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11 Signs You are Studying the Wrong Course

This article contains 11 Signs You are Studying the Wrong Course.

Wrong Course

There has always been a common argument as to whether there is a right course. Choosing the right university degree can be a bit tough and daunting especially when you’re pressured to make such choices. This singular issue has led a lot of students into making wrong course choices.

There are also cases where students who confidently choose a course tend to lose interest in the same course too.

In all of this, it’s important to recognize early enough that something that you’re no longer interested in order to be able to take a timely action, possibly, switching to another course.

For this reason, this article will contain signs that show you’ve chosen the wrong degree course.


Here are 11 signs you have chosen the wrong degree:

1. You’re Missing Lectures

The first sign that you’re studying the wrong course is lack of zeal to attend lectures in general.

When I was an undergraduate, I hated early morning lectures. This is not what I’m referring to because most students also dread it. If you’re intentionally missing lectures, this shows that you’re no longer connected with the course and all that concerns it and as a result not taking it seriously.

On the other hand, it’s possible you attend lectures, try to be punctual and you try to give your best shot, but no matter how hard you try, something doesn’t seem right.

You might be sitting in the lecture, but it’s either the words coming out of your professor’s mouth are not just making sense to you or you’re not paying enough attention.

It’s either your mind is wandering and thinking of things to do after the lecture or you simply can’t wait for the class to end.

Every student loses focus some of the time and that is totally understandable but if yours is beyond the usual experience, then, this is a sign that you’re not in the right place.

Not all college work is going to be entertaining; in fact most of it will probably be quite tiring and somewhat boring. Regardless, you should be experiencing an element of excitement when dealing with a new problem or tackling a particularly difficult text.

2. You Are Really Stressed

University studies can be quite difficult, tiring and boring. In fact, nobody says it was ever going to be easy and fun. The stress encountered sometimes is not a problem when you’re doing what you love. You will simply view it from a positive point of view.

Where everything you do in line with your course gives you nothing but stress and yields nothing, you may have to rethink your choices.  You were probably not made for the course and you should look for something that interests you regardless of the stress involved.

3. Assignments Feel like Poison

All students have their downtimes. This simply implies that there are bright and full moments for every student. Even the smartest students are not left out. With this in mind, basically students struggle with certain assignments but in the quest to find solutions to such assignments, it becomes fun for some students. If completing  assignments in your  course feels like a mission impossible and you can’t as much as get yourself to sit down and see what it’s actually about, then you are most likely dealing with the wrong course and might want to reconsider your choice of course.

4. You are Uninterested

Having to sit in a lecture for hours on a course you have little or no love for can be very frustrating. If you would rather choose to write songs while in class than participate in the lecture, you might want to consider changing your degree to something more enjoyable and close to your range of interests.

5. You Were Forced Into Your Degree

While still in secondary school, I had a tough time deciding on what course to study. I was a smart science student but had no exact clue what I wanted to study. Eventually, I chose nursing because people believed I would do well in the field.

Friends and family took to calling me a Nurse and I eventually applied to study Nursing. Realizing I didn’t know exactly why I applied for the course, I rejected the admission and went for some other course in Agriculture. Rejecting Nursing for another course got tongues wagging. Luckily, I have parents who would never kick against my career choices.

Just like me, many students experience significant pressure from their parents and loved ones, to choose a particular career for so many reasons. If you’re compelled or forced into choosing a particular course, this is another red flag that you’re studying a wrong course. In other words, if you lack interest in your course of study, it is a sign you’re studyit the wrong course.

6. You’re Constantly Stressed and Upset

School comes with its own stress and would likely stress you out. Studying a course you have no interest in is another ticket to perpetual frustration. The thought of doing what you do not love keeps you miserable all the time.

It gets you unnecessarily upset with everyone around you. Being completely dissatisfied with everything that you do is a strong warning sign you’ve chosen the wrong degree.

7. You Are Interested in a Different Career Path

I had a friend who was admitted into the University to study Accountancy. Most times, he would rather miss lectures and tests than not visit the architectural studio.

While in lectures he would always fill his notes with sketches of buildings rather than numbers and figures as expected of every Accounting student. Apparently, my friend was physically present in the Accounting department but psychologically, mentally and spiritually, he was in the architectural department.

This is very relatable. It happens to a lot of students out there. Studying one course but your whole attention and thought yearns for another. When this is the case, it is another big sign that you’re studying a wrong course.

Switching over to another course is the next best thing that can happen to you in such a situation.

8. You Avoid Talking About Your Course

Whether it is as a graduate or an undergraduate, discussions on different aspects of your course must come up at any given time.

Your constant avoidance of unwillingness to partake in these conversations with your friends is another common sign that you studied a wrong course.

9. You Can’t Explain Why You Chose Your Degree

Upon graduation from the University, I have never had anything to do with my degree course. Personally, I felt this was because of my inability to secure a white collar job with my certificate.

Recently, a course mate who was carrying out a survey called to ask a few questions and I was asked, “Why did you study Agricultural Economics?”

To my greatest amazement, I couldn’t give a cogent reply.

For the first time in my years of graduation, it dawned on me that I studied a wrong course. I may have graduated with good grades but that is not what I have interest in. Should I have another opportunity to go for another course, I would go for an art major, not the sciences.

Most people have a perfect explanation as to why they chose to study a particular course but for others like me, we don’t have a perfect answer to that. This may sound weird but truthfully, some people don’t have plans regarding the chosen course.

If you can’t explain why you’ve chosen to do your degree, obviously you’re definitely not doing something that you love.

10. You’re having Second Thoughts

It is normal to have a second thought about your choice of course even after years into the programme. Sometimes, this is a direct effect of study stress. There is nothing to worry about. This simply confirms you’re human.

Where this feeling of doubt has become a daily experience and very overwhelming. There is a high possibility you have chosen the wrong degree.

Most times, our guts don’t lie and it is very important to be sensitive to your feelings in this case.

11. Constantly Feeling Unhappy and Unfulfilled

This is the reason for the high rate of unhappy people in many institutions today.

If you are not satisfied and interested in what you are studying, it will reflect in all every aspect of your life. You won’t be happy. If this feeling is not checked, overtime, frustration and extreme cases of depression may set in.

If you’re already exhibiting these characters, it’s time to make a change.


Choosing a degree course is not as easy as many people imagine. Ordinarily, a course is meant to be chosen based on an individual’s abilities and personality, but a lot of factors such as parental and peer influence, earning potential and more, have contributed to this life changing decision.

However, it is important to get it right. If you’ve ended up choosing a degree which doesn’t really align with you, there is a high possibility that you will never be fulfilled.

Sometimes, people tend to discover that they studied the wrong course later in life after graduation. Other times, while still in school. Whenever you realize you have been on the wrong path doesn’t really matter but the action you take afterwards.

The reason for this article is therefore, to help you identify whether or not you are studying  the right course, judging from the common signs identified herein.

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