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What Can I Do With a Psychology Degree in 2020?


This article seeks to answer the question of what I can do with a Psychology degree in this year 2020.


What Can I Do With a Psychology Degree in 2020?


Psychology is a medical field which spans over an array of field in both science and arts. Most times they are referred to as social scientist. The career is multifaceted that is tasked with a thorough examination of human behaviour, solving cases or disputes relating to humanity intrapersonal relationship with the help of information acquired through questions and answer. The people who practice psychology are psychologist, They work in both public and private healthcare, education, media firms, social work and counselling. The career option in psychology are grouped into advisory, research-led and treatment-led or therapeutic.


The following are careers option you can obtain with a psychology degree

1.  Psychiatrist

These medical fields are responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders; this field requires you to have a medical degree.

2.  Chartered Psychologist

They are highly specialized in handling people of different backgrounds with analysis into their behaviours, thoughts and emotions in order to give recommended solutions or advise to their issues.

3.  Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

Industrial-Organizational Psychologist is hired by large industries and corporation as an organizational psychologist using principles in psychology to make intelligent hiring decisions, increase productivity and sales with market research.

4.  Neuropsychologist

Neuropsychologist work in hospitals, mental health clinics, colleges and universities, research centres, and pharmaceutical labs by studying the physical structures and functions of the brain which coordinate emotion, cognition. They conduct brain scans in an event of brain injuries, conducting cognitive tests involving the effect of drug abuse or a particular drug and effect on the nervous system

5.  Engineering Psychologist

As the name implies it combines engineering and psychology, they are referred to as Human factors engineers who use psychology principles to study human behaviour and abilities in respect to system design and operation in technology, electronics and machinery. They are highly proficient with the ability to work in a different organisation with the sole interest to increase efficiency, productivity and minimizing injuries and risk.

6.  Social worker

They are people who help people or group in the event of war, a difficult period. Most times they are with people with disabilities or highly displaced from their homes and families, their roles are to protect, give welfare in clothing, shelter, food in order to improve their lives and situations. They work within schools, homes, hospitals or other public agencies and will tend to specialize in working with children and families or vulnerable adults.

7.  Psychology Teacher/Lecturers:

They are a psychologist in the line of education who research, teach, counsel in educational facilities like school, gym, prisons, football clubs etc. They educate the next generation of psychologist, research and write articles and journals related to the field of psychology, they are also counsellors in various departments.

8.  Clinical Psychologist

The field of clinical psychology employs the most workers of any field within psychology. These professionals assess, diagnose, treat, and prevent mental illnesses and disorders. They work in a wide range of settings, such as mental health clinics, hospitals, and private practices. As with other psychological professions, salaries vary widely. The most important factor affecting salary is years of experience.

9.  Counselling Psychologist

The fields work in therapy, though they are closely related to clinical psychology in mental health treatment and psychotherapy. They work with individuals suffering from less severe disorders at various health facilities, others work in universities, public and private institutions where they conduct scientific research and offer vocational therapy. These people are called counsellor, they help people with their daily lives and experiences as they explore feelings and emotions. They listen attentively, show empathy, respect, condo-scenes, and temperance in order to be able to feel their client. This career is about compassion and they work on cases including marriage and family, health, abuse, rehabilitation, education, grief, mental health, career guidance and paediatrics.

10.  School Psychologist

They work closely with other professionals in the education system–teachers, psychotherapists, administrators, and parents–to help children thrive not only emotionally and psychologically, but also academically. The work of a school psychologist involves assessing and diagnosing learning problems, offering counselling to children, designing interactive interventions, and fostering supportive learning environments. It’s estimated that job prospects for school psychologists will grow by 11% over the next ten years.

11.  Forensic Psychologist

These set of psychologists solve criminal cases using forensics, they work in the security arm of government including law enforcement, correctional facilities, hospitals and judicial systems with their knowledge of psychology they solve, interpret crimes and understand criminals as well as profiling criminals, treating domestic and child abuse/custody disputes, and training of law enforcement officers.

12.  Sports Psychologist:

They apply the knowledge of psychology in relating to sports activities, they find out athletes & sportsman behaviour which include what they do in and off the field in motivation and ability, with the goal to improve performance, efficiency and effective recovery of injuries as well as attitude to emotions. Their salaries differ from one sports facility to the other.

13.  Psychotherapist:

They work as a corporate entities with individuals, couples, groups or families, to overcome psychological issues, including emotional and relationship-related issues, stress and even addiction which include methods like psychoanalytic and psychodynamic therapies, as well as art therapy, drama therapy, humanistic and integrative psychotherapy, Hypno-psychotherapy and experiential therapy.

14.  Media, Marketing and Advertising

This is an additional arm of psychology career which include the use of different medium like radio, social media platforms, television to receive information from people calling in or news around the globe, they dissect, treat each case so people can understand the need why it is so, what should be done better and how beneficial it would be.

15.  Human resources and communications careers

Psychology is all about understanding and how they think, making human resources and communications career in public and private sectors, encompasses areas like employee satisfaction, professional development, training, recruitment, PR, payroll and internal communications.

16.  Business and management careers

This psychologist handles data and people in business and management and educate them to be managers. Other roles in these field are business consultancy, marketing, sales, advertising and business development.

17.  Mental Health Technician

It is otherwise called a mental health assistant with the aim to end suffering from mental health issues. They work in hospital settings under the supervision of mental health care professionals, including doctors and psychiatrists.

18.  Medical Record Keeper: 

They work as an administrator keeping a record as a mental record keepers/technician in an organized and updated folder in a medical facilities.

Other psychology careers are Information Technology IT, finance, the legal sector, government administration and market research, Case manager, Rehabilitation specialist, Psychiatric technician, Marketing or advertising manager, Laboratory assistant, Law enforcement and corrections, Career Counsellor, Executive coach, Media psychologist, Counsellor aide, Psychology professor, Behaviour analyst, Psychological associate, Addictions psychologist, Residential youth counsellor, Hospital patient service representative, Legal psychologist, Statistical assistant, Community recreation worker, State agency counsellor, Victims advocate, Director of volunteer services, Employment counsellor, Special education teacher, Behavioural therapist, Court consultant, Marketing or advertising manager, Behaviour health psychiatric nurse, Psychologist supervisor, Social service director, Media buyer, Director of fundraising. etc.

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