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Top 15 Careers in Demand Worldwide – 2023

This article contains a list of the top 15 careers currently in demand worldwide for he year 2023.


On a daily basis, different changes occur in the labour market. As an individual, it’s either you accept these changes in the corporate world or you choose to embrace entrepreneurship. Whatever the case maybe, the fact still remains that in the year 2020; the world was greatly affected, all thanks to the global pandemic.

Since the pandemic, the world has changed drastically with more impact on the employment sector. While some companies stopped recruiting, others reduced their staff strength. Many businesses on the other hand even leveraged the online space for survival.

No doubt that many businesses have bounced back but the operations can never be the same again especially in terms of the workforce. This is because some of the jobs or careers that were considered lucrative and prestigious have been made irrelevant while others became more essential than ever before.

Prior to the pandemic, employees had to work at the office. This was a big deal for many employees but recently, that is no longer a big deal because many people shifted to working from home, thus making remote working a more enjoyable system.

This means one thing, some careers are fast becoming the new gold and in high demand.

Therefore, if you’re still trying to discover a career path, making adequate research on the jobs that are currently in high demand is a wise thing to do. Identifying the sectors with the highest job and knowing the highly demanded careers is to ensure you won’t be wasting your time in a job that doesn’t pay well.

However, based on the current state of the world and the changing trends in industries, this article contains information on the careers currently in demand.


Below are some of the careers in demand.

1. Digital Marketing Specialists

What do you know about digital marketing? What comes to mind when you hear the word marketing?

I guess you think it involves carrying products and services under the scorching sun and moving from one place to another as usual. Well I know that feeling but the good news is that digital marketing has nothing to do with moving from one location to another and as we all know this time around you can market your product from any location in your comfort zone.

So when you think of digital marketing think of selling using the online space. Digital marketers are highly sought after these days because most companies are now online.

Digital marketing specialists are similar to marketing professionals only that their specialty is within online platforms like social media. As a digital marketer, your job includes anything from SEO to social media to Google ads. So, if you’re good at convincing people and writing sales copies this is a career you might consider going into and the interesting thing is that they are paid heavily depending on the organisation you are working for.

To build a successful career, you will need working experience in the digital space, as well as general marketing expertise. Thus, always sign up for professional training on marketing.

2. Marketing Strategist

This may sound or look similar to digital marketing but there is a difference. A digital marketer may not be a marketing strategist; this is because it is the most sensitive aspect of marketing.  Marketing strategists are experts who think of how best to get the attention of buyers the strategy to use to get the product and services to prospective clients.

They are highly sought after because the pandemic really affected so many aspects of business and so companies are looking for more effect strategies to market their products to client. This can be in terms of the kind of ads to run, content to put out, when and when not to promote sales and lots more.

It takes an expert in this field to get a company to make use of its digital marketing effectively. Without proper strategies the work of a digital marketer is irrelevant, so to say that you need to put up plans and strategies first before you take out the action. Marketing strategists set the plans and strategy while the digital marketer executes the strategy with the assistance and directives of the strategist.

The interesting thing about being a consultant in this career is that you can either work for an organization or freelance. The opportunities are numerous.

3. Graphic Designing

Graphics design is a career that has come to stay and as such it is one of the careers in high-demand because companies and businesses have taken 2 use graphics to run marketing campaigns and advertise their products and services. Communication is highly effective when business objectives meet visual aesthetics accordingly. Graphic design is used to persuade its target audience to care about the design in front of the brand.

Quality graphics help to build the brand’s image into customer’s eyes, they create a long-lasting positive impression on people.

Due to the rise of the internet and technology, new businesses are springing up every day and that is why the need for eye-catching graphics has become very essential to many businesses. This is why there’s an ever growing demand for graphics designers. As a graphics designer, most of your jobs will include logo, websites creation, animation, flyers, product illustration etc.

If you’re a very creative person with a good sense of colour combination, not having a laptop is no longer an excuse as people have taken to phone graphics.

4. Data Analysis

Sometime ago, companies took data for granted but the good news is that they are beginning to realize the importance of data. As a business person, you should know certain things about your clients such as habits, demographics, their worth, etc. A data analyst will want to know consumer habits, both online and offline, and then use this information to create useful, worthwhile marketing strategies.

That’s where data analysts come in. Their job will be to gather information from different spaces and then interpret patterns and trends. They will then give recommendations on how the company coils improve their business from the analysis.

They often have advanced degrees or a background in computer science, math, statistics or economics. Their skills can be applied to a number of industries, including finance, healthcare and government. Data scientists use data to inform strategic decision making. Earning a bachelor’s degree in data analysis is a good way to start your career as a data scientist.

There are many different educational programs for data science, but in order to succeed in this role you will need to have a knowledge of Google Analytics as well as many other reporting tools.

If you are planning your career path and want to cultivate sustainable skills that employers need and want, it is important to know the current trends in the job market. When you become aware of the current trends in the job market, you can prepare yourself to obtain a position in one of the most in-demand careers.

5. Home Health Aide

Health is a very important aspect of human life. This is why a career as a health personnel is in high demand. A home health aide works in client’s/patients’ homes to assist them with the daily activities. Most home health aides work with patients who are unable to care for themselves. Their job description includes:

  • Performing basic health care for patients such as administering medication
  • Helping patients with dressing, bathing and other personal hygiene
  • Helping with light house cleaning
  • Reporting the health status of clients they observe

To become a home health aide no formal education is required, but having a National Association for Home Care and Hospice (NAHC) certification is an added advantage for better opportunities.

6. Financial Analyst

Financial analysis is one aspect of finance that is in high demand and many have chosen to build a career in. Experts in this career manage people and businesses in line with investments. They look at the performance of various types of investment and advise people on future investments. They provide guidance to businesses and individuals making investment decisions. They also assess the performance of stocks, bonds, and other types of investments.

Whether it is through the stock market, bonds, or other investments, financial analysts are money experts. They analyze the information they get from the stock market, company annual reports and come up with plans for whether or not to invest. Financial analysts engage with company leaders and individuals, write reports and work with a broad range of people and financial institutions.

A financial analyst can also be referred as a securities analyst, equity analyst, or investment analyst.

Basic duties of an Investment analyst include:

  • Researching businesses,
  • Analyzing companies’ accounts, cash flow information, and profit and loss sheets,
  • Analyzing and interpreting complicated financial data,
  • Writing financial reports,
  • Regularly meeting with stockbrokers, fund managers, stock market traders, and company managers,
  • providing advice and making informed recommendations,

The required skills of a financial analyst include;

  • Exceptional research skills,
  • Good presentation and report writing skills,
  • Good understanding of financial markets, business and economics
  • Good at working with numbers,
  • Excellent IT skills, especially spreadsheet
  • Good team player, but you will often have to act on your own initiative

If you are interested in financial markets and enjoy research and analysis, being an investment analyst may be your ideal choice with your banking and finance degree.

To begin a career in finance, you need to earn a bachelor’s degree in business management. Many financial analysts go on to earn a master’s degree in business administration and pursue additional specialized certifications.

7. Public Relations

Public relations involve maintaining or improving the reputation of an organisation by influencing how other people perceive it. PR is about how organisations communicate with the public, promote themselves and build a positive image.

PRO’s are majorly involved in:

  • Copywriting and research
  • Contacting journalists to try to persuade them to Online advertising
  • Drafting press releases and newsletters
  • Blogging and writing social media content
  • Search engine optimization (SEO). This ensures that clients’ online content gets found and read by its target audience when they do a relevant web search.

This is also one career in high demand.

8. IT Consulting

An IT consultant advises clients on the planning, design, installation and usage of information technology systems to meet their business objectives, overcome problems or improve the structure and efficiency of their IT systems. The job of an IT consultant is similar to that of systems analysts, systems designers and applications programmers, whose roles are more specialized but still work on a consultancy basis.

There is high competition in this field and as such, gaining work experience would help increase your prospects and chances of excelling in a competitive environment.

9. Information Technology

Computer technologies are integral to modern life. We’re in the computer age where the importance of IT skills cannot be overemphasized in the business world. The increasing use of technology throughout the business world means that companies in many industries are hiring those who specialize in this field. You can work in different industries ranging from financial organizations, software houses, communications companies, multinational companies, management consultancy firms, governmental agencies, universities, data warehouses, hospitals, etc.

10. Personal Financial Advisory

A financial advisor is often responsible for more than just executing trades in the market on behalf of their clients. Advisors use their knowledge and expertise to construct personalized financial plans that aim to achieve the financial goals of clients.

Personal financial advisors provide advice on investments. These plans include not only investments but also savings, budget, insurance, mortgages and tax strategies. Advisors further check in with their clients on a regular basis to re-evaluate their current situation and future goals and plan accordingly.

Hence, as a financial adviser, you’re not only a planning partner to your clients but also an educator.

Graduating with a Degree in Actuarial Science doesn’t automatically make you a qualified actuary! To be a certified actuary, you will need to further your studies by taking professional exams. This will give you an opportunity to advance in your chosen field.

11. Cyber security Consulting /Analysis

As the use of technology increases, the level of cyber-crime increases too. Therefore, the need to maintain cyber security and information has become increasingly important in the business world.

This career could include ‘ethical hacking’ which involves a deliberate attempt to hack into your employer’s network to expose any weaknesses. You can also work as a computer forensics analyst or investigator to combat the increasing rate of cyber-crime.

As a cyber-security consultant/analyst, you’re also responsible for analysing security breaches, monitoring for security issues in computer systems, investigating and document security breaches and other incidents, operating software and installing security measure to protect information infrastructure and systems

Building a career in this field requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Programming or a related field. Other requirements for this job may include:

  • Knowledge of antivirus, Firewalls, Proxies, etc
  • Ability to detect and fix network issues as well as explaining how they can be prevented.

12. Medical Profession

Human health is very important, thus leaving medical careers among the highly demanded. During the pandemic, those in this field were highly sought after and this will always be the case.

Medical Sciences are so in high demand

Medical doctors are people who sacrifice a lot to ensure the humans are in good health. Because of the nature of the job they attract very good salaries. People in this field earn a decent pay but will have to contend with long working hours and emergency calls.

Asides Doctors, others found in this career include Nurses, medical technologists, laboratory scientist, phlebotomist, etc. As long as you’re working in the health care sector, your career is in high demand.

Jobs in healthcare require adequate education, computer literacy, communication skills, leadership, strategic vision, management skills, and teamwork. Jobs in this sector are high in demand.

13. Web Developer

Following the trend of many individuals and organisations shifting into the online space, the need for websites is on the increase thereby making the demand for web developers very high.

Web developers use programming languages such as HTML and JavaScript to create easy-to-navigate sites for clients in addition to performing maintenance on existing pages. Some detailed responsibilities of a web developer are:

  • Performing website updates
  • Developing web testing; schedules to test all browser and device types.
  • Designing, writing or editing website content
  • Maintaining an accurate knowledge of new Web applications and programming
  • Identifying any website issues with testing and customer feedback

14. Writing

Gone are the days when writing is not seen as a lucrative career. Recently, writers are highly Sought after by online companies and private individuals with mouthwatering offers. This is because no online entrepreneur can thrive successfully without captivating contents.

There are numerous opportunities in this career. One can decide to be a copywriter, ghostwriter, script writer, etc. As one in this field you can choose to work for as many organizations as you want without any restriction from your comfort zone. Freelancing makes this possible.

15. Teaching

As the education system keeps improving, and the rate of education keeps increasing, the demand for good and skilled teachers tends to increase. It is a well-known fact that university lecturers, especially Professors and PhD holders, go home with hefty salaries to teach university and college students. Becoming a professor is not easy and requires persistence which is partly why they earn so high.

This goes a long way to prove that the teaching profession is among the high paying jobs in


Following the pandemic, a lot of unrecognized fields became very relevant as a result of the shift to online activities. Therefore, there are numerous careers in high demand which this article didn’t capture. This is to say that what is contained in this article is just some on the long list. So, do not be discouraged if your field didn’t make it to this list. This is just a tip of the iceberg. Big thumbs up to you, if you have built a career in any of those in high demand.

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