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“The Journey”: A Must Read!!!


Man thinks he’s living his life as planned
From birth, he cries and laughs through childhood
But he knows nothing about life
He said to himself…”What can make a man think deep?”…
Then he grows into a youth where the Journey begins…
His choices by this time mars him or make him


Would I fall in Love?
What career path should I take?
How would I handle a Family?
Is school that necessary?
The question goes on and on like a script

Then he goes on a path
But met the unthinkable called Love
He falls for it and gave it his all…
But love is wicked…It pushes him aside at the nick of time
His whole world stops revolving
His heart beats fast And he becomes tough


An experienced man he becomes…
He thinks critically and calculatively
He takes the bull by the horn
He makes tough decisions
From then on, the End becomes a Probability

Life’s Journey can lead us to any direction.

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