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Secret Tips for Balancing Schooling And Fun

This article reveals the secret tips on how to balance schooling and fun as a student.

Secret Tips for Balancing Schooling And Fun
If you’re struggling to strike a balance between schooling and fun? You will find the tips we shared in this article very useful.

Balancing schooling and fun can be a very dicey situation for students. Ordinarily, we would think that to be a student, especially one in a higher Institution, is as easy as imagined. This is not so. There are lots of distractions to deal with. Striking a balance between study and social life can be very dicey. This is why some bright students end up performing poorly upon getting admission into Universities and Colleges.

In some cases, it’s no fault of theirs but lack of proper orientation.

My darling student, are you currently battling with balancing schooling and social life? Has it affected your grades so much that you’re contemplating dropping out? You don’t really need to do so. With an effective strategy, everything will just be fine.


Below are highly expository tips that will help you balance schooling and fun and eventually turn out to be the star student you have always desired to become.

1. Set Realistic Goals

As a student, it is imperative to set goals. Goals are set for guidance and direction. In as much as setting a goal is very important, it has to be realistic goals.

In the course of striving to have good grades in school, lots of students have set very high goals that appear unrealistic by mere looking at it. In the course of trying to achieve some goals, they have unconsciously turned “book worms”, not having time to get involved in other social activities.

No doubt, the major reason for being in school is for academic success but then it is important to set goals you can achieve easily in order to have time for other extracurricular activities. In other words, to balance schooling with fun, you have to set not just goals but realistic goals.

2. Set A Workable Schedule In Order Of Priorities

This is a very important factor. You have to know what to be done and when it should be done, in order of importance.

This can be done by creating timetables, through the use of calendars and some phone apps. Setting priorities right is what helps a dedicated student to choose to stay back to study for a test the next morning, over an all-night party.

Be sure to prioritize those tasks that are of the highest value to you and have in mind that priorities are bound to change

3. Effective Time Management

Another tip to effectively balance schooling with fun is to manage time effectively Time lost cannot be regained. Time management is one crucial factor that determines how well a student is able to balance schooling with fun. There are lots of distractions in school, and technology has made time management a difficult task because of social media and other platforms.

Sticking to a prioritized schedule and avoiding multitasking are some tips for proper time management and it helps you to know what should come first.

Getting involved in multiple tasks only leaves you with piles of incomplete tasks. Also, multitasking is energy-sapping, which is not good for the well being of a student.

However, know the time to eat, rest, study and play around.

4. Avoid Procrastination

Basically everyone has this problem. I’m faced with the same challenge even as a graduate, so I understand how difficult it can be for students that are in an environment with numerous distractions to deal with this.

Procrastination is simply constant postponement and delay in getting a particular work, done. Ever heard of sayings like “l have 4 days to submit the assignment, that’s enough time. I still have 2 more days left, I’ll do the assignment tomorrow” and it continues on and on till the last minute for submission, and in some cases, the assignment doesn’t get done or it’s done hurriedly.

Delaying work only leaves one with piles of work to attend to under more pressure.

If you must strike a balance between school life and social life, stop procrastinating.

5. Seek Help From More Experienced Students And Teachers

Before and after I got admission into the University,I had people who gave me regular admonition on what to expect in school and how to tackle it. The regular advice really helped me a lot in school.

Be it social or academic challenges, know when you have problem and seek help from the right people. You can talk to your lecturers, counsellors or senior colleagues. Do not be shy or afraid to seek help and advice, you’re neither the first nor last to face such challenges.

6. Be Friends With Goal Oriented Students

There’s a popular saying that “Evil communication corrupts good manners”. This factor has greatly affected students in terms of balancing schooling with fun.

As a student, particularly a “fresher”, your choice of company may make or mar you. Who are your friends? You need to choose your friends wisely. Having a goal to graduate with grades may be an unrealistic goal when you move with friends who are party addicts.

Make friends with students who understand the principle of moderation, friends who understand the importance of balancing studying and socializing.

7. Don’t Always Be Docile

Learn to stand on your feet and make decisions. School life is a personal race. We all have different goals and targets for being in school. Being timid and ever ready to accept the decisions of others, is not so good for a student who is challenged with balancing schooling and fun.

There are cases where friends may try to cajole and compel you to indulge in other activities that are detrimental to your study, learn to say no to such propositions. While it is important to loosen up and have fun as a student, it is also important to know the major aim of being in school.

8. Avoid Distractions

Distractions are inevitable. They come in various dimensions, ranging from phones, TV, noise etc. When it’s time for study, avoid all forms of distractions and concentrate. Turn off every chat notification on the phone, switch off the Television and ensure to use a comfortable and quiet environment.

Any time set aside for study should be strictly for study and vice versa.

9. Get Enough Rest And Eat Healthily

The importance of getting maximum rest and eating healthy can not be overemphasized. Only a healthy and fit person can study and be social.

I believe in moderation.

Back then at University, I encountered people with different characters. I had a friend in the Medical department. His life practically revolved around academics only. He can spend the whole 24 hours of the day readying Grey’s anatomy without remembering to eat. It became so bad that he broke down and ended up in the hospital.

He paid so much attention to his studies and less attention to his health. It is good to set an academic goal but doing that at the expense of your health is highly unwise.

There’s more to being intelligent other than academics. Academic intelligence is almost nothing without social intelligence and others.

If you must achieve a balance between schooling and fun, know when it’s necessary to rest and eat.

You need adequate rest and a healthy feeding habit for the body to function properly, it also relaxes the brain after a busy day. Avoid spending all day on the book, don’t spend every day of the week having fun. Take enough rest.

10. Know Yourself

As humans, we all differ . What works for one person may not work for the other person. As a student, it is important to know yourself and what works for you.

I avoided every form of the all-night party while in school. I understood the effect on my body and moved less with friends that enjoyed partying.

Understanding what works and doesn’t work for you as a student will help you to know your best time for reading, choice of friends, activities to get involved in etc. Above all, this tip will help to you to be able to balance between having a typical school life along side having a social life too.


It is true that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This is why it is important to balance schooling and fun. While passing through school, also allow the school to pass through you.

There are beautiful experiences in school that can be useful after school. School has more to offer than just academics. Give room for social activities. Balancing these two always have a positive effect on you, without affecting your general academic performance.

These tips are here to guide you either as a university, college, part-time or a full-time student, against making mistakes.

Your choice Your consequences.

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