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Youth Day Activities for Students

Are you thinking of how to engage your students on Youth day? Check out the various activities listed in this article.

Youth Day Activities for Students
Students can have a memorable and fun-filled Youth Day celebration with these activities.


The population of every country across the world consists more of the youths. This is to say that youths are the bedrock of every nation and the level of empowerment they get is proportional to the development they bring to a nation. Unfortunately, in most developing countries, youths receive little or no support from the government. They are the major recipient of all the social problems in the country and this is the reason why a lot of youth get involved in various vices to survive. However, in all of these, there is a teeming population of youths that have made significant impacts in their environment.

To recognize the youths and their impact in the world, International Youth Day which is celebrated annually on the 12th August offers a platform to honor the qualities of youth and the potential that they hold towards development of a nation and the world as a whole. However, on National level, different countries celebrate Youth day on designated days. For instance, South Africa sets aside every June 16th to celebrate their Youth Day [2]. The Youth Day also focuses on the difficulties experienced by the youths throughout the world.

Therefore, Youth Day is an annual celebration that recognizes the energy, creativity, and enthusiasm of young people around the world. It is a day dedicated to recognizing the significant role that youth play in shaping the future of society. On this day, various activities and events are organized to empower and engage students, allowing them to express themselves, develop their skills, and contribute to their communities. These activities provide a platform for students to showcase their talents, learn new things, and foster a sense of unity among their peers. In this article, we will explore some of the popular Youth Day activities [1] for students that promote their growth and encourage their active participation.

Below are some activities that can be organized in schools to celebrate Youth Day and to create awareness about its significance.

1. Exhibitions

Exhibition game

Youth Day is an ideal occasion to celebrate the creativity and artistic talents of students. Hence, on the list of activities in celebration of Youth Day is organizing creative competitions. Organizing competitions such as art exhibitions, music contests, dance-offs, poetry slams, and drama performances can provide students with a platform to express themselves, boost their confidence, and receive recognition for their artistic endeavors.

Also, since the exhibition has to revolve around youth day, students can be encouraged to contribute creative works that depict the problems that young people in the world are facing. The exhibition can be open to student submissions of their creative works, including paintings, drawings, etc. To further make the event more memorable and thrilling, the best works can be rewarded in the exhibition in order to inspire students to take part in similar activities in the future.

2. Workshops and Skill-building Sessions

Conducting workshops and skill-building sessions on various topics of interest can help students enhance their knowledge and acquire new skills. These workshops can cover a wide range of areas, such as leadership development, entrepreneurship, coding, public speaking, art, music, and more. By participating in such activities, students can explore their passions, discover hidden talents, and develop valuable skills for their personal and professional growth.

3. Community Services

Community service

Students can also give back to their communities on Youth Day. Engaging students in community service projects is an excellent way to instill a sense of social responsibility and empathy towards their fellow human beings. Through community services, students can get the opportunity to learn about the problems faced by the youths in our society as well as learn how they can contribute to the development of society.

Activities like volunteering at local shelters, organizing neighborhood clean-ups, or participating in charity outreaches not only benefit the community but also provide students with valuable life lessons and a broader perspective on the world.

In addition to learning in a real-world setting, which will help them discover their interests and passions, community services will help the students in the development of the soft skills which are requirements to stand out in every work place.

Engaging in environment-friendly activities can also be part of community service. Students learn the value of living an environmentally responsible lifestyle through engaging in activities like planting trees. These activities can help them understand why it is so necessary to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

4. Conferences and Seminars

Conferences and seminars are helpful to spread awareness about the issues of the youths. To help encourage youths to become useful citizens, prominent young personalities can be invited to these seminars to motivate students to make a difference in the society. Because young people are easily influenced by their fellow youths, they can instill in the students a sense of responsibility and a desire to work toward making positive changes in society when they share their experiences with the students. These events can educate students about the importance of the occasion as well as the duties that young people have to society.

5. Sports and Fitness Events

Exercise is not an activity everyone engages in regularly. As a matter of fact, there are students who exercise their body only during sports activities in school.

To celebrate Youth Day in a new dimension, sports and fitness events can be organized for students. Promoting physical well-being is crucial for the holistic development of students. Organizing sports tournaments, fitness challenges, and outdoor adventure activities can encourage students to adopt a healthy lifestyle and foster a spirit of teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship. These activities provide opportunities for students to showcase their athletic abilities, build resilience, and develop essential life skills.

Why not consider organizing an endurance walk for your students this Youth Day?

6. Film Show

All books and no play makes students dullards. Making film shows part of the activities for the Youth Day celebration is another activity that students would enjoy and therefore, movies can be used as an avenue for the students to understand the importance of International Youth Day. You can screen movies that discuss the issues that young people are facing. You can carefully choose a movie that the students will enjoy and also learn from. Akeela and the Bee, Sarafina are great options.

There are a host of other good movies too.

7. Panel Discussions and Debates

Stimulating intellectual discourse and critical thinking among students is crucial for their intellectual development. Panel discussions and debates on relevant social, economic, and political issues allow students to express their opinions, develop their communication skills, and engage in constructive dialogue. These activities promote a culture of open-mindedness, respect for diverse perspectives, and the development of informed and responsible citizens.

This platform can also be used to educate students about youth icons who have paved the way for the growth of the society. By doing so, these youth icons would become their role models. Their inspiring stories can light up a fire of self growth and development.

8. Organize a Virtual Public Event

Most of the activities we have been talking about are physical activities that every student may not have the opportunity to participate in. So, how about you leverage technology by organizing a virtual public event which provides an inclusive platform for young individuals to come together, express their thoughts, and engage in meaningful discussions. 

This event will empower youth and encourage their active participation in shaping the future. By leveraging technology, this virtual gathering will enable widespread participation, regardless of location. I know you might be concerned about the platform to use. Well, most students, if not all, have a Smartphone with internet access. You can use various social media platforms such as Facebook live, Twitter, Telegram channel, etc. To bring it down to their level, and make it fun, starting a TikTok trend about Youth Day Celebration will be an awesome strategy.

9. Educational Radio Shows 

Overtime, I have realized that a lot of people listen to radio shows than that of Television. I mean, most people barely have time to sit in front of Televisions these days but the case is different with radio which can easily be accessed on a phones. Bearing this in mind, a educational programme can be organized on differt popular radio stations. This can bring the form of a discussion with distinguished individuals and youth.


Youth Day activities for students serve as a catalyst for their personal, social, and intellectual growth. By providing platforms for self-expression, skill-building, community engagement, and creative exploration, these activities empower young individuals to realize their potential, and responsibility which will enable them to contribute meaningfully to society.

Whether through community service projects, seminars, sports events, film shows, creative competitions, or panel discussions, these activities foster a spirit of unity, collaboration, and lifelong learning among students.

As we celebrate Youth Day, let us continue to prioritize and invest in activities that nurture the talents, aspirations, and well-being of our youth, ensuring a brighter and more prosperous future for generations to come.


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