Laikipia University appoints new Registrar


    Laikipia University, located in Kenya, has announced that it has a new Registrar (Academic Affairs) in the person of Prof. Robert Mwebi. The university expressed its well wishes for Prof. Mwebi in his new position, and expressed confidence that he will excel in his new capacity.

    Laikipia University appoints new Registrar

    The Registrar’s Office at Laikipia University is the technical arm of the Academic Division and oversees the management of academic matters, according to the Laikipia University Statutes, 2013, Statute VII. The Registrar works under the direction of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and Research) to ensure the smooth operation of academic affairs at the university.

    The appointment of Prof. Robert Mwebi is expected to bring fresh energy and ideas to the Registrar’s Office at Laikipia University. Prof. Mwebi is an experienced academic with a wealth of experience in academic administration, teaching, and research. He has held various positions in academic institutions, including senior lecturer, departmental head, dean of faculty, and deputy vice-chancellor (academic affairs).[1]

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    With his wealth of experience, Prof. Mwebi is expected to bring a fresh approach to the management of academic affairs at Laikipia University. His expertise in academic administration and management is expected to be invaluable in enhancing the quality of education at the institution.

    Laikipia University has a reputation for academic excellence and has produced some of the finest graduates in Kenya. The university is committed to maintaining high academic standards and providing a conducive learning environment for its students. With the appointment of Prof. Robert Mwebi as the new Registrar (Academic Affairs), Laikipia University is poised to continue its tradition of excellence in academic affairs, and to remain a leader in academic research and innovation.

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    Students and staff of Laikipia University are optimistic about the future of the institution under the leadership of Prof. Robert Mwebi. They look forward to working with him to enhance the quality of education and create a conducive learning environment at the university. Prof. Mwebi’s appointment is seen as a major boost for the institution, and the university community is eager to see the positive changes that he will bring to the academic affairs of Laikipia University.


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