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How To Secure Merit Scholarship in 2023

This article contains information on how To Secure Merit Scholarship in 2023.


“Education is the legacy.” No doubt, many individuals desire to have this legacy but unfortunately, not everyone can afford it. We all know that attending college or university as the case may be, is very expensive. As such, not everyone has the privilege to continue with school after high school.

Like I will always say, there is no problem or challenge without a solution. As a student, your inability to afford  college education may not mark the end of school especially if you’re a bright student. There is a way out and a hope for you.

Yeah! You can actually go to school without having to pay a dime. All thanks to Merit Scholarships. Opportunities like merit scholarships are provided to help students pursue their academic goals, irrespective of family background.

You might be wondering  what a merit scholarship is. Well, I will explain.

What is a Merit Scholarship?

Merit scholarships also known as excellence scholarships are financial awards that are provided by colleges, foundations and corporate bodies to help students pay for school. They are one of the best forms of getting financial aid because it is free money that you never have to pay back.

Basically, a merit scholarship is usually open to bright students who show a high level of achievement in specific areas.

In other words,  merit scholarship is a financial award that most students get regarding as a reward for their academic success in high school. This scholarship is   not limited to only a student’s grades but also considers leadership roles, ACT and/or SAT scores, extracurricular activities, and activeness in school or community service.

How To Find Merit Scholarships

Basically, there are two major sources of merit scholarships:

  • Colleges/universities
  • Private organizations.

The method of application depends on the source.

How To Get a Merit Scholarship

There is no special way to secure a merit scholarship. Thankfully, being a merit scholarship there is no form of bribery. There is also no rule as to how to apply for merit scholarships. Like other scholarships, the organization offering these scholarships may have their requirements and criteria.

So, read the application instructions properly as stated by the awarding body.

Hence, here are ways to secure a merit scholarship:

1. Start on Time

There is a popular saying that “make hay while the sun shines.” It is well known that merit scholarships are strictly meant  for these excellent students.

Thus, you need to maintain a consistent pattern of high-achievement by starting early enough to build your grades and impact in school and the society at large.

A merit award will definitely seek for transcripts, records, or documentation of your performance from the early years of high school. This means that to even apply for a Merit scholarship, you must consistently be an excellent student in different areas, not just a student with one-time achievement who probably dwells on past glory.

2. Be Proactive

The only language Merit award understands is ‘excellence.’ It is important to constantly prove that you are an outstanding student in order to be a candidate for the merit award.

Being proactive may entail:

  • Meeting your teachers for extra help on assignments and any area of difficulty.
  • Seeing your guidance or college counselor regularly to check in about grades, college plans, career goals, and lots more.

These actions and healthy relationships you build with teachers can also be useful whenever you require letters of authorization from your advisors in future when applying for scholarships.

3. Get an ACT/ SAT Prep Plan

Aside from the fact that scholarships usually require a track record of your achievements and performance from high school, standardized test grades are also  part of qualifying for merit scholarships.

A timely preparation to take either the ACT (American College Test) or the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test), is advised.

4. Search For the Right Scholarships

Regardless of the fact that Merit Scholarships are free and open to all high achievers, bear in mind that not all the scholarships you cross across or find interesting is a good fit for you. Thus, it is important to spend time on choosing scholarships that suit your area of strength.

5. Submit Standard Applications

This is just about the deal breaker when trying to secure a Merit Scholarship. Like your college applications and personal statements, your application has to be unique and well written. It is the only  opportunity you have to make a good impression when you apply for merit scholarships.

Start planning about your applications some months before they expire. This way, you have adequate time to request letters of recommendation.

Upon the completion of your application, ask trusted people around you to see your applications to confirm it’s free from typographical and omission of  vital information. After verification and thorough editing, ensure you send your application a few days before the close of application.

List of  Merit Scholarships

Some Merit-Based Scholarships include the following:

  • Adelaide Scholarships International (Australia)
  • Chevening Scholarships (UK)
  • Clarendon Scholarships at University of Oxford (UK)
  • Fulbright Foreign Student Program (USA)
  • Endeavour Postgraduate Awards (Australia)
  • Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme (France)
  • ETH Excellence Scholarships (Switzerland)
  • Gates Cambridge Scholarships (UK)
  • Nottingham Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship for Research Excellence (UK)
  • Leiden University Excellence Scholarships for International Students (Netherlands)
  • Utrecht University Excellence Scholarships (Netherlands)
  • TU Delft Excellence Scholarships (Netherlands)
  • Rhodes Scholarships (UK)
  • Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships (Switzerland)
  • University of Geneva Excellence Master Fellowships (Switzerland).
  • University of Maastricht Scholarships for High Potential International
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (Canada)

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