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Egerton University Unit Pre-Registration Procedure – 2022


This article contains a guide on how to pre- register your units for the current semester before the full registration. The full registration involves fee payment which is quite different from the pre registration as it only involves declaring your interest in continuing study for the semester by registering new units.

Pre-registration of Courses

Effective on 25th January 2023, all students have been required to pre-register for units in their portal. You are therefore required to pre-register for units before the appropriate deadline as announced by your respective departments. Pre-registration of units informs us that you will be attending the semester. Failure to pre-register will indicate that you are deferring the academic year. Pre-registration is not linked to fee payment.


  • Pre-registration can be done by selecting “Pre-registration” from the left menu of your portal and registering for the listed units.
  • Kindly note that those doing elective units will be required to select their units of choice from the list of elective units provide.
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NOTE: Full registration MUST be done by the end of the 5th week of the semester after payment of fees.

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