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Top Ten Educational Websites For Students in 2023

This article contains the Top Ten Educational Websites For Students in 2023. This website contains a variety of resources that every student needs.

Top Ten Educational Websites For Students in 2020

Learning can be made easy for students by searching for information on educational websites. Digital development has led to noticeable changes in how information is accessed, consumed, discussed, and also shared. Educational websites can be websites that have games, videos or topics related information that act as tools to improve learning and supplementing classroom teaching. These educational websites make the process of learning entertaining and interesting to the students, specifically in recent times.

Everyone wants to receive the best educational information in order to attain their goals, aims and objectives. However, the more the institution is good, the higher the fees they charge.

Students usually leave their education incomplete and do blue-collar jobs to meet their basic ends. Moreover, these students collect money to complete their educational careers. Apart from those who can afford highly-paid higher education, some good number of students get scholarships. Also, as a new student, you will need to acquire a lot of new information quickly or probably risk being clueless, penniless, and more than a bit perplexed about fending for yourself as a student.

This is where the internet comes in, a field of student information with comprehensive range of information about anything, where you can learn the things your parents never taught you such as: how to budget your money, how to arrange an overdraft with your bank, and how to iron your clothes without leaving an iron-shaped pattern, etc. In fact, the majority of information needed by a student is available on educational websites.

Teachers nowadays argue that students need to change their critical thinking skills. When surfing the internet, you get to see a lot of information. This is the time where information technology is at its apex. So, you need to filter it. Reading from the first-time information that is accurate is vital. The base of knowledge is built like this and it is also needed for building your critical thinking skills. What is vital about the information on educational websites is that it is written by professionals who are excellent at dishing valid educational information. It is written and taught by people who have studied the topic and have done so much research.

Below are the best top 10 educational websites [1] that can help build your critical thinking and enhance your level of learning.

Top 10 educational websites for students

1. EdX: EdX.org

Edx is one of the world’s leading MOOC platforms. MOOCs (massive open online courses) are rendered for free to anyone wanting to acquire knowledge.

This website is best preferred by the students, as it was founded by Harvard University and MIT.

2. HowStuffWorks

Although it’s an American educational website, it gives students of all ages insightful and educational materials ranging from science, art, animals, home, technology and many more. This great educational website is the perfect option for inquisitive students who ask questions about almost everything. Just as the name entails, the educational website essentially depicts how stuff works. This website is the best go-to resource for assignments, homework and school projects. The site is extremely user-friendly, as it has lots of illustrations, diagrams, videos, pictures and animations.

3. Academic Earth:

Academic earth gives a large layout of academic options to students from traditional and contemporary studies. They give online degree courses from accounting and economics to engineering and also carry material on special subjects like behavioural psychology. Moreover, it has had a cooperation with a bunch of prestigious colleges such as the University of Oxford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University and many others. Keeping in mind the interest level of the students, the portal has videos and podcasts in all the subjects.

4. Oxford Owl: 

The excellent thing about this educational website is, it utilizes the British curriculum. It enhances the reading, writing and arithmetic skills with thousands of resources available on the website. It also does the job of a private tutor, as the website is loaded with tons of informational material necessary for excellent academic performance. It also contains a free eBook library for children between the ages of 3-11 years. This awesome educational website makes learning interesting and easy. In addition to the numerous resources in it, one can also buy textbooks from other websites like Amazon, kindle and lots more. There are also other categories on the website for parental advice and support.

5. Internet Archive: 

From any kind of educational information you will need, this educational website is an authentic website storing the originals from various big websites. For example, American libraries include the collection of free books directly attached to the college libraries’ websites. This is one of the best websites sharing free and accessible educational information. However, it does not give admission or certificates for gaining knowledge.

6. Coursera

Once a student opens this website, there is a huge tendency that student is going to get attracted to the number of courses available in his topic of interest. It is a user-friendly educational website. Students can find big universities and a shareable electronic Course Certificate. “Courses include recorded video lectures, auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments, and community discussion forums. When you complete a course, you will receive a shareable electronic Course Certificate, assures the website.”

7. Career guide: 

Career guide is an e-learning website that gives a platform to all the students to develop their knowledge regarding career and perform excellently at their best in what so ever career they have interests. Students who are talented, passionate and hardworking, who want to achieve great heights one day must visit such interesting educational websites which provide the perfect platform by making students life a little bit easier.

8.  Docsity: 

Every student must visit ut as it has everything a student needs to develop critical thinking and it is totally free. It contains documents sharing, university and college material, questions and answers, video lectures, blogs and news which will be of great importance to students.

9.  Khan Academy: khanacademy.com [2]

Students who cannot afford coaching can go to this website. It gives a win-win condition to the students by providing them the liberty to learn at their convenience, as it has a personalized dashboard to measure the progress result. It has all the traditional school subjects including math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more. Moreover, it has lessons from kindergarten to calculus, all at once. To develop the content for the students, it has partnered with NASA, the Museum of Modern Art, the California Academy of Sciences, and MIT.

10. CosmoLearning: 

Unlike other educational websites, this website gives academic as well as skill-based learning to the students. Students can either refer to the material being provided or enrol themselves in any of the 58 courses. The website is combined with three main options, including educational material, courses and documentaries. The subjects are divided into two sections, namely extra-curricular and academic subjects.


It is vital to use educational websites because you are sure that the information presented is valid. Usually, these educational websites have highly professional editors that provide valid information and cite trustful sources. You can develop your critical thinking skills by reading and analyzing the experiments presented on the educational website.


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