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Department of Home Affairs Latest Vacancies – July 2023


We are pleased to present to you an updated list of Department of Home Affairs latest vacancies for July 2023 and how to apply. It involves the job titles, roles/responsibilities, requirements and the salary involved.

Department of Home Affairs Latest Vacancies

Every year, the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) publishes vacant positions for interested and qualified South African citizens to apply for. This year is no exception. Therefore, the jobs are listed below together with their requirements, roles, salaries, and qualifications.

The Department of Home Affairs is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer. It is our intention to promote representativeness (race, gender, and disability) through the filling of positions. To further the objectivity of representation within the department, women and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

This circular is published on a weekly basis and contains advertisements for vacant posts and jobs in the Department of Home Affairs. Although the circular is issued by the Department of Home Affairs, it is not responsible for the content of the advertisements. Inquiries about an advertisement must be addressed to the relevant advertising department.

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Applications are invited from qualified persons for the Department of Home Affairs Vacancies are shown below.

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2. Recruitment of Young Unemployed Graduates for the project on Digitization of Department of Home Affairs Civic Paper Records

The Department has more than 350 million inactive and active paper records, and a decision was taken to prioritize the digitisation of birth, marriage, and amendment records. The identified category of records dates back to 1895, which necessitates care and reliable systems that will bear tolerance for digitization purposes. Most of the inactive records are historical civil registration records multiplied in manuscript format and need urgent restoration, preservation, and reconstruction.

As such the Department plans to convert all such related records through digitizing hard copy records to electronic format, for easier handling and storage thereof. The project to digitize all of its civic records has been commissioned; the primary object of the digitization of records is to enable the optimum realization of its core mandate, and as such, records will be easily accessed for service delivery purposes.

The secondary objective seeks to contribute to youth empowerment and enhance youth employability. The DHA therefore seeks to contribute to the employment creation goals and strategic priorities of the Presidential Youth Employment Initiative (PYEI) by acquiring unemployed youth on a fixed-term contract basis to assist with the digitization of its civic records.

The Department, in collaboration with the Department of Employment and Labour calls for youth in the 18-35 age bracket and people with Disabilities (PWDs), to register on ESSA and apply for this enriching opportunity. Candidates that are already registered on ESSA do not have to visit the Labour Centres and can apply for these positions online. During the tenure of the contract, the youth will receive continuous learning and development interventions to improve their skills for optimal performance and to equip them for future employment and/or entrepreneurial opportunities.

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The fixed-term contract for the youth will be aligned to the duration of the project, running from November 1, 2022, until October 31, 2025. Successful candidates will be placed in the department’s offices in Gauteng and the North West.

All posts require relevant qualifications as indicated below from TVET, the University of Technology, or a university.

Should you receive notice that you have been selected for shortlisting, you will be required to present the following documents:

  • Copy of qualifications
  • Copy of identity document

Successful candidates will be subjected to suitability checks (citizenship, credit, criminal, and qualification verification).

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  • Applications must be sent in time to the correct address as indicated at the bottom of each post, on or before the closing date. Applications sent to a wrong address and/or received after the closing date or those that do not comply with the requirements, will not be taken into consideration.


  • Applications must be submitted on the Application for Employment Form (Z.83), obtainable from any Public Service department or at www.gov.za and must be accompanied by a comprehensive CV, citing the start and end date (dd/mm/yr) of each employment period to be considered, including the details of at least two contactable referees (should be people who recently worked with the applicant) together with a certified copy of highest qualification. Shortlisted applicants who will be invited for interviews, will be requested to bring all other supporting documentation on the day of the interview. It is the responsibility of applicants in possession of foreign qualifications to submit evaluated results by South African Qualifications Authority. All shortlisted candidates for posts on Salary Level 9 and above will be subjected to a technical assessment that intends to test relevant technical elements of the job.  Compulsory requirement for SMS posts, Nyukela Programme: Pre-entry Certificate to Senior Management Services as endorsed by DPSA which is an online course, endorsed by the National School of Government (NSG). The course is available at the NSG under the name Certificate for entry into the SMS and the full details can be sourced by the following link: http://www.thensg.gov.za/training-course/sms-pre-entry-programme/.
  • All identified candidates on Salary Level 11 and above will furthermore undergo a competency assessment, which applies transversally across the Public Service. All recommended candidates, irrespective of the Salary Level, will be subject to Employment Suitability Checks (Credit, Criminal, Citizenship, Employment Reference and Qualification Verification Checks).
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Kindly note that, for e-mailed applications, should you not receive an acknowledgement of receipt or confirmation advice, this could mean that your application did not reach us due to the size of the attachments exceeding 2.5 MB. Should this occur, we suggest you resend your application in 2 or 3 parts, splitting the attachments accordingly.

DOWNLOAD the Z83 Form here <<<

Application Deadline

  • Applications should reach the Department of Home Affairs Management on time. As it is indicated for each position of interest above.

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