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KZN Health Vacancies – May 2022


We pleased to present to you an updated list of KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) Department of Health latest vacancies for May 2022 and how to apply. It involves the Job titles, roles/responsibilities, requirements and the salary involved.

Public Service Commission (PSC) Shortlisted Applicants - 2020

Every year the KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) Department of Health publishes vacant position for interested & qualified South African citizens to apply for. This year is not an exception. Therefore the Jobs are listed below, together with their requirements, roles, salary and qualifications.

This Circular is published on a weekly basis and contains the advertisements of vacant posts and jobs in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) Department of Health. Although the Circular is issued by the KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) Department of Health Team is not responsible for the content of the advertisements. Inquiries about an advertisement must be addressed to the relevant advertising department.


Applications are invited from qualified persons for the positions shown below.

Head Office

Circular Number Vacancy Closing Date
G68/2021 Quantity surveyor, Candidate quantity surveyor 07/01/2022
G67/2021 Chief Executive Officer: Level 12: Greytown Hospital 07/01/2022
G66/2021 Manager: Medical Services (Non clinical) to serve both as Medical Manager and Chief Executive Officer : Pomeroy CHC 07/01/2022

District Office

Circular Number Vacancy District Office Closing Date
UMKH19/2021 Assistant Director (HAST) Care and support (District Adherence Facilitator) Clinical Nurse Practitioner Grade 1 and 2 Umkhanyakude District Office 31/12/2021
UMKH18/2021 Assistant Director: HRD Umkhanyakude District Office 24/12/2021
ILE03/2021 Clinical Programme Co-ordinator (PMTCT and Nutrition) Ilembe District Office 24/12/2021
SHAK01/2021 Operational Manager Nursing (PHC) Shakakraal Clinic Ilembe District Office 24/12/2021
ILE02/2021 Clinical Programme Co-ordinator HAST (Art/ CCMT/ HTS) Ilembe District Office 24/12/2021
KEARS01/2021 Clinical Nurse Practitioner : Kearsney Clinic, Ballito Clinic Ilembe District Office 24/12/2021
MPU10/2021 Operational Manager Nursing (PHC) Mpumelelo Clinic Ilembe District Office 24/12/2021


Circular Number Vacancy Hospital Closing Date
CTH35/2021 Clinical Nurse Practitioner (Grade 1 or 2) : Ceza Gateway Clinic, Magagadolo Clinic, Idlebe Clinic Ceza Hospital 31/01/2022
PSH49/2021 Specialist: Grades 1, 2 or 3 (Anasthesia and ICU) Port Shepstone Hospital 28/01/2021
GS69/2021 Medical Specialist (Grade 1,2 and 3) Neurology Grey’s Hospital 28/01/2022
GS68/2021 Medical Officer (Grade 1,2,3) Orthopaedics Grey’s Hospital 28/01/2022
KH18/2021 Operational Manager Speciality (grade 1) : Gateway Clinic Operational Manager Speciality (Grade 1) : Mobile ClinicClinical Nurse Practitioner (Grade 1-2) : Yanguye Clinic

Clinical Nurse Practitioner (grade 1-2) KwaMbiza Clinic Professional Nurse Speciality Grade 1-2 (antenatal and gynaecology ward)

Professional Nurse Speciality Grade 1-2 (Labor ward)

KwaMagwaza Hospital 28/01/2022


Assistant director – occupational therapy / physiotherapy / speech therapy: allied health (case manager / project coordinator) Queen Nandi  Hospital 21/01/2022
COSH09/2021 Professional Nurse Speciality (Ophthalmic Nurse)Professional Nurse Speciality (OPD, Trauma and Resuscitation) Operational Manager – General (night relief)

Operational Manager Nursing PHC

Assistant Manager Nursing Spec (theatre, CSSD and Trauma/ Casualty services)

Professional Nurse (general stream) Gateway, Nocomboshe and Ethembeni Clinic

Church of Scotland Hospital 20/01/2022
KE57/2021 Professional Nurse Speciality Grade 1 (ICU)Professional Nurse Speciality Grade 1 (trauma) King Edward VIII Hospital 14/01/2021
MAD24/2021 Clinical psychologist (grade 1-3) Madadeni Hospital 14/01/2022


Professional nurse: speciality – advanced midwifery Estcourt Hospital 14/01/2022


Professional nurse speciality (grade 1,2) paediatrics Estcourt Hospital 14/01/2022
DPKISMH12/2021 Medical Specialist Grade 1 or 2 or 3 (Radiology)Medical Specialist Anesthesiology (grade 1,2,3)

Medical Officer Grade 1,2,3 (paediatrics)

Dr Pixley Ka Isaka Seme Memorial Hospital 12/01/2022
NKAH18/2021 Assistant Manager Nursing (Speciality) Nkandla Hospital 11/01/2022
MAD38/2021 Medical officer (grade 1-3) Anaesthetics Madadeni Hospital 11/01/2022
OMN02/2021 Operational Manager Nursing (Medical Wards) Dundee Hospital 11/01/2022
KE47/2021 Professional Nurse: General Nursing Stream: Obstetrics and gynae King Edward VIII Hospital 10/01/2022
OMN04/2021 Operational manager (O&G unit) Benedictine Hospital 07/01/2022
HGRH58/2021 Supply chain clerk supervisor (level 7) (Acquisition) Harry Gwala Regional Hospital 07/01/2022
LH28/2021 Operational manager – speciality ICU Ladysmith Hospital 07/01/2022
HGRH56/2021 Medical specialist (grade 1,2,3) : Paediatrics Harry Gwala Regional Hospital 05/01/2022
MURCH-MTHIM08/2021 Clinical nurse practitioner: PHC Mthimude Clinic Murchison Hospital 31/12/2021
MURCH-IZING09.2021 Clinical nurse practitioner; PHC (2 posts) Izingolweni Clinic Murchison Hospital 31/12/2021
MURCH-THEMB11/2021 Professional nurse general stream: PHC: Thembalesizwe Clinic Murchison Hospital 31/12/2021
HGRH57/2021 Medical officer (grade 1,2,3) Emergency Medicine Harry Gwala Regional Hospital 31/12/2021
BENHOSP12/2021 Senior Systems Management Officer Benedictine Hospital 31/12/2021
BENHOSP14/2021 Senior human resource practitioner Benedictine Hospital 31/12/2021
HGRH55/2021 National Health Insurance (NHI Doctor) Harry Gwala Regional Hospital 31/12/2021
HR07/2021 Clinical Nurse Practitioner Grade 1 and 2 (PHC) Vryheid Hospital 31/12/2021
KE56/2021 Medical officer Grade 1 – ENT (Otorhinolaryngology) Withdrawn King Edward VIII Hospital 31/12/2021
RKK/AMN06/2021 Assistant Nursing Manager (medical and psychiatry) R. K. Khan Hospital 31/12/2021
PSH48/2021 Operational Manager Nursing Speciality (Operating Theatre) Port Shepstone Hospital 31/12/2021
IALCH29/2021 Head – Clinical Unit (Geriatrics)Medical Specialist (orthopaedics)

Operational Manager Nursing

Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital 31/12/2021
KH24/2021 Professional Nurse General Stream Grade 1,2 and 3 : Arv Clinic KwaMagwaza Hospital 31/12/2021
IALCH28/2021 Medical specialist (grade 1,2,3) Paediatrics – cardiology Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital 31/12/2021
ITSH20/2021 Professional nurse general stream with midwifery Itshelejuba Hospital 31/12/2021
UMP13/2021 Operational Manager – Specialty Nursing Stream (Trauma and Resuscitation)Professional Nurse – Speciality Nursing Stream (Theatre) Umphumulo Hospital 31/12/2021
UMZ01/2021 Medical Specialist (Psychiatrist) Grade 1, 2 or 3 Umzimkhulu Hospital 31/12/2021
IALCH27/2021 Radiographer Diagnostic Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital 31/12/2021
KDHC31/2021 Clinical Nurse Practitioner Grade 1 (PHC) : Khethimpilo Clinic King Dinuzulu Hospital Complex 31/12/2021
KDHC32/2021 Professional Nurse Grade 1, 2 and 3 (General stream) King Dinuzulu Hospital Complex 31/12/2021
ITSH21/2021 Assistant Manager Nursing Primary Health CareClinical Nurse Practitioner Grade 1 or Grade 2 Itshelejuba Hospital 31/12/2021
UMP11/2021 Ultrasound Radiographer, Sessional Ultrasound Radiographer Umphumulo Hospital 31/12/2021


Head Clinical Unit : Psychiatry R. K. Khan Hospital 31/12/2021
HGRH54/2021 Clinical Nurse Practitioner Grade 1/2 Speciality (Mahlutshini Clinic – Impendle) Harry Gwala Regional Hospital 30/12/2021
CL06/2021 Deputy Manager Nursing (level 1 and 2) Clairwood Hospital 28/12/2021
EMP56/2021 Professional Nurse (Speciality) Grade 1/2 (Nursing – Theatre and CSSD) Queen Nandi  Hospital 28/12/2021
EMP55/2021 Professional Nurse (Speciality) Grade 1/2 (Critical Care/ICU/Trauma) Queen Nandi  Hospital 28/12/2021
EMP54/2021 Medical specialist grade 1/2/3 (obstetrics and gynaecology) Queen Nandi  Hospital 28/12/2021


Administrative clerk supervisor (level 7) Dr Pixley Ka Isaka Seme Memorial Hospital 28/12/2021
GS66/2021 Medical Specialist – Paediatrician Grey’s Hospital 28/12/2021


Professional Nurse Speciality (Occupational Health) Mseleni Hospital 28/12/2021

Closing date extended

Operational Manager Grade 1 : Nokweja Clinic Christ the King Hospital 28/12/2021
EGUM06/2021 Clinical Nurse Practitioner Grade 1 and 2 : Franklin Clinic E.G & Usher Memorial hospital 28/12/2021
NGWE17/2021 Medical Specialist Grade 1,2, 3 (Radiology)
Professional Nurse (Speciality Nursing) Grade 1 or 2 (ICU)
Clinical Nurse Practitioner (HAST Unit)
Assistant Director: Systems (SL09)
Clinical Programme Coordinator (IPC) CLOSING DATE EXTENDED TO 24/12/2021
Ngwelezana Hospital 24/12/2021
ILE M/E28/2021


Clinical nurse practitioner (Grade 1,2) High transmission area Montebello Hospital 24/12/2021
KE58/2021 Diagnostic radiographer grade 1 King Edward VIII Hospital 24/12/2021
RVH27/2021 Professional Nurse: Speciality (Grade 1 and 2) Operating theatre Rietvlei Hospital 24/12/2021
MGMH24/2021 Professional Nurse-Speciality NICU, Paediatric Mahatma Gandhi Hospital 24/12/2021
KE35/2021 Assistant Director: Finance (level 9) King Edward VIII Hospital 24/12/2021


Assistant Director: Finance Nkandla Hospital 24/12/2021
MOSV02/2021 Assistant Director: HRM Mosvold Hospital 24/12/2021


Operating Manager Nursing (PHC) Mobile Clinic St. Apollinaris Hospital 24/12/2021
OSIMED05/2021 Medical Officer Osindisweni Hospital 24/12/2021

Community Health Centres

Circular Number Vacancy Location / Office Closing Date


Diagnostic radiographer (grade1,2) East Boom Community Health Centre 21/01/2022
PHO16/2021 Operational manager nursing (HAST) Pholela Community Health Centre 14/01/2022



Operational manager nursing (PHC) Mqatsheni Clinic Pholela Community Health Centre 14/01/2022
ED15/2021 Senior systems management officer eDumbe Community Health Centre 07/01/2022
EB16/2021 Clinical nurse practitioner : clinics under East Boom CHC East Boom Community Health Centre 07/01/2022
HRT2/2021 Operational Manager PHC (Hartland Clinic) eDumbe Community Health Centre 31/12/2021
DANCHC27/2021 Professional Nurse – Speciality (Maternity)Operational Manager Nursing (Night Duty Services)

Clinical Nurse Practitioner (SL9)

Dannhauser Community Health Centre 28/12/2021
GAMCHC19/2021 Operational Manager Nursing : Margate Clinic, Ntabeni ClinicClinical Nurse Practitioner Grade 1, 2

Professional Nurse (General) Grade 1,2,3 : Ntabeni Clinic

Professional Nurse : Gcilima Clinic

Gamalakhe Community Health Centre 28/12/2021
NSEL21/2021 Clinical Nurse Practitioner Grade 1 or 2 (School health team) : Ntambanana Clinic Nseleni Community Health Centre 24/12/2021
NSEL22/2021 Clinical Nurse Practitioner Grade 1 or 2 : Ntambanana Clinic Nseleni Community Health Centre 24/12/2021


  • To apply for any of the roles, please complete the Z83 application form. You will have the opportunity to attach your CV and other relevant documentation as part of this process.
Update: Click here to view more KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) Department of Health vacant positions for May 2022

Application Deadline

  • Applications should reach the KZN Health Management on time. Deadline is based on the position you are applying for as stated above.

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