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Mauritius Visa Application and Immigration Requirements – 2019


This Article contains information on the Mauritius Visa Application and Immigration Requirements – 2019. In the Indian Ocean over a thousand miles from the southeastern coast of Africa is the gorgeous island of Mauritius. With wonderful sandy beaches, coral reefs, forested mountains and beautiful national parks and gardens, there is much to see and do on a vacation here. Read on for 53 interesting facts about Mauritius and learn more about its history, culture, people, economy, tourism, and more.

Yearly, many people travel to Mauritius for numerous reasons either for tourism, business, study, visit or immigration. Depending on the purpose of the trip to Mauritius, there are different types of visas that apply to the occasion.

So before applying for a Mauritius visa, it is necessary to know the Mauritius visa requirements and which of the visa category that you are eligible for.

Passengers coming to Mauritius, other than for the purpose of tourism, visits or business should obtain prior authority from the Passport and Immigration Office before undertaking any travel to Mauritius and apply for a visa prior to entry:

  • Visitors coming for religious purpose
  • Persons coming to take up employment
  • Persons coming for study purpose


  • Mauritian tourist visa is granted for a short period of leisure travel and no business activities permitted.
  • Mauritian Transit visa, is valid for 3 days or less, for transferring through port in Mauritius to a third destination.
  • On-arrival visa for Mauritius is given at a port of entry. This is different from not needing a visa at all, as the visitor should still get the visa before they can in fact seek to pass through immigration.
  • Student visa for Mauritius, which permits its holder to study at an institution of higher education in Mauritius.
  • Mauritian temporary worker visa, is for people to work in an organisation in Mauritius.
  • Spousal visa or partner visa, given to the spouse, civil partner or de facto partner of a resident or Mauritian citizen.
  • Mauritian business visa, is for participating in short-term commerce in Mauritius.
  • Mauritian Marriage visa is given for a lengthy time prior to civil partnership wedding based on a proven relationship with a citizen or resident of Mauritius.


  • Citizens of Mauritius
  • The child or step child or lawfully adopted of persons who are residents of Mauritius or those who are residents of Mauritius under the Immigration Act
  • Holders of Diplomatic Passports other than those issued by the Government of Afghanistan, Algeria, Nigeria, Sudan and Yemen
  • Persons who are residents of Mauritius under the Immigration Act
  • The spouse of a citizen of Mauritius
  • Persons who intend to remain in Mauritius only during the stay of a vessel by which they arrive or depart
  • Crew of Laissez-passer issued by the United Nations, SADC or from internationally recognized organizations


  • All persons coming to Mauritius for purposes other than tourism, visit or business need to apply for a Visa/permit before undertaking any travel.


  • Non-citizens traveling to Mauritius without a visa (if required) may be repatriated to their country of origin or residence at the transporting carrier’s cost.
  • Any person who stays in Mauritius after the expiry of the period, for which he obtained a visa or entry permit as the case may be, shall commit an offense and shall be liable for prosecution by a Court of Law.
  • Non-citizens traveling to Mauritius as tourists/visitors are not allowed to engage in any gainful activities or apply for extension of visa to follow studies/training courses.
  • Any person who wishes to seek employment or to engage in any gainful occupation in Mauritius will not be allowed to enter Mauritius unless he is the holder of valid residence permit and a work permit issued by the Mauritian Authorities.
  • Prospective students are advised to travel to Mauritius only after their application for study/training in Mauritius has been approved.
  • Non-Citizens coming to celebrate their marriage in Mauritius should comply with the requirements of Civil Status Act.
  • A non-citizen coming to get married to a Mauritian should fulfill the requirements under the Civil Status Act.
  • Non-citizens coming to Mauritius for business may apply for an Occupation Permit to Passport and Immigration Officer through Board of Investment as Investor, Self-Employed and Professional.


A transit Visa may be granted to a passenger traveling to a third country provided he:

  • leaves by the first available connecting flight
  • has valid onward ticket
  • has confirmed departure
  • has adequate funds to meet the costs of transit, and
  • is eligible to enter onward destination

*If transit exceeds 24 hours, visa should be obtained before traveling.

**Nationals of Afghanistan, Algeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Liberia, Sudan, Nigeria and Yemen should obtain a visa before traveling to Mauritius even on transit.

*Note: When applying at the Mauritian embassy/consulate in home country, the guardian or parent should accompany their under-age children.

Please consult the Mauritian Embassy in your country for the updated Mauritian Visa requirements!


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