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List of Best Medical Schools in Kenya

This article contains information on the List of best Medical Schools in Kenya and everything you need to know about them.

Medical School

It’s always been the dream of many students to study Medicine and Surgery because of the prestige and benefits associated with the course.

As a result of the increasing number of people who wants to study the course by all means, numerous Medical schools have been established worldwide.

A Medical School is a tertiary educational Institution that teaches medicine, and awards a professional degree for physicians and surgeons. Such medical degrees include the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS, MBChB, MBBCh, and BMBS), Master of Medicine (MM, MMed), Doctor of Medicine (M.D), Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O), or Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (D.P.M).

Though there are medical schools that offer additional degrees, such as a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D), master’s degree (M.Sc). Medical schools can also carry out medical research and operate teaching hospitals.

Medical degrees are awarded to medical students after the completion of their degree program. Many modern medical schools integrate clinical education with basic sciences from the beginning of the curricula.

For students who desire to pursue a career in medicine, it is always important for them to know Institutions that are approved and offer quality education in Medicine.

Hence, to study Medicine, you must always look out for standard Medical schools. There are several factors. Some of the following factors will help you to identify good Medical schools. They include:

  • The infrastructure of the school.
  • Research and innovation levels in the institution
  • Quality of faculty and lecture
  • Student load in student teaching hospital, etc.

In this article, we will be considering lists of Medicals schools it this time not in the world but in Kenya precisely. So, if by chance you have always wanted to study Medicine in Kenya, keep reading meticulously.


1. Kenyatta University School of Medicine

KU was one of the first established and accredited medical schools in Kenya. It has an excellent standard and have become one of the most highly Sought after Medical schools in Kenya.

In addition, students enjoy practical sessions from the adjacent Kenyatta University Teaching and Referral Hospital. Students enjoy experimental and practical activities from the adjacent Kenyatta University Teaching and Referral

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2. University of Nairobi Medical School

The highly experienced University of Nairobi’s faculty of Medicine is one of the prestigious medical schools in Kenya. It is on the list of top medical innovators in Kenya and has repeatedly won medical research awards.

University of Nairobi’s (UoN’s) School of Medicine is a popular place for dentistry and surgery students in Kenya because of the maximum exposure they give to her students Apart from that, the programs they offer have led them to produce the best doctors in Kenya. Record has it that most of the doctors in Kenya are graduates from this university.

University of Nairobi’s Medical school has met all the requirements for medical training as provided by the different medical bodies.

3. Moi University Medical School

Since the establishment of MUSOM in 1988 the school has experienced massive growth to become one of the best medical schools in Kenya.

The students get their practical activities from the national Moi Teaching and referral Hospital. As a result of this, they produce students with the best field training and thus the best doctors in Kenya. Evidence of their recorded growth includes the birthing of the fast-growing School of Dentistry (SOD) and School of Nursing (SON) and the latest being the Institute of Biomedical Informatics (IBMI).

MUSOM’s primary teaching Hospital is the popular Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH).

Some of the undergraduate degrees offered in the school of medicine Moi University include;

  • Bachelor of medicine and surgery
  • Bachelor of Science in medical psychology
  • Bachelor of Science in physical therapy

4. Mount Kenya University School of Medicine

Mount Kenya University (MKU) School of Medicine ranks highly in all the areas. Amazingly, MKU has grown to become Kenya’s largest private university. In fact, Mount Kenya University Medical School runs the largest anatomy laboratory at Thika Level 5 Hospital in partnership with Kiambu county government.

This is a fast-rising university that has outsmarted re-known medical schools in Kenya. Recently, it was ranked the best medical school in Kenya after meeting all requirements.

The school has always been making history as it was  first school to reopen in Kenya upon meeting all demands after all schools were closed in Kenya after the first case of corona virus was discovered in March 2019. This goes a long way to show their dedication to education. If you wish to study medicine in a private university with standard facilities, MKU is highly recommended.

5. Kenya Methodist University School of Medicine

Kenya Methodist School of Medicine is one of the few private universities in Kenya to meet the stringent requirements in order to qualify offering medical sciences. The school is however known to offer the most marketable medical courses in Kenya including the very competitive bachelor of medicine and surgery course. They are also known to have experienced lecturers and a quality collection of teaching facilities. With these, they offer quality education.

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Currently, the school has five departments on the main campus in Meru and two departments on the campus in Nairobi. The medical courses offered include medicine and surgery, medical laboratory science nursing, nutrition and dietetics.

6. Maseno University Medical School

Maseno University medical school is not just a medical school but an accredited one at that. It is located at Maseno town in Kisumu County and has been accredited by the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board to train health practitioners. Pre-clinical teaching is conducted at the school’s ultra-modern laboratory facilities while clinical clerkships are carried out at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital (JOOTRH) or Kisumu County Referral Hospital. They provide the students with the best hand on experience.

An average of 60 medical students graduates from Maseno every year.

7. Kisii University School of Health Sciences

This is one of the top public medical colleges in Kenya. Here you can enroll for courses such as Medical Laboratory Sciences, Human Nutrition, Clinical Medicine and Surgery, Public Health, and Nursing.

Recently, the University was approved to offer Medical courses including Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. Their students get training from Kisii Level 5 Hospital and this has contributed greatly to help the school in producing employable doctors.

8. Egerton University

Egerton University is yet another medical school that keeps attracting students from all over the country. Like other schools, it is among the top medical schools in Kenya with outstanding learning infrastructures, experienced lecturers and a conducive environment. Since the establishment of the department, it has continued to expand and also offers a Bachelor of Science course In Clinical Medicine with a host of other courses.

9. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology (JKUAT) Medical School

JKUAT has been popular for teaching and research in medical sciences for a couple of years and it’s determined in achieving its vision of becoming the best medical academic training centre. It also runs a medical staff exchange program with the University of Wales in Cardiff.

The university is currently partnering with KEMRI in research and innovation in the Medical field.

Recently, some of their students designed a manual ventilator to help coronavirus patients with breathing difficulties. This school is also considered one of the best universities to study nursing in Kenya.

10. Uzima University Medical School

This Catholic church owned University, Uzima is now well established and specializes in teaching as well as research in both Medical and Biomedical sciences, Uzima university offers medical courses not limited to the most sought-after Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. They have high quality education as well as infrastructure.

11. Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology

One unique thing about this university is that you get to study medicine integrated with Information technology. This means you get a double value for the fees paid.


Having an opportunity to study and pursue a medical career doesn’t come easily. Apart from the fact that it is expensive financially, it also requires utmost diligence, consistency and a lot of sacrifice during the six years duration. All the courses in the program are core and must be successfully completed by the student before graduation

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Medical courses are currently one of the most marketable courses in Kenya, as there is a serious shortage of doctors in various fields in Kenya. As a result of this, you can be sure of getting a good medical training in any of the above mentioned medical schools in Kenya. Therefore, endeavour to make the best out of the information contained in this article in your choice of Medical school.

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