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12 Benefits of Online Writing

Over time, the internet  has become a gold mine. Prior to this time, the benefits of the online space were underrated but recently, the benefits have been embraced as it has created more employment opportunities. With the knowledge of this, the traditional system of sitting in the office is no longer dominating as many organizations are turning to the internet for a number of things ranging from sourcing for employees, online submission of CV’s to online interviews and meetings.

The internet has increased job traffic and provided opportunities for many people irrespective of educational qualification. One of such job opportunities is freelance writing. As a freelance writer, you’re answerable to no particular employer because freelancing allows you to work for more than one employer at the same time. What’s important is meeting deadlines and delivering quality work.

In the world of freelancing, online writing is one of the most common with lots of opportunities. This is because writing has various niches and specialties, such as content writing, copywriting, ghostwriting, academic writing, etc. As such, it is beneficial to take advantage of this opportunity, whether as a full-time or part-time job. Whichever way, the benefits of online writing remain unchanged.

As an online writer of more than 2 years, I can categorically say that there are lots of benefits in it. It might be interesting to know that I didn’t study English in school, nor did I attend a writing school before I started off. I was just a normal social media user, who had a hang on tenses and fished out informative and educational content on various platforms. From the reactions I got from readers, I decided to take advantage of online writing. 

Online writing is a term used to refer to any text created using electronic devices such as  computers, smartphones and the likes for the purpose of viewing. It comes in the form of texting, emailing, blogging and posting comments on social media platforms. 

Since we will be looking at the benefits of online writing, this information in this article will be very beneficial to those who desire to monetize writing online and not just for the fun of it.

Before we proceed, I want to remind you once more that online  is not difficult for those who are passionate about writing. All you need to do is to have a writers account on freelance sites and other platforms and that’s it but to stand out in the competitive market, one needs to enroll for advanced writing courses.

So, here are the benefits of online writing:


This benefit is above all other benefits.

Online writing is one of the fastest ways to make money legitimately. You get paid for writing for others online. There is no limit to what one can write online as long as you can execute the task well. Depending on the level of creativity you possess, it is possible to get more than one writing job in a day. 

It is no doubt that a lot of money can be made from online writing but note that whom you’re writing for and what’s to be written also determines to a large extent what you’re paid as a writer. So to say that, earning is relative.


As an online writer, being a freelancer is the best option. That  way, you’re working for yourself by taking contract work from several clients and getting paid without being committed to any client.

It is you the opportunity to select the jobs you want to do  and the time to do them. Your schedule is what determines when to work. This is unlike 9-5 jobs where you have to worry about resumption time and queries from bosses

Online writing gives you time to sleep when you want. You have the freedom to manage your time and also attend to other activities by the side. The important thing is to meet deadlines.


Online writing is one of the most popular freelance jobs that  allows  people to work without restrictions from location.

You can write remotely, which means that you can write from the comfort of your home.

As a writer, I can write the introduction of an article while lying on my bed, the body can be written in a garden and the conclusion in a totally different country. 

This flexibility allows one to have enough time  to spend with a loved one and it can not be achieved with a 9-5 job.


As an online writer, it is safe to say you can never be out of jobs unless you decide not to.

There are thousands of platforms for freelance writers to advertise themselves. Freelancing platforms have an adequate supply of jobs because of an increase in the number of clients who seek for people to assist them to get  tasks completed at an affordable cost while they go about doing other things.

If the website is well known for producing high-quality work, it will have an endless supply of jobs all year round.

There is everything for everyone. From creative content writing to transcriptions, the online writing field has a variety of jobs depending on your skills and your skill level. This therefore means that you can choose the jobs you can do or the ones you are comfortable with and mind you, for the fact that there are always job opportunities as an online writer is not a guarantee you will always secure one. The market is highly competitive and in order to stand out, you need some level of creativity and expertise.


To become an online writer, there is no special qualification required.

In Fact, there is no institution that offers online writing as a course. So, you do not  have to graduate in order to venture into this work. This therefore implies that online writing requires no certifications to start. 

You don’t need anyone to induct you as a writer and have the certificate presented to you so as to become an online writer. All you need is to create and account and start your career as a writer. However, it is necessary to embark on writing training along the line in order to get more exposed. This is necessary to enable you to stand out in the saturated space.


If there is one thing I love most about being an online writer, it is exposure to information. As a writer, learning new things is inevitable since you’ll be doing a lot of writing on different topics.

Becoming an online writer has exposed me to a lot of students and information I ordinarily wouldn’t know were it not for writing. On a daily basis, I get different topics to write on. Many times, most of the topics are unknown to me, thus requiring me to research on such topics.. Many times, I see an online writing assignment job that pays me to acquire knowledge.

So, if you’re still in school, you can take advantage of this opportunity to learn more by undertaking jobs related to your course and getting paid in return.


In many office jobs, some employers tend to feed fat while the employees who tend to work their ass out only receives peanuts as salary, a case of ” “monkey dey work, baboon dey chop which simply means that a person is working very hard while a person who does practically nothing is feeding fat from other people’s sweat.

In online writing there is no such thing. Income depends on your hard work, meaning that the more hardworking you are, the more you earn. In online writing, your sweat and sleepless nights is your income. The number of jobs you can complete  within the least time determines how much you earn.

In traditional job systems, both hard-working and lazy employees are paid the same salaries, which is quite unfair. But a system like academic writing will favor hard-working employees.

Online writing is therefore an advantage to hard workers and a disadvantage to lazy ones.


Unlike other online jobs such as graphic design, transcription, programming, etc, online writing is easy to learn as long as you’re good with tense usage.

If you are/ was a student, writing of compositions was part of the curriculum, therefore, you’ve likely done enough practice to arrange your thoughts well and make sense with grammatical errors.

With that, starting online writing should not be hard for you. All you’re most likely expected to do is enroll in advanced writing classes to expose you to the technical aspects of writing depending on the choice of niche.


Due to the increasing number of online scammers, online, a lot of people are always skeptical about  taking up online jobs for fear of not getting paid. In online writing, the case is different. With the existence of numerous  freelance platforms, the policies are strong enough to check scammers. These  policies  have  also made payment very reliable.

The payment is done after the task has been completed and standards Mets.  Therefore, it is a source of income which is reliable.

It is not enough to know only the benefits of online writing. Knowing the challenges will enable you to make informed decisions on whether to become an online writer or not.


First on the list is that it takes a lot of discipline to become a successful online writer. Time management can be very hard as a writer. Since you only work when you want and nobody watches your back or bosses you around, it can be pretty difficult to be disciplined. Freedom always comes with challenges. This is why many writers who started well ended up badly.


Online writing will not always be rosy. For the fact that a large stock of jobs always doesn’t mean you it will always be so. Now don’t get me wrong!!

Just like every other business has their high and low seasons, online writing does too. This period might knock you off balance. There are always adequate jobs when students are still in school but the reverse is the case during the holidays. This is because there won’t be any assignments to be done.

Whatever be the case, you need to prepare your mind for such periods.


As an online writer, there tend to be times you will. be  faced with pressure from  employers. Other times, sleepiness nights are inevitable especially on days you have deadlines around the corner.

As a writer, there are nights I stay up while others are sleeping just to get work done. I don’t do so because I don’t value my sleep but there’s little or nothing I can do about it.

If you can’t afford to have sleepless nights, then this might not be your thing. But if you can take the tall task ahead, always consider some wilderness therapy which helps young people develop coping mechanisms.

While online writing is an easy job for most people creating an account or academic writing jobs can be challenging, especially for beginners.


If you’re good at English and can pen down your thoughts without much stress, why not take advantage of this golden opportunity? Online writing is the easiest way to make money. Financial benefits may not start flowing the very first time for some people, so you need to give it time.

For starters all you need is a passion for writing and a professional account on any of the freelancing platforms. When signing up, you may be required to submit degrees and certificates. University students who make up the largest percentage of freelance writers don’t have these documents in many cases.

Also, when looking for job suppliers, you’ll most likely encounter fraudulent individuals who are eager to defraud you. That’s why you need to be vigilant, especially when purchasing accounts, which involves a lot of cash.

Above all, online writing is a lifesaver to many unemployed, but it can only last for so long. As you start your journey, always focus on the future and prepare for it by working hard and saving for alternative investments. You might not write all the days of your life 

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