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How to Survive University as a Fresher in 2022

This article contains information on how to survive the University as a fresher in 2022.


University is a totally different world on its own. Hence, how to survive in a strange environment with people from different backgrounds and personalities is always something to worry about as a freshman.

This is the reason a lot of parents go out of their way to rent accommodation for the wards off-campus. While this is good, it is also important to understand that the razz University life can not be completely avoided. So, no matter how much you try,

Being a freshman can be a crazy experience, both in a good way and a bad way. Below are just a few tips we have to help you survive University as a fresher.


1. Be Prepared

There is a saying that ” failure to plan is planning to fail.” Surviving at the University as a fresher is a decision that is backed up by early preparation. Usually, students get to hear about things to expect in the University from older siblings who have either graduated from school or are still in the University. When you are told such experiences, don’t just listen without the intention to learn, listen and pick vital information that would help you in future.

So, one of the ways to survive university as a freshman is to start early preparation. Preparing for university should start from the moment you have your confirmation.

Unless you are attending a private university where most things are provided, go with important things you would need. The things to take along would include: bedding, kitchen equipment, toiletries, food items, plates and cutlery, etc.

In all, make a list of what you think you would need. but when not sure of what to pack, ask friends who have already passed this phase what they took and what they wish they had remembered. It’s likely they will suggest essentials you haven’t even thought of.

Still in early preparation, ensure you have an active bank account. This is one challenge freshers face in school. As a freshman, you would need money for a lot of things. Therefore, having a bank account makes it easy for you to receive funds at ease without necessarily looking for whose account to use to receive money.

If for one reason or the other you couldn’t open a bank account back home, worry not. There are a good number of student banks out there in school. So you can also get one without much stress.

2. Be Tolerant

This is unavoidable especially when you would be staying on campus with other students. Having to live with people with different personalities is a huge task, especially when you love your space and privacy.

For even the most outgoing of us that can be a bit scary. Well, you need to also understand that everyone in the room is in the same boat as you, trying to get familiar with the new environment, learning new things with new people and probably missing home too. So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed talk to other students, it’s fine. You can start by getting to know their names. That way you can show that you want to make friends and while at it, be ready to tolerate different personalities.

3. Socialize

Being in the company of friends has also proven to be a great remedy for survival as a fresher. It does not only help you deal with  homesickness, but also helps you to get familiar with your environment as well as the happenings.  Surround yourself with people you can trust and feel comfortable

talking to. Making new friends and meeting new people is a part of school life that shouldn’t be overlooked, especially as a freshman. However, you need to be careful when making friends and socialising to avoid being in the company of miscreants.

Not socialising as a fresher has its disadvantages. You are likely to miss vital information about lectures. You are bound to go to dangerous areas in the school and lots more. In all, while socialising, remember the main reason you’re in school.

4. Avoid pressure

The early days in the University are very delicate for freshers. It is very easy to lose focus and get carried away. At that point, peer pressure will most likely be at its peak. Being surrounded by new people and in a different environment may lead you to feeling far more vulnerable than you usually would. However, if you don’t feel comfortable, do not be afraid to remove yourself from the situation and distance yourself from the source of pressure.

5. Don’t Be Extravagant With Spending

As a freshman, there is a high possibility that you will arrive at school with enough money. Although not everyone has this privilege. It is therefore important to understand where you are coming from. Regardless of the financial status of your sponsor, it is important to spend wisely. Budgeting is therefore an important skill for survival.

At the start of the year, work out your monthly expenses and income. Budget how much you can afford to spend on food after you must have sorted out your study materials. Buy only the things you need and not the things you want. Don’t buy on impulse, else you will run out of cash in time.

6. Constant Communication with Loved Ones

I remember how much I cried on the day I left for the University. The thought of staying a day with my family was more painful than cramps. The one thing that prevented me from packing my bags to enter the next bus back home was daily phone calls with Mum. Hearing from her gave me the feeling of her presence.

As a freshman, you are likely to experience homesickness especially if you’re so attached to your family. This feeling can have a significant effect on your performance. To pull through this phase, from day one, keep in touch with home and possibly some close friends you left behind.

When homesickness strikes, don’t be embarrassed to tell your new friends how you are feeling. They’re almost certainly feeling the same way. Share memories of home and friends with each other. It will build up your new friendships and help you all to support each other when you’re feeling low.

7. Pay Attention To Freshers Orientation

Most Universities, if not all, usually organise orientation forums for freshers during the freshers week. This event is important to intimate freshers on the happenings in the school, things to avoid, and possible dangers. Pay attention to every detail. It will give you an idea of societies to avoid.

Ofcourse, a lot of freshers without a prior knowledge of some of this information fell victim to secret societies. Once you do, it will most likely torment you till your stay in school is over. Some do not even make it out alive.

Therefore, as a fresher, be mindful of societies and associations to sign in to.

8. Get Down To Intensive Studying Early

With all the fun of Freshers Week coupled with the euphoria of freedom away from home, you may not want to get down to any studying yet. To you, you still have a long way to go. You may be right but on the other hand, you are wrong too. You may have five years to stay in school but your journey to graduating with good grades starts the moment you step your feet into the school.

First year is always the perfect time to start adopting good habits that will set you up for the rest of your time at university. In all, be a diligent student.

9. Seek Help and support

As a fresher, there are times you may be faced with challenges that may likely get a better part of you. If not properly managed, it may affect your academic performance. When in this situation, get in touch with your university’s student support services. They are there for you and will help you through whatever difficulties you’re facing.

Better still, speak to a lecturer you are comfortable with.


Being a freshman in the University can be quite challenging for many students. It is a very delicate period especially for timid and naive students. For such students, how they would survive away from home becomes the worry of most parents. I quite understand the fear but it’s really nothing to worry about.

Being a fresher is not a disease. It is only a phase that will gradually phase away. Surviving this phase may be hard but there is always a way around every situation.

So, if you are a university freshman or currently have someone who is preparing for university, this article comes handy.

To survive as a freshman in University:

  • start preparing early,
  • be tolerant,
  • avoid peer pressure,
  • socialise with people of like mind,
  • be meticulous with spending,
  • be in constant communication with family,
  • start studying early
  • manage your time properly
  • adhere to the school’s orientation
  • seek help and support from the school’s support service when necessary.
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