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KZN Health Vacancies – May 2023


We are pleased to present to you an updated list of KwaZulu-Natal, KZN Health vacancies for May 2023 and how to apply. It involves the Job titles, roles/responsibilities, requirements and the salary involved.

Public Service Commission (PSC) Shortlisted Applicants - 2020

Every year, the KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) Department of Health publishes vacant positions for interested and qualified South African citizens to apply for. This year is not an exception. Therefore, the jobs are listed below, together with their requirements, roles, salaries, and qualifications.

This circular is published on a weekly basis and contains advertisements for vacant posts and jobs in the KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) Department of Health. Although the circular is issued by the KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) Department of Health Team, it is not responsible for the content of the advertisements. Inquiries about an advertisement must be addressed to the relevant advertising department.


Applications are invited from qualified individuals for the KZN vacancies shown below.

Head Office

Circular Number Vacancy Closing Date
G22/2023 Deputy Director: stakeholder relations (level 11) 19/05/2023
G24/2023 Assistant office manager: office of the DDG: NHI (level 9) 19/05/2023
G20/2023 Assistant director: SCM compliance and support management services (level 9) 05/05/2023

District Office

Circular Number Vacancy District Office Closing Date
  UGU/DO05/2023 Forensic pathology officer: Park Rynie MLM Ugu District Office 29/05/2023
ZUL02/2023 Deputy Director: district health service delivery and planning Zululand District Office 22/05/2023
UTHUK19/2023 Assistant director: finance conditional grant Uthukela District Office 19/05/2023
ZUL/CLIN/2023 Clinical programme coordinator (HIV/AIDS – prevention) Zululand District Office 19/05/2023
ZUL/OCC/2023 Occupational health coordinator Zululand District Office 12/05/2023
MCP01/2023 Human resource practitioner : Malaria Control Programme (Jozini Centre) 12/05/2023
ILE07/2023 Clinical programme co-ordinator (quality assurance) Ilembe District Office 12/05/2023
Closing date extended
Clinical nurse practitioner (PHC stream)
Assistant Director (HAST) care and support
Assistant Director: HRM
eThekwini District Office 09/05/2032
  UMZIN09/2023 Clinical programme coordinator (community health work) Umzinyathi District office 08/05/2023
  UMZIN10/2023 Clinical nurse practitioner – district HAST trainer (grade 1) Umzinyathi District office 08/05/2023
AMAJ10/2023 Finance clerk supervisor (level 7) Amajuba District Office 05/05/2023



Circular Number Vacancy Hospital Closing Date
  RCH/2023 Human resource practitioner (labour relations)
Occupational health nurse
Richmond Hospital 26/05/2023
  MURCH23/2023 Clinical programme coordinator: quality assurance Murchison Hospital 26/05/2023
  MURCH26/2023 Artisan Plumber Murchison Hospital 26/05/2023
  MURCH25/2023 Artisan mechanical Murchison Hospital 26/05/2023
  MURCH21/2023 Professional nurse speciality (emergency and trauma) Murchison Hospital 26/05/2023
  MURCH22/2023 Professional nurse speciality (operating theatre) Murchison Hospital 26/05/2023
  MURCH20/2023 Clinical manager (obstetrics and gynae) Murchison Hospital 26/05/2023
  MURCH24/2023 Diagnostic radiographer (grade 1,2,3) Murchison Hospital 26/05/2023
ITSH14/2023 Senior systems management officer Itshelejuba Hospital 26/05/2023
PMM/OMN/SPEC/CSSD01/2023 Operational manager nursing grade 1 (speciality) CSSD Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 26/05/2023
Medical specialist: radiology (grade 1) King Edward VIII Hospital 19/05/2023
SAHELM04/2023 Professional nurse speciality (advanced midwifery): Elim Clinic St Andrews Hospital 19/05/2023
LH12/2023 Artisan foreman (level 8)
Head of clinical unit (radiology)
Human resource officer (supervisor) (level 7)
Medical specialist (internal medicine)
Medical specialist (paediatrics)
Occupational health nurse
Operational manager – speciality (paediatric)
Operational manager speciality (male orthopaedic ward)
Ladysmith Hospital 19/05/2023
UNTU14/023 Assistant manager nursing (theatre, CSSD , PHC trauma and outpatient)
Operational manger general stream (H-ward)
Operational manager general stream (night duty)
Operational manager general (OPD)
Clinical nurse practitioner: Umphise Clinic
Clinical nurse practitioner; Amandlalathi Clinic
Professional nurse (grade 1,2) speciality operating theatre
Professional nurse (speciality – advanced midwife)
Environmental health practitioner: waste management
Senior systems management officer (level 8)
Health and safety officer
Human resource officer supervisor AMENDED
Administration clerk supervisor (general) (level 7)Laundry Manager
Untunjambili Hospital 19/05/2023
PSH10/2023 Assistant director supply chain and asset management (level 9) Port Shepstone Hospital 19/05/2023
PSH11/2023 Clinical programme coordinator: quality assurance Port Shepstone Hospital 19/05/2023
ITSH13/2023 Artisan foreman- electrician Itshelejuba Hospital 19/05/2023
PMMH/OMN/TCC01/2023 Operational manager nursing (grade 1) (general stream) Thuthuzela Care Centre Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 19/05/2023
PMMH/PN/OPHTHAL01/2023 Professional nurse (grade 1,2) speciality stream – ophthalmology Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 19/05/2023
CL/GMAN01/2023 Cleaning and grounds manager (level 7) Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 19/05/2023
Deputy manager nursing (level 1 & 2 hospitals) Harry Gwala Regional Hospital 12/05/2023
Postal address corrected
Professional nurse speciality: paediatricsProfessional nurse speciality: operating theatre.
Health and safety officer
GJG Mpanza Regional Hospital 12/05/2023
LH11/2023 Employee assistance practitioner
Human resource practitioner (level 7) (labour relations)
Administrative clerk (supervisor) (level 7)
Speech therapist (grade 1,2,3)
Supply chain practitioner – acquisition
Ladysmith Hospital 12/05/2023
BETH20/2023 Finance clerk (supervisor) Bethesda Hospital 12/05/2023
MAD17/2023 Clinical nurse practitioner (grade 1 and 2) (PHC) (15 posts) Madadeni Hospital 12/05/2023
MAD26/2023 Head clinical unit (radiology)
Medical specialist (grade 1) (Radiology)
Madadeni Hospital 12/05/2023
PN01/2023 Professional nurse (speciality) Dundee Hospital 12/05/2023
BETH19/2023 Finance clerk (supervisor) Bethesda Hospital 12/05/2023
Professional nurse speciality – neonatal intensive care unit
Professional nurse speciality – accident and emergency unit (casualty)
Professional nurse speciality – obstetrics and gynaecology
Ladysmith Hospital 12/05/2023
Closing date extended
Assistant director: HRM (Human resource practices)
Human Resource practitioner (HRD and Planning)
Ladysmith Hospital 12/05/2023
PSH23/2023 Environmental health practitioner (waste officer)
Assistant Director Auxiliary
Port Shepstone Hospital 12/05/2023
HGRH33/2023 Clinical nurse practitioner (13 posts) Harry Gwala Regional Hospital 11/05/2023
IALCH08/2023 Head clinical unit: anaesthesiology Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital 09/05/2023
CP10/2023 Clinical psychologist (grade 1,2 and 3)
Ultrasound radiographer/sonographer
Assistant manager nursing speciality area (MCWH)
Operational manager nursing PHC: Ekuphumuleni Clinic
Operational manager general (triaging)
Clinical nurse practitioner : primary health care clinics
Clinical nurse practitioner (7 posts)
Senior systems management officer
Safety officer
Supply management officer – acquisition
Supply management officer – assets
Human resource officer (supervisor) practices
Systems management – telecommunications
Eshowe Hospital 09/05/2023
WWH06/2023 Clinical programme co-ordinator Wentworth Hospital 09/05/2023
 GS39/2023 Assistant Director: human resource management (level 9) Greys Hospital 09/05/2023
HR08/2023 Clinical nurse practitioner (grade 1 and 2) Ntombiyephahla Clinic Vryheid Hospital 09/05/2023
MOS06/2023 Food service manager Mosvold Hospital 09/05/2023
Dietician Itshelejuba Hospital 09/05/2023
ITSH06/2023 Medical manager Itshelejuba Hospital 09/05/2023
SAH12/2023 Administrative clerk supervisor (level 7) Patient administration St Andrews Hospital 09/05/2023
SAH15/2023 Dietician St Andrews Hospital 09/05/2023
SAH13/2023 Safety officer St Andrews Hospital 09/05/2023
SAH07/2023 Human resource practitioner (level 7) HR development and planning St Andrews Hospital 09/05/2023
SAH19/2023 Assistant Manager Nursing: speciality Maternity St Andrews Hospital 09/05/2023
SAH20/2023 Operational manager speciality: theatre St Andrews Hospital 09/05/2023
SAH14/2023 Senior systems management officer (level 08) St Andrews Hospital 09/05/2023
SAH08/2023 Human resource officer supervisor (level 07) St Andrews Hospital 09/05/2023
SAH09/2023 Public relations officer (level 8) St Andrews Hospital 09/05/2023
Amended. Closing date extended
Chief radiographer (ultrasound) Benedictine Hospital 05/05/2023
BENHOSP13/2023 Dental therapist Benedictine Hospital 05/05/2023
MGMH11/2023 Medical officer (grade 2 of 3) Family medicine Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital 05/05/2023
MGMH10/2023 Clinical psychologist (grade 2,3) Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital 05/05/2023
BENHOSP14/2023 Dentist Benedictine Hospital 05/05/2023
Postal address corrected
Professional nurse general (psychiatry)Professional nurse general (midwifery) obstetrics & gynaecology GJG Mpanza Regional Hospital 05/05/2023
MGMH09/2023 Assistant manager nursing: general medical and surgical services Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital 05/05/2023
MURCH/VAC/18/2023 Clinical psychologist Murchison Hospital 05/05/2023
MURCH/VAC/17/2023 Finance management officer (revenue) Murchison Hospital 05/05/2023
MURCH/VAC/19/2023 Employee assistance programme practitioner Murchison Hospital 05/05/2023
 MURCH/VAC/16/2023 Environmental health practitioner (waste management officer) Murchison Hospital 05/05/2023
 MURCH/VAC/08/2023 Clinical nurse practitioner: PHC : Thembalesizwe Clinic Murchison Hospital 05/05/2023
 MURCH/VAC/07/2023 Professional nurse (2 posts0 Speciality steam: Izingolweni PHC Murchison Hospital 05/05/02023
MURCH/VAC/14/2023 Operational manager (general stream) (night duty) Murchison Hospital 05/05/2023
 MURCH/VAC/06/2023 Operational manager (PHC) Izingolweni Clinic Murchison Hospital 05/05/2023
 MURCH/VAC/05/2023 Operational manager (PHC) Thonjeni Clinic Murchison Hospital 05/05/2023
DPKISMH09/2023 Medical specialist (grade 1,2,3) Anaesthetics
Electrical engineer (grade 1)
Chief diagnostic radiographer
Human resource practitioner (level 07)
Dr Pixley Ka Isaka Seme Memorial Hospital 05/05/2023
SAP09/2023 Food service manager St Apollinaris Hospital 05/05/2023
Closing date extended
Senior HR practitioner: labour relations
Human resource supervisor (level 7)
Vryheid Hospital 05/05/2023
PSH22/2023 Human resource practitioner: staff relations (level 7) Port Shepstone Hospital 05/05/2023
GJC08/2023 Finance clerk supervisor (revenue) GJ Crookes Hospital 05/05/2023
GJC09/2023 Supply chain clerk supervisor (logistics) GJ Crookes Hospital 05/05/2023
MAD16/2023 Health and safety officer (level 8) Madadeni Hospital 05/05/2023
Closing date amended
Professional nurse: speciality (grade 1/2) Operating theatre unit
Professional nurse: speciality (grade 1,2) Orthopaedic Unit
Port Shepstone Hospital 05/05/2023
Closing date amended
Assistant manager: financial accounting (level 9) Port Shepstone Hospital 05/05/2023
Diagnostic radiographer (grade 1,2,3) EG Usher Memorial Hospital 05/05/2023
MS15/2023 Public relations officer Mseleni Hospital 04/05/2023
MS16/2023 Human resource officer – supervisor (practices) (level 7) Mseleni Hospital 04/05/2023
GTN15/2023 Clinical nurse practitioner: Amatimatolo Clinic Greytown Hospital 03/05/2023
GTN14/2023 Human resource officer supervisor (level 7) Greytown Hospital 03/05/2023
Postal address corrected
Ultrasound radiographer/sonographer
Professional nurse speciality – psychiatry
Physiotherapist (grade 1,2,3)
GJG Mpanza Regional Hospital 03/05/2023
Closing date extended
Postal address corrected
Medical specialist – trauma and emergency
Medical officer – trauma and emergencyAssistant director: facilities management
Professional nurse speciality – trauma and emergency
Professional nurse speciality – paediatrics
Professional nurse speciality – obstetrics and gynaecology
Professional nurse speciality – ICU
GJG Mpanza Regional Hospital 03/05/2023
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Community Health Centres

Circular Number Vacancy Location / Office Closing Date
  MALCHC14/2023 Operational manager (speciality) Mobile Team 2 Mfundo Arnold Lushaba Community Health Centre 19/05/2023
  MALCHC13/2023 Clinical nurse practitioner: Ndelu Clinic Mfundo Arnold Lushaba Community Health Centre 19/05/2023
  MALCHC12/2023 Clinical nurse practitioner: MOPD Mfundo Arnold Lushaba Community Health Centre 19/05/2023
HLE10/2023 Operational manager nursing: Fredville Clinic Hlengisizwe Community Health Centre 19/05/2023
EB11/2023 Administration clerk supervisor (general) level 07 East Boom Community Health Centre 19/05/2023
Clinical programme co-ordinator (grad 1) Quality Assurance Manager Othobothini Community Health Centre 19/05/2023
Closing date extended
Assistant Director: HRM
Clinical nurse practitioner (grade 1,2) out-patient department
Pholela Community Health Centre 05/05/2023
EB09/2023Amended Diagnostic radiographer grade 1/2 East Boom Community Health Centre 05/05/2023
PCHC09/2023 Clinical nurse practitioner (grade 1,2) MOPD acute disease and ophthalmic department Phoenix Community Health Centre 05/05/2023
Clinical manager Othobothini Community Health Centre 05/05/2023
Employee wellness practitioner (level 8) St Chads Community Health Centre 02/05/2023
STC12/2023 Operational manager (PHC supervisor) St Chads Community Health Centre 02/05/2023
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  • To apply for any of the roles, please complete the Z83 application form. You will have the opportunity to attach your CV and other relevant documentation as part of this process.
Update: Click here to view more KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) Department of Health vacant positions for May 2023

Application Deadline

  • Applications should reach the KZN Health Management on time. Deadline is based on the position you are applying for as stated above.

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