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TTASH 2023 Innovation Challenge


We are pleased to announce that the application for the TTASH 2023 Innovation Challenge is now open.

TTASH 2023 Innovation Challenge
“Unleash Your Innovative Potential with TTASH 2023 Innovation Challenge at The Technical University of Kenya!”

The Technical University of Kenya, in association with RISA, enthusiastically announces the TTASH 2023 Innovation Challenge. This esteemed competition invites students, faculties, and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to propose fresh, market-responsive ideas and inventions, offering participants an unparalleled opportunity to transform their innovative concepts into viable solutions for market and societal needs. The competition promises seed funding for the development and pilot testing of the winning ideas, affording participants not only financial support but also a platform for showcasing their inventions to potential investors.


Educational and Professional Status:

  • Open for students, faculties, and SMEs.
  • Participants can be from any field but should propose an invention or idea addressing a market or societal need.
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Innovative Ideas:

  • Submissions should be original ideas or inventions ready for development and pilot testing.
  • Ideas should be aimed at addressing specific market or societal gaps, needs, or problems.

Association with The Technical University of Kenya:

  • Participants need not be associated with The Technical University of Kenya but should be operating within the Nairobi innovation ecosystem.


Participants looking to seize this opportunity should follow the application procedure meticulously:

  1. Prepare a Concept Note: Draft a concise concept note elucidating your innovative idea or invention.
  2. Submission: Email your carefully crafted concept note to info.ttash@gmail.com.
  3. Selection Process: The selection panel, whose decision is final, will review all submissions.
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Applicants are urged to be precise and clear in their concept notes, ensuring their ideas are well understood.


  • Application Deadline: The final date for submitting your application is September 28, 2023. It’s imperative to adhere to this deadline as late submissions will not be considered.


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