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Qatar Visa Application and Immigration Requirements – 2019


This Article contains information on the Qatar Visa Application and Immigration Requirements: 2019. Qatar is among the top ten leading producers of LNG – liquefied natural gas. Qatar State has experienced significant economic growth. Continuing economic growth has helped to make Qatar one of the world’s richest nations.

Yearly, many people travel to Qatar for numerous reasons either for tourism, business, study, visit or immigration. Depending on the purpose of the trip to Qatar, there are different types of visas that apply to the occasion.

So before applying for a Qatar visa, it is necessary to know the Qatar visa requirements and which of the visa category that you are eligible for.


There are five types of Qatar visas. The one you choose depends on your reason for visiting Qatar.

  • Tourist visa  As the name implies, this visa is for travelers who are looking to explore Qatar’s iconic locations and visit family members and friends. Valid for two weeks.
  • Transit visa – This is for when you’re just passing through Qatar. You will not need this visa, however, if you have a connecting flight and are not leaving the transit area. Valid for two days.
  • Business visa – You can get this visa if you are a member of an organisation and intending to attend a business meetup, conference, seminar or any other kind of formal meeting. Valid for 30 days.
  • Student visa – This visa is for those intending to take an academic programme in Qatar. Valid for the duration of the course.
  • Work visa  Apply for this visa if you have secured a job in Qatar. Valid for one to three months.
  • Family visa – You can get this visa if you have family in Qatar that can sponsor your stay. Valid for as long as the family sponsor stays in Qatar.

The validity of your Qatar visa may depend on certain conditions. Visa extensions are possible for business and tourist visas.


The process for a Qatar visa application usually takes from four to 15 working days. Unforeseen circumstances may affect the processing time so be sure to apply well in advance.


Your passport will need to have the following requirements before applying for your Qatar visa.

  •         Your passport must be valid for six months beyond the date of entry (this excludes the Family visa, more on that under Visa Requirements).
  •         Make sure your passport also has two blank pages for stamps.

If your passport does not meet these requirements, you will need to apply for a new international passport before making your Qatar visa application.


The price of the Qatar Visa is $41,84.

You can pay in cash or debit cards at the Qatar Embassy in your country. Alternatively, you can use your debit card if you are making an online application.


The required documentation for the different types of visas consist of the following (where applicable):

  •         Valid International passport
  •         The completed form (download and print)
  •         Two coloured passport-size photos (35x45mm?)
  •         One of the following documents
    • Hotel stay details (for tourist visa applicants)
    • An invitation letter from a sponsor in Qatar (for family visa applicants)
    • Income tax return for the past two years
    • Any other documents supporting your planned visit

For the student visa, you will need to have already received provisional admission before applying for the student visa. You should have a letter from the academic institution as proof that you can apply for the student visa.

You will need proof that you have secured a job in Qatar for the work visa. Your employer would need to apply for a NOC Certificate. Once you arrive in Qatar, you will need to apply for a residency visa according to your employer’s specification. You will also need to undergo certain medical tests including for HIV and TB.

For the family visa, your sponsor will need to apply for a residence permit for you.

For updated details on visa requirements, please visit the State of Qatar Ministry of Interior website.


Once your visa is approved, make sure to bring your receipt of payment, ID and any other documents you received when making your application.

You can also use a courier service to collect your visa and passport once processing is complete. Take note that you will still have to make your application in person.

  •         It’s your responsibility to notify the courier company to collect your documents from the embassy.
  •         The Qatar Embassy does not take responsibility for the delay or loss of any documents the courier company is handling.

*Note: When applying at the Qatar embassy/consulate in home country, the guardian or parent should accompany their under-age children.

Please consult the Qatar Embassy in your country for the updated Qatar Visa requirements!


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