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Traffic Police Qualification & Requirements in South Africa – 2023

This article contains everything you need to know about how to be a Traffic police officer in terms of qualifications and requirements in 2023.

Traffic Police

Ordinarily, one would think that anybody could become a traffic cop without much demand, but the reverse is always the case, as there is a lot that is required.

Traffic police ensure the enforcement of the rules of the road and signs.  They ensure that all road users, including leg users, use the roads in an orderly and safe manner.  However, the main duty of Traffic police is to ensure the safe and free flow of traffic in order to prevent road accidents and deaths.

Due to the demanding and sometimes risky nature of the profession, in order to become a traffic cop, one must be able to meet certain requirements to ascertain their fitness for the task and all the job entails.


Thus, to become a traffic cop, below are the requirements:

A traffic officer should:

  • have a friendly and sympathetic approach to people experiencing difficulties;
  • be physically fit and have stamina;
  • be ready to assist where necessary;
  • have a reasonable knowledge of human nature;
  • maintain sound judgement
  • be firm and decisive when required;
  • present a neat appearance;
  • be well-spoken.
  • know how to use radios, handcuffs, service revolvers and


To become a traffic police officer in South Africa, there is no special qualification required. However, there are some basic qualifications that will make an applicant stand out during recruitment.

  1. Have a Degree: Having a high school diploma, college courses, or a degree may be required, but some departments may want potential recruits who have a minimum amount of degrees or college-level courses. You may wish to study courses in criminal justice, law enforcement, or related subjects. Criminal justice is one area of study that may be very essential in this field. This program is widely offered at colleges, universities, and community colleges. However, you can study Traffic management-related courses at any FET College or university. These courses will certainly give you an advantage when Authorities advertise Traffic officer vacancies. As an applicant, you must have Grade 12 or equivalent. Also, learning a foreign language is a plus.
  2. No criminal record: Also, in order to qualify as an applicant, you must not have any criminal record whatsoever.
  3. Code B driving license is required
  4. Medical Certificate: This is required to ascertain the fitness of applicants as there may be strenuous exercises in the course of the job.
  5. The applicant must not be older than 35 years of age
  6. Applicants must be employed by a Local or Provincial Authority
  7. Training Program: Completion of the academy training program is also a prerequisite. Physical training is very important for recruits. They might consider starting their own physical training before they begin the academy. On the other hand, some agencies offer training programs that can prepare applicants for physical assessment tests. These courses may give you an advantage should authorities or municipalities advertise traffic-related posts.


Upon your employment as a Traffic officer or traffic trainee, you will be sent to one of the 14 Traffic Colleges approved by the Minister of Transport for advanced training. Only the following Traffic Colleges and Metro Police Academies may currently train Traffic Officers in South Africa:

  1. Limpopo Traffic Training College,Polokwane, Limpopo
  2. Cape Town Metro Police Department Academy, Cape Town, Western Cape
  3. Boekenhoutkloof Traffic Training College, Pretoria, Gauteng
  4. Durban Metro Police Department Academy, Durban, KZN
  5. Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department Academy, Springs, Gauteng
  6. Johannesburg Metro Police Department Academy, Johannesburg, Gauteng
  7. Gene Louw Traffic Training College, Cape Town, Western Cape
  8. KZN Traffic Training College, Pietermaritzburg, KZN
  9. Lengau Traffic Training College, Bloemfontein, Free State
  10. Mangaung Traffic Training College, Bloemfontein, Free State
  11. Tshwane Metro Police Department Academy, Pretoria, Gauteng
  12. Matjhabeng Traffic Training College, Welkom, Free State
  13. Mpumalanga Traffic Training College, Hazyview, Mpumalanga
  14. Port Elizabeth Traffic Training College, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

Currently, only these colleges are qualified to issue a diploma with which a person can be registered as a traffic officer. So, beware of any non-approved training service providers who offer basic training in traffic or traffic-related aspects.

If you desire to make a significant impact on reducing the number of accidents and deaths on South African roads, then this may just be the career for you. Keep an eye on the RMTC website or notices on reputable sites, but before you apply, ensure you know the requirements and have the necessary qualifications in order to be recruited.

The basic requirements and qualifications have been stated in this article.

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