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Things You Must Do To Get Ready To Work at the Office Again

So many people have seen this lockdown as a way to kick back and relax from all the hustle and bustle of the office area. No more Dressing up to beat the traffic and still show up under the resumption time only to still get a sermon on punctuality to work by your Boss. It’s no big surprise why many of us have been grooving with the fact that we are now working from home, writing contents with morsels of food in our mouth or while watching our favourite soap operas on TV.

Things You Must Do To Get Ready To Work at the Office Again


There are certain things to note and so much to do before going back to work after a long break from the office, regardless of what the reason might be. Here are things to prepare you for such journey:

1. Stock Up On Supplies

Before resuming, it is best that you purchase the needed and required supplies and resources you’ll be needing around the house, in such a way that it will last for a reasonable amount of time. That way you would not be caught off guard when you suddenly run out of it. Also, stocking up will help ease you the stress of going to the store or supermarket on your way back from work. After a long hard day at work, shopping is the last thing you would want to involve yourself in.

2. Check Equipment and Technology:

Ensure your office equipment, such as computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and headset, are in good working condition. Update software and ensure you have access to necessary programs and files.

3. Boost Your Health and Wellbeing

Cut loose from carrying out unnecessary chores around the house and conserve that energy for something better. Have adequate rest as it will not only keep you relaxed but also sharpen your mind and make your senses alert.

You can go further to eating proper and healthy meals. This is not the time to gorge on comfort meals but rather eat wholesome and fresh food, fruits and vegetables as it will help in your digestion and metabolism. Don’t forget to also carry out some routine exercises to shred off a few of that unnecessary fats and calories. Remember to drink a lot of water and have an adequate amount of required sleep.

4. Check Your Wardrobe

With all the comfort living this past few months, it is no doubt that you might have added on a few more sizes to your normal body Physique. So, a wardrobe check-up is greatly advised so that you can know what fits and what doesn’t because you wouldn’t want to struggle with your work pants all through the day at the office

A popular labour economics paper shows that spending money on clothes and cosmetics returns about 10% of expenditure in terms of higher earnings. So, ditch that comfy T-shirt, start dressing like a professional again and watch your salary climb.

1. Keep the Workplace Safe

Upon returning to work after the global pandemic, health and safety should be your biggest focus. The first step is ensuring the physical workplace is safe for employees to work in.

First, hire a cleaning service to deep clean the entire office. Their high-grade cleaning products will kill more germs than typical products, plus they’ll get into every nook and cranny where bacteria and viruses could be hiding. Ensure thorough cleaning is done. Even if no one has been in your workplace for weeks, a deep clean will put employees minds at ease and make the office fresh and sparkling for their return.

Next thing is to increase the standards of daily cleaning for your office. Get your employees involved too. All hands must be on deck to achieve a clean and healthy workspace.

2. Re-Organization

Remember that you are not going back to work the same way you and other of your colleagues are used to working. Due to the recent developments going on, a lot needs to be put into consideration. For example, population control in your office area, precautions need to be taken in every aspect. One has to be able to work efficiently still stay healthy.

3. Finish/Conclude Unfinished Transactions

It is also advisable that you have to finish the transactions, business proposals, deals, deliveries and many more work activities that existed before the lockdown so you don’t go back to it and waste time on it. If there is an opportunity for them to be done from your home then you shouldn’t be taking it for granted because there is a lot of Jobs to make up for these past few months and there is little time for them to be executed. The only thing that can be on hold should be the concluding meetings, board hearings and signatory endorsements that require one’s physical presence.

Though there have been various media or mediums set up for the sole aim of breaching this gap like using the zoom app for conference meetings and so many more.

4. New Rules

As a business owner or manager, consider policy changes such as indefinite remote work for employees who can do it.

Next, change your policies about holding meetings. stuffing too many people into a conference room doesn’t comply with social distancing and may make some employees uneasy.

Ask employees to only fill meeting rooms up to half capacity and to hold larger meetings over video conference. If possible, consider also changing the layout of the office to give each employee more space. Rearranging work stations to separate them can help reduce the spread of germs. Workplaces that are short on space could convert meeting rooms into offices for one or two employees.

Also, employers should try as much as possible to ensure that there should be proper distancing among workers and that the recent greeting techniques be adopted. Also, the population in the office and other fields of work should be reduced from the normal population it is used to having on a normal day. Workers can work on shifts while some can have some days off from the office.

In compliance to this, an employee work chat can be made in accordance to the office activities for each worker to be notified on when they are to report for duty and where they are to do so, stating resumption time and time to close. By doing this, the office is not only organized but has also ensured a smooth running process of office operations.

5. Communicate with Team

Communicate with your team members and supervisor to coordinate workflows and ensure alignment on priorities and expectations. Discuss any concerns or challenges related to the return to the office and work together to address them.

6. Plan Ahead

This goes to both employers and employees in firms, organizations, companies and even entrepreneurs. Remember that this is but only a phase, so you should, therefore, continue to make plans for the future. Keep the communication channel with your existing and protective clients open and don’t forget to continue in Investments because they are still a form of fixed assets.

7. Show Some Sympathy

As an employer or one who has administrative control and power, don’t forget that it has been a hard time for everybody including those under your administration. Self-isolation and quarantine during the pandemic may have affected your employees’ mental health. HR teams should be aware of the potential effects and have resources ready to help.

According to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, people placed in quarantine or self-isolation may experience a wide range of feelings, including fear, anger, sadness, irritability, guilt or confusion. They may find it hard to sleep. The pandemic may also increase feelings of stress, anxiety or depression.

Inform managers of these mental health effects and ask them to monitor their employees. Leftover effects from isolation plus trying to get back to a regular work routine can be tough, so it’s important to know how to spot employees who are struggling.

Gather mental health resources, e.g. mental health hotlines, and share them via a company email. You could also set up a mental health support group for employees to share their feelings and stories.

Incorporate mental health leave into your paid time off policies. Either designate a specific number of days employees can take off for mental wellness, or include them in allotted sick days. You wouldn’t want an employee to come to work with a physical illness, so let them stay home when they’re feeling mentally unwell, too.

So, be extra patient and understanding with those lagging behind from the scheduled speed of operations and also chastise for mistakes only when necessary and this should be done in a proper manner so as not upset the mental wellbeing of your workers.

It is also advisable to take time to go around operation grounds or offices to check up on your employees to supervise their workflow and commend them for a job well done.

8. Set Your Alarm

The lockdown really made many people lazy. Many of us are sleeping more. Some people spend the whole of 24 hours sleeping. Well, you wouldn’t blame anyone. Some people had little or no time to sleep while actively working and this became a very good opportunity. I was guilty of this too.

There were times I slept throughout a whole day. The only time I woke up was to eat and after that, I went back to sleep. Funny enough, when the lockdown was relaxed and I had to resume my daily activities, I lost track of time.

I overslept and couldn’t go for my training. Even till now, I’m still battling to readjust. If you’re in my shoes, it’s time to get back on a schedule. Work has resumed. No time for long hours of sleep. In order to avoid missing appointments and meetings, do yourself some good by setting an alarm. It goes a long way to help you adjust.


Returning to work after a very long time is not so easy. It requires careful consideration and preparation to ensure a smooth and successful return. By reviewing company policies,  organizing your workspace, adjusting routines, and prioritizing health and wellness, communicating with colleagues and supervisors, along with flexibility and adaptability, and lots more, you can effectively navigate this transition. By following these steps and remaining proactive in your approach, you can confidently re-establish your presence in the office and contribute to a positive work environment.

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