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TUK 11th Graduation List for December 2022


We are happy to present to you the Technical University of Kenya, TUK 11th Graduation List – December 2022. The Vice-Chancellor on behalf of the University Council, Management Board and Senate has released the names of successful graduands.

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All successful graduands can check their names below or on the university website.


The Technical University of Kenya is pleased to announce that the 11th Graduation Ceremony will be held PHYSICALLY at the University Ground on Wednesday 21st December 2022 starting 8.00 am.

Graduands are advised to check below for the full list of graduands.

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The graduation ceremony will be presided over by the University Chancellor and other councils who will award Diplomas and Certificates and confer Degrees.

Further information regarding preparations for the ceremony is detailed below:

Examination Results

The results of the examinations are available from the offices of the respective Deans of Faculties/Schools during working hours.


Only graduands who have cleared with the respective departments/units of the University will be allowed to graduate. Clearance requires graduands to initiate the process online through the TUK Student Portal. Having ZERO balance of fees is part of clearing.

Please note that any graduand who fails to clear on time will be omitted from the convocation list.

List of Graduands

The Senate approved list of graduands is now available on the University website www.tukenya.ac.ke. However, it is important to note that only graduands who will have cleared with the respective departments/units of the University will be allowed to graduate.

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Please note that students who failed to graduate in previous years on account of fees will require clearance with the respective Schools. Any potential graduand whose name is not on the list is expected to visit his/her School immediately.

Verification Of Academic Records And Order Of Names

Confirmation of names on the “Application to Graduate Form” in Section One is critical for the accurate and speedy processing of academic certificates. Section one of the “Application to Graduate Form” enables graduands to specify the order of their names. The order of names MUST correspond to that in your KCSE Certificate. Using drop down selection in the boxes provided, select each name only ONCE. Please note that the University shall not take responsibility for mistakes made by individual graduands in the order of their names in the “Application to Graduate Form” and the University shall not be obligated to replace certificates with errors arising from a graduand’s negligence.

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Graduation Attires

The convocation and academic attire fees will be charged as follows:

1. Certificate and Diploma Awards KSh. 5,000.00
2. Bachelor’s Degree Awards KSh. 5,000.00
3. Master’s and Doctor of Philosophy Degree Awards KSh. 6,500.00

The academic dress will be available only to graduands who have successfully printed a final copy of the personalized “Application to Graduate Form” before the deadline. Collection of the academic attire will be from the offices of the respective Directors of Schools.

Live Streaming

The virtual ceremony will be streamed live through: Website and YouTube:  www.tukenya.ac.ke Facebook: Technical University of Kenya; Twitter: @TU_kenya REGISTRAR ACADEMIC

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