Top 7 Mobile App Design Companies in New York

    When you plan to develop a mobile app for your business, the first and foremost thing that appears in your mind is the mobile app design. It will be very important to plan and design your app so that it provides a user-friendly experience to your users. The UI/UX design of the app plays an essential role in your business app. 

    Thus, as a business leader, it becomes your responsibility to research well and hire the best mobile app design companies for your app design. 

    In this listicle, you will learn about the best mobile app design companies based in New York. These companies are based on their location, the expertise they have and the years of experience they hold. 

    Best Mobile App Design Companies Based In New York

    1) AppsChopper

    When you talk about the best mobile app design companies, AppsChopper comes at the top of the list. It is a leading app development company with core expertise in mobile app design. 

    The company was founded in 2011 and is based in Boston and New York. If you want to make your mobile app look appealing and engaging through mobile app design, their UI/UX designers are experienced and can help you. 

    They have a team of 200+ professionals who are skilled in different technologies and have worked in various sectors like healthcare, fintech, edtech, insurance, etc. 

    From small startups to large-scale industries, they are always ready to solve your problems. For years, they have been serving their clients across the globe and have delivered 500+ successful projects. Some of their key clients are Vodafone, ShotKam, Shammy, BellyBump, Skilltaly, etc. 

    Thus, if you are looking for a team who can design an app for your business that stands to be competitive, AppsChopper can be the best option for your project. 

    2) Utility

    Another mobile app design company we have on our list is Utility. The company was formed in the year 2013 and is based in New York. Apart from mobile app development, the core specialization they have is in app design. Their focus in service line is in UI/UX design, mobile app development, and web development. 

    They have a team of 100+ professionals skilled in different sectors like healthcare, agriculture, education, banking and insurance, etc. Their team is also well-versed in different technologies like Java, Kotlin, Bootstrap, JavaScript, CSS, etc. 

    They have global clients, and some of their key clients include Airbnb, Samsung, Verizon, DirecTV, Target, UrLife, SirenMD, dearduck, UrLife, SirenMD, etc. 

    3) Zazz

    Zazz is an American digital agency based in New York founded in 2011. As an industry leader, they keep trying and innovating new things based on your project requirements. Some of the services they provide are product strategy, prototyping, product design, iOS and Android app development, Web App Development, flutter app development, UI/UX design, etc. 

    From small-scale businesses to large enterprises, they are always ready to solve your problems around the clock. Some of their clients are Inclose, Ideal Smart, Sparehandz, etc. 

    4) SEM Nexus

    SEM Nexus is a leading mobile app development company with expertise in developing different mobile apps and designing them. They are based in New York, and the company was founded in 2017.  

    They have a team of 50+ professionals who are well-experienced in UI/UX design. Some of their key clients are WinQuik, Tito, etc.

    5) Tapptitude  

    Tapptitude is a product studio that mainly deals in mobile app design. They have well-versed UI/UX designers who can design the app according to the market standard. The company was founded in 2013 and is based in New York. 

    Some of their key clients include Tenor, Glorify, Wellory, Ontapp, OxWash, Speaken, Olly, Shebah, etc. 

    6) Varfaj 

    Varfaj is known for developing mobile apps and eCommerce sites. Their team specializes in taking ideas from UX conceptualization through UI design to app development and post-launch. The company was founded in 2018 and is based in New York. 

    Some of their major clients include Lyrical Lemonade, The Guardian, Mark Cuban Companies, Loud Luxury, Colliers International, etc. 

    7) Dedicated Developers 

    Dedicated developers were founded in the year 2007 and are based in New York. Over the last 14 years, they have delivered world-class services from mobile app development to mobile app design. They have experienced UI/UX designers who can design and frame your app that looks engaging, impressive and works responsively. 

    They have clients across the globe, and some of them are Corning Gorilla Glass, Kripalu, Walmart, Get Momentum, Growth Oracle, Get Altitude, MOBE, etc. 


    When you start a business, it is important that the design of your app should look appealing and engaging to the users. The listicle mentioned above will definitely help you in choosing the best UI/UX design company and help you in the app design process for your business app.


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