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Top 10 Careers You can Get Into Without Any Degree

This article contains information on the top 10 careers you can get into without any degree or academic qualification.

Top 10 Careers You can Get Into Without Any Degree
Explore 10 lucrative careers you can venture into without any specific degree

It is very possible to build a career without a degree. In most parts of the world, career choices are no longer dependent on the degree one has. Gone are the days people build careers strictly on the degrees acquired in Universities and colleges.

Using Nigeria as a case study, the course of study is no longer so pertinent in securing a job and career building. With connection, a case of “man- know-man” people can build a career in any choice industry except in some delicate fields.

This is why a person who has a degree in Yoruba, Microbiology, Engineering, Regional planning, etc, can be seen working in the Banking sector, Oil and gas industry, etc, while those who are originally meant to work in such sectors, considering their degrees are being displaced.

It is only in a few cases that this trend is not applicable. For instance, not anyone can build a career in the medical field, only those who have been professionally trained and have acquired a degree in such fields can fit in.

However, with training, building a career in any field has been made very easy and achievable. So,  have you been struggling to build a career in line with your degree but to no avail? Panic no more. Below are careers to get into with any degree.


1. Teaching


This is one of the most common fields people build a career in, irrespective of their degree. It’s no longer news that teaching is a career anybody can venture into without a degrees in Education. Teaching has become the last resort of most unemployed graduates, with or without having the passion for it.

While teachers are meant to be paid well because of the nature of the job, it is sad that a good number of them are not well paid and this has been forced to seek other career options.

For individuals who are good communicators, confident in public speaking, patient with children, teaching is a good career choice.

2. Marketing or Sales

Marketing involves the use of any available strategy to persuade and convince people to buy a product or service. There are different ways in which marketing is done these days. It has gone beyond the traditional method of carrying goods from one location to another, in search of buyers.

Now, marketing has taken another shape. All thanks to technology, marketing can be done in any location via online medium and different social media platforms has made building a career in this field very rampant and easy.

Choosing a career in marketing does not necessarily require one to have a marketing and business-related degree, employers are looking out for those with marketing skills regardless the degree, though most of the skills required to Succeed is picked along the line.

If you’re a person with a convincing power, ability to communicate freely with people you barely know, analytical, strong numerical background and ability to think out of the box, then choosing a career in marketing is certainly a wise choice.

3. Human Resource

HR industry is another flooded one with all sorts of individuals with different qualifications. Big or small, local or International Organizations/companies are in search of people who will take up these roles and they look out for those who have had prior experience in human management.

The role of Human Resource personnel in an organization includes managing the workforce and putting in place any event that will enhance the growth and development of employees in such Organizations.

The interesting thing about most people who work as Human Resource Managers is that they did not have study-related courses in school. Building a career in this field is easy because daily we relate with humans of different calibres and behaviour.

Are you a good communicator, writer though not professionally, someone who can mediate effortlessly, approachable, can understand human behaviours? This is one of the careers to consider.

4. Public Relations (PR)

While anyone can successfully build a career in PR using any degree, it is an added advantage to have basic knowledge of courses on linguistics and humanities.

As an individual whose duty is to promote a positive image of a company to the public, it is pertinent to have a good communication skill both written and oral, good interpersonal skills and ability to think outside the box.

5. Advertising


A successful career in advertising is not dependent on academic degree but creativity. Once you’re able to create catchy and attractive contents that can have the needed effect on the target audience and challenge other competitors, you’re good to go. These are what employers in Advertising firms are looking for, not the degree.

Advertising has various aspects that demand various levels of skills and experience and a person with a degree in IT, mass media and PR has a greater advantage over others without such degrees.

There are copywriters in Advertising. They are required to write what I call “Punchy” headlines or slogans to capture the attention of the audience and get them to patronize the brand being promoted.

In all, creativity, ability to think like there’s no box at all and being analytical is basically what helps one thrive in this career.

6. Journalism

I always thought this career path was only for people with degrees in Journalism and mass communication but I was wrong.

With an excellent written and verbal communication skill, one can do well as a journalist. While having a degree in related courses will help one stand out in the competitive industry, internships are also great ways to get the required experience.

7. Entrepreneurship

Fashion business

Startups are about the highest in terms of careers to get into with any degree. In recent times, individuals who have little or no educational qualifications have built huge business empires. Choosing this career path requires little or no special degree.

The important thing is to discover a problem to solve and set up. To stand from competitors, creativity is paramount.

This career path can be very challenging at the initial stage and requires perseverance to overcome. Above all, doing what one is passionate about is a motivating factor as regards choosing a career in entrepreneurship.

8. Civil Service

This allows one to work with a team in a Government-owned Institution. Due to the flexibility, incentives and the fact that the degree one has is almost irrelevant, building a career as a Civil servant has become extremely competitive.

However, civil service requires one to learn to adapt, be open to learning as new roles can be set up.

I have always wished to build a career as a civil servant for many reasons but the competitive nature has made it almost impossible but regardless, we will continue trying.

9. Banking 

Lots of individuals are gradually building a career in the banking sector. The banking industry has different aspects, one of which is accountancy.

Building a career in Banking is not dependent on degree. Once you have a sound numerical and interpersonal skill, standing a chance in the industry becomes less challenging but getting in isn’t so easy.

This is one of the highest paying careers.

10. Aviation

Building a career in the aviation industry does not require a particular degree in most cases. Daily, thousands of individuals, especially graduates with various degrees, are getting into aviation.

Apart from Pilots and Aircraft Engineers whose degrees in these fields are relevant, others like the Air hostesses, Aircraft securities, Aviation cooks, flight dispatchers, Aircraft cleaners, document screeners and a host of others, require little or no degree in Aviation to secure such positions.

However, one who wishes to build a career in this sector should have good interpersonal skills, good communication skills and be open to learning. Getting a training or enrolling for a short course is a wise thing to do, to stand out.

Bottom Line 

Having read this article, there is no need regretting why you have a degree in that discipline.“I can’t get a befitting job because I studied Crop Science” is no longer an excuse for remaining idle. You don’t necessarily need to sit back till you secure a job in an Agricultural firm or even Ministry of Agriculture. Time wasted can not be regained. Learn to explore other sectors. In the end, you may not regret the decision of building a career in other industries, regardless of your degree.

I always love to infuse my personal experiences into my articles. I have a degree in Agricultural Economics and Extension and not for once have I worked with it, rather I’m gradually exploring other areas not related to my degree. I hope to build a career in writing and the fashion Industry.

That doesn’t make my degree in Agriculture useless. The interesting thing is, once in a while, I write contents relating to Agriculture. That’s how adventurous it can be.

The time to take the bold step is now. Take advantage of any of these careers. Your degree is never a barrier in building a career outside your field.


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