiologists are not well recognized and respected like those in developed countries.

Regardless, microbiologists have many opportunities. They can work in hospitals, manufacturing industries, research institutes, etc.

11. Education Courses

Education graduates are seen as people whose only career opportunity is teaching in schools and this made the course to be underrated.

Although as education system keeps improving, the cost of education equally increases leading to an increase in the demand for skilled teachers. It is a well-known fact that university lecturers, especially Professors and PhD holders, go home with hefty salaries from teaching university and college students.

Having gone through education training at college, one acquires skills necessary in starting and managing a school of any level effectively. For starters, an early childhood development Center is a sure bet since parents want proper education for their children. Setting up a tutorial centre for examination candidates as well as becoming a private home lesson teacher is also a money spilling opportunity.

Apart from these options, people are willing to pay for information, thus, packaging online courses and classes is another way to earn as a self-employed. Now you see that this course has unharnessed benefits.


Education is important likewise having the right industry skills is also important. However, it is important to understand that no course is without benefits. It only depends on individuals who study these courses. Haven’t you seen a person who studied Yoruba living better than a Law student?

So, whatever course you study, there are benefits in it, though some courses are just more lucrative. From this article, you can see that these underrated courses actually have relevance even in years’ time.

But then, before deciding on studying any of these courses, endeavour to carry out more research about them to be sure it’s something you really wish to do.

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