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Get an ‘A’ mark for Your Essay


This article contains information on how to follow an academic writing style.

Get A mark for Your Essay: How to Follow an Academic Writing Style


Getting an ‘A’ mark for an essay is the desire of every student but not every one can actually ace an essay.  Having a homework in the form of an essay is widely considered to be an essential part of a student’s academic routine, which means that the graduate’s grade is highly dependent on written discourses. As follows, one is obliged to possess exceptional academic writing skills to be able to write an essay impeccably and appropriately. However, sometimes it happens that there may be way too many articles to be written, then WritingCheap may well be of assistance.

Ways To Get an ‘A’ mark for Your Essay

If one is willing to get the highest grade for the written paperthe list, as mentioned down below, is to give a clear picture of the most significant rules one should follow.
1. The writing procedure

No matter what you are going to write, if it is an academic paperyou should organize your writing to be precise and spend less time on it, not losing quality. As a result, there are a variety of points a student has to stick to, such as: choosing a topic, brainstorming, doing research, writing a strong thesis, planning, and writing.

  • Topic is vital

With regard to the topic, you may get the list of possible issues to analyze by your teacher, or you can have the freedom to choose the one you like the most. As to the latter, better select the topic that is related to your interests. You will find that it will be way easier to write it for the reason that ideas will automatically generate in your mind.

Once you have chosen the topic, narrow your concepts, preferably to the most complicated ones, because your paper will end up an impressive essay with extraordinary arguments, comparisons, or whatsoever. If you wonder whether your topic is applicable or not, it should not have a single and straightforward answer. An excellent topic has several alternative solutions, opinions, etc. Moreover, it should strike the readers so that they will be chasing to find the answer in their way and extend their viewpoint concerning a specific issue. Make also sure that the subject matter is fully revealed in your essay, which means that you have to meet the wordcount simultaneously fully disclose the issue from your perspective.

  • Think and conduct research

After the topic is chosen, start brainstorming. Write down your takes on it, exceptional ideas, solutions, etc. It will help you to track your opinions throughout the thinking process. Other than that, brainstorming will help you find out what you are aware of the topic, and what is new for you. Then, look upon the Internet for credible sources that you are to attach to your paper. It is generally agreed that the most reliable sources on the web are google scholar, academia.edu, and researchgate.net. Indeed, research takes plenty of time, segregating info, doublechecking its credibility, citing, and so forth. As follows, even though you may have lots of time before the deadline, it is highly recommended to start searching for academic sources beforehand. When you find a book, article, or whatsoever, whether you write down the website, or download it if it is possible and allowed.

2. The main part

When it comes to the most predominant part of your paper, indubitably, it is a thesis statement. In brief, it is a sentence that contains the answer to your written discourse. The thesis statement usually has the main idea of the essayyour point of view, the purpose of the essay, an answer to the research question, clarity, etc. To put it in other words, it should divulge the answer to the central question of the paper. However, it should be written concisely, meaning that your thesis will be developed in the following paragraphs. As to the length of the thesis statement, it has to be short but accurate.

  • Basic sketch

Once you have thought of your thesis statement, it is time to think about body paragraphs, where you will develop your arguments and crucial things included in the thesis sentence. An outline is your first step to arrange the ideas and concepts in your essay. Don’t be bothered with a robust thesis sentence yet, instead think of a simple answer to your question. Then, put down on a paper all the arguments and reasons without glancing at your sources. Organize the aforementioned ideas, narrowing its quantity; some of them may be combined into one and more robust ideas. After that, you should decide how to order the points. Besides, you might add some opposing viewpoints to convey to the reader that your topic was thoroughly examined and analyzed.

  • Introduction

The introduction [2] of an academic essay is generally agreed to be one paragraph long, including some topic-related background information and a thesis statement. You may well include some conventional wisdom and then make a u-turn, proving that some widely accepted information is not true, etc. Plus, don’t be too general because the reader may well be bored. In that case, tear into the topic and don’t waste your limited space. Certainly, the thesis statement should lock the introductory paragraph.

  • Body paragraphs

Each of the body paragraphs should analyze and explain one of the arguments you have previously mentioned in your thesis statement. If to speak of the beginning of each paragraph, it should be started with a topic sentence, which, in turn, introduces the paragraph’s central idea [1] and relates to the thesis statement. Plus, you should provide examples of the arguments you stand for; it is acceptable to present two or more examples for a single argument. You may well use specific academic sources, properly cited, depending on the style of citation. The last sentence of the body paragraph needs to possess a short conclusion of the same paragraph, emphasizing the main points, and be a transitional sentence to the following section. To make your transition between paragraphs smooth and cohesive, make sure to use the words, such as: however, besides, what is more, consequently, moreover, and so forth.

3. Summing up

Even though the conclusion is considered to be the shortest paragraph, it is a synopsis of all the most essential information that is addressed to the reader. It summarizes the findings in your written discourse, i.e., restates the thesis statement, and most importantly, preserving the most predominant points. What is more, it should depict the importance of your essay, meaning that in limited words, you have to emphasize on key findings and prove that your paper is indubitably significant. End your paper with a robust and striking concluding statement, which means that try to sound compelling, telling that the topic has been solved and the outcomes have been revealed. Do not leave the reader with second thoughts asking rhetorical questions, nor be too general as well as obvious.

Bottom Line

Writing academic papers require following general rules related to this style in order to write it in an appropriate way. However, a plethora of graduates face difficulties while writing discourses in style, as mentioned above. In order to make the writing better and proficient, and, as a result, to get the highest mark, one is to follow the above-included rules, for instance, choosing a thoughtful and familiar topic, doing research, drafts, and sticking to the relevant structure, as an introduction-body-conclusion.


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