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Top 10 Finance Companies in South Africa

This article contains information on the Top 10 Finance companies in South Africa that you can consider for loans and other financial support.

According to Chron [6], a finance company is an entity that lends money to individuals and businesses. The revenue sources of finance organizations are the fees they charge while processing loans. This is the reason the interest rates charged by finance companies are higher than those of banks. 

I get that at this point different questions are running through your mind. “Does this mean banks are different from finance companies?” Well, you are right to think so. 

Not all finance companies lend to commercial businesses, some lend to consumers. Bearing this in mind, all banks are finance companies but not all finance companies are banks.

According to Upcounsel [1], most finance companies do not take cash deposits from the public and as such are not considered banks, thus, are free from the strict regulations associated with banks.  

Summarily, a finance company is an organization that makes loans available to individuals and businesses. 

 South African Finance companies, including the banking, insurance and securities industries. These organizations  have contributed immensely to the growth of the country’s economy. 

Delving into the subject, there are various finance companies in South Africa. Below are some of the popular finance companies in South Africa:


1. Standard Bank

In no particular order, on the top of our list of finance companies in South Africa is the Standard Bank Group [14], a leading bank in South Africa that was established in October 1862. It offers a comprehensive range of banking and financial services to South Africans. Besides the banking services, it is also involved in saving, lending, insurance, investing, risk management, and consulting services.

If you are in search of a trustworthy bank to transact with, Standard Bank is open.

2. Sanlam Limited

Sanlam [7] is also a South African financial services company. It is the largest insurance company in Africa founded in 1918. The company, through its subsidiaries, provides different financial solutions to individuals and institutions. Besides insurance services, the company provides personal financial services and solutions, including estate planning, home loans, personal loans, money transfer, property asset management, collective investments, stockbroking, etc.

3. The PSG Konsult Ltd

PSG Konsult [5] was founded in 1996 and since its establishment, it has been one of the leading independent financial services companies in South Africa that  delivers a range of financial services and products locally and internationally. The company is specifically focused on providing wealth management, asset management and insurance solutions to clients. Outside South Africa, PSG also serves customers in Namibia, and Mauritius.

4. Southern Africa Quantum

Southern Africa Quantum simply known as SA Quantum is a professional consultancy firm that was established in the year 2002. 

The company was created with the goal of meeting the need for a professional, black-owned and managed firm of independent Employees.

SA Quantum [10] provides various services ranging from actuarial services, consulting, investment consulting services, risk administration, legal services services, and trust services. SA Quantum is an  Authorized Financial Services Provider that specializes in innovative Employee Benefits [9] Solutions. So, as an employee, this seems like a company you should connect with.

5. Sasfin Holdings Limited

Founded in 1951, Sasfin Holdings is a banking and financial services group that offers a range of comprehensive banking and financial services focused on the needs of the corporate, commercial and individual client. 

These services range from trade finance, logistics and trade solutions, corporate finance, private and property equity, equipment finance, wealth and financial planning, international and domestic treasury, growth incentive consulting, asset consulting, employee benefits administration, short-term insurance, asset management, stockbroking and portfolio management and a range of transactional banking services.

6. Old Mutual and Federal

This one is the oldest short term insurance company in Southern Africa, founded by John Fairbairn [13] as a mutual insurance company in 1845. The company officially changed its name to Old Mutual Insure [3] in 2017 and has since remained that.

This  insurance services company has been focused on building friendly careers and job security. Therefore, they offer accredited training and development programs from graduates to executives in the following fields; Marketing,  Underwriting, IT, Business intelligence, Call Center and Sales, Claims negotiating Finance and Actuarial and specialist Investigations. 

7. Clientele Limited Holding

This is one of South Africa’s leading direct distributors of diversified financial service products. Clientèle offers a wide range of products. It markets, distributes and underwrites insurance and investment products. Since its establishment in 2007, the company has been successful in offering convenient and easy to understand financial services products to the public.

According to Rateweb 2022 review [15], 86% of the group’s revenue comes from insurance, thus making insurance the group’s major focus.

8. Direct Axis

 This is a specialist financial services company that was established in January 1995. The company provides its clients with a direct connection to loans and insurance in a way that’s convenient for the client. 

It partners with other Financial service companies like FirstRand Bank [12] Limited in order to give their clients direct access to the financial products.

If you’re in search of where to access Secured and Unsecured Personal loans, Life Insurance, Car Insurance, Direct Car, Direct  Loans, Home Insurance, Health Solutions. 

Direct Axis is committed to protecting their clients’ interests hence adhering to the  business principles. The company is compliant with the National Credit Act. 

With DirectAxis, you can apply for a Personal Loan of up to R150,000 to use for any purpose [2]

9. Coronation

If you are concerned about life after retirement, this finance company is the way to go. Coronation is highly recommended for people that would like to invest for retirement purposes.

They offer pension and provident funds, medical schemes, unit trusts, insurers, and other fund managers.

Since their establishment in 1993, they have been focused on asset management As at end-September 2022, Coronation [4]  managed R574 billion in client assets. They also manage assets for a growing number of international retirement funds , and family offices.

10. AllanGray

AllanGray [8] is one of top investment companies in South Africa. It has been in existence since 1973 with the goal of  creating financial security for anyone willing to invest with them. Retail investors can invest in Allan Gray’s selection of unit trusts through a range of investment products. Allangray [11] offers a range of products including; Retirement products, Retail unit trust products, Institutional segregated and pooled products. They also offer offshore investment services to anyone who would like to venture into the global market.

Some other Finance Companies in South Africa includes:

  • Absa Bank Limited
  • African Investment Advisory
  • Alexander Forbes
  • Atlas Finance
  • Bridge Capital Group Limited
  • Bayport
  • Bond Exchange of South Africa
  • Citibank South Africa
  • Liberty group limited
  • Oasis Group Holdings
  • Investec Limited


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