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List of Courses Offered at Westcol Tvet College: 2024/2025


I know you are looking for the list of courses offered at Westcol (Western) Tvet College for the 2023/2024 academic session, right? Yeah, I guessed right. That is why you are here. Well, you are not lost as you are currently in the right place. We have successfully compiled a list of all the courses that the Westcol (Western) Tvet College has to offer for the upcoming academic session. The main purpose of this article is for you to be able to make informed decisions when choosing a course to study or enroll for. 

Westcol (Western) Tvet College is an excellent educational institution that offers an extraordinary array of courses for all sorts of students. From mathematics and engineering to creative writing and media, WESTCOL (WESTERN) TVET COLLEGE has something for everyone. It is the perfect place to explore interests and try out different fields of study without having to worry about a lack of opportunities or choices. With their diverse range of courses, WESTCOL (WESTERN) TVET COLLEGE encourages students to be brave and take their education in any direction they choose, knowing that they will have the support of talented professors and lecturers to help them succeed along the way. With all these said, lets delve right into the comprehensive list of courses offered at the Westcol (Western) Tvet College. 

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General Studies N4 – N6 Programmes
  • Educare
  • Hospitality X
  • Tourism X
  • Hairdressing
NCV Level 2 to 4 Programmes
  • Electrical Infrastructure
  • Construction
  • Engineering and Related Design 
  • Finance Economics and Accounting 
  • Hospitality 
  • Marketing 
  • Office Administration 
  • Tourism
Engineering Studies N1 – N6 Programmes
  • PLP 
  • Engineering: N1 – N6 
  • Electrical Installation Rules and Specialised Electrical Installation Rules
  • Certificate of Competency
Business Studies N4 – N6 Programme
  • Introduction to N4 
  • Business Management 
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources Management 
  • Legal Secretary 
  • Management Assistant 
  • Marketing Management 
  • Public Management 
  • Public Relations

Judging from the above, it is evident that the Westcol (Western) Tvet College has a wide range of educational opportunities to offer, which are organized into eleven faculties across all academic fields as listed below. From the engineering to the Business and commerce department, the institution is able to provide undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs for its students. With so much material at their disposal, WESTCOL (WESTERN) TVET COLLEGE’s students have a vast array of choices before them. 

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In conclusion, deciding to start your higher education journey at a university like WESTCOL (WESTERN) TVET COLLEGE is a great way to invest in yourself. At the Westcol (Western) Tvet College, they offer a wide range of courses for students to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for your interests and goals. As stated earlier, the courses they offer are divided into different faculties, such as the once listed above. They also offer online courses if you are far away in the form of distance learning. No matter what course you choose and how you intend to take them, studying at Westcol (Western) Tvet College is a great way to expand your knowledge and grow as a person. So why not get started today? They look forward to welcoming you to their community of learners.

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    1. I was doing my N5 HRM in 2012 then I failed two subject so now I want go back to class for those two subject which is labour relations and personnel what can I do to register.

    2. Hi my name is Selinah and I really want to do Level 4 in ECD but at the moment I am not employed and I am facing financial challenges.My question is is there any way that I can register with you and apply for a bursary I really don’t know what to do would appreciate your help.

    3. Your receptionist (Or the lady who answered the phone on 2021/09/16 between 14h00 and 15h00 at the West Rand branch is very unprofessional and incompetent. She has absolutely not phone etiquette. I phoned 6 times of which she ended my call 3 times, answered the 4th time, sounded as if she was sleeping or drugged, and then put the phone down in my ear when I started asking questions regarding your electrical courses. Then I tried again twice just for my call to be ended again???

      This is my first time making contact with you guys and I’m absolutely disgusted by the service I got. This is unacceptable.


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