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How to Score Straight A’s in Your NSC Grade 12 Exam


This article contains information on how to score straight A’s in your NSC Grade 12 Examination.


Whether a student is diligent or unserious, it is the desire of every student to finish matric with distinctions. This way, you are sure of a great chance at getting into the University.

In South Africa, matriculation is the final year of high school and the qualification received on graduating from high school, and the minimum university entrance requirements. In general usage, the school-leaving exams, which are government-administered, are known as the Matric exams or National Senior Certificate exams.

Passing your Grade 12 examination as a student is one of the most important achievements in your academic career. When you pass your NSC exams, you stand a better chance of having numerous study options and career opportunities.

Therefore, to ace your NSC exams, you must be ready to do your due diligence. Remember, nothing good comes so easy. Hence, here are tips to make straight A’s in your NSC exams:


1. Have Set Goals

The biggest mistake you can make is studying without a goal as it leaves you without a direction. Setting goals is the best way to succeed in every aspect of life, exam inclusive. Goals give you an idea of what you hope to achieve and how to go about it. So, the first step to take if you must pass your exam is to set goals that covers things you will do to ace your examination. For instance, reading a chapter of your core subjects everyday is a goal.

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Write down all of your goals and stick them in places that you can always see them!

2. Start Studying Early

Like the saying goes, “a stitch in time saves nine.” It’s one thing to have a set goal and another thing to take action immediately. Well, the hardest part is always getting started but the moment you do, you will be glad you did. Starting early to study for your NSC exams helps you to cover up a lot without having to rush or expose yourself to cramming.

One of the mistakes students make is waiting till the last minute to cram all what they ought to have taken time to study and assimilate

To avoid unnecessary pressure and stress of cramming,  study a bit every day. When your exam day finally arrives, all you need to do is revise.

3. Create a Study Schedule

A study schedule or a timetable is really important. It helps you to plan and organise your study. By creating a study schedule, you will know at what time and how long you will study each subject.

So, make enough time for all of your subjects. Ensure you set aside enough study time for each subject.

4. Be Proactive In Class

Remember, the classroom is the first place that prepares you for grade 12 exams. Your behaviour in class shows to a large extent how your performance would be. The level of attention you decide to pay in class has a drastic effect on your grade. Therefore, while in class, be an active student. Ask questions, do your assignments diligently and take notes. Taking note in class is very important and can be very helpful when studying for your exam.

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While your teacher is speaking and explaining, be sure to jot down some vital points. Make the most out of your notes and turn them into flashcards.

5. Join Study Groups

Join a community of peers striving towards the same goal. You can form a study group with some of your friends and classmates. These groups allow you to share information as well as offer help and support. You can even join online study groups. Belonging to a study group sometimes gives you the opportunity to teach others. Not only will this benefit your friends and group members, it’s a smart way to make straight A’s in your examination. When you explain your work out loud and teach somebody else, you will quickly notice parts of the work that you need to revise or that which you don’t understand. Not only that, information sticks faster when you teach others what you know.

6. Take Extra Classes

For some students, joining study groups may suffice for this. For some, taking extra special classes is the way to go. Taking extra classes is awesome especially if you are struggling with a subject. You can ask your teacher to arrange extra classes and get the help you need. Sometimes, study groups may not be enough.

7. Study with Past Papers

NSC exams may come and go but one thing is certain, the questions will remain valid as long as the curriculum doesn’t change. Past matric exam papers are a great resource to have when studying. These are the reasons:

  • It helps you see and get conversant with how the questions are structured
  • Helps you see how much time you need to spend on each section in the exam
  • It equally gives you an insight on the materials to go to the exam with.
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8. Create Your Own Mock Exams at Home

Having covered the necessary topics, it is advisable to set questions for yourself in order to test your ability. Remember, practice makes perfect. Practice for your exams and test your knowledge on the different topics to know if there are areas you need to work on.

Creating a mock examination at home could help you identify the topics that you may have overlooked. You can easily identify the areas you are lagging by practicing with Past Exam Papers.


Making straight A’s in NSC grade 12 examination is not achievable through mere wishes, it demands actions and sacrifices. As a matriculant, you need to study for your exams. Oftentimes, students get it wrong while studying. You don’t necessarily have to study round the clock without taking a break. This act may hurt you.

So, here are a few study tips to follow:

  • Study for the examination before hand.
  • Study everyday but take breaks in between to avoid mental stress.
  • Study and practice with past questions.
  • Eat a healthy balanced diet including brain boosting foods.
  • Stay hydrated and exercise regularly, you need to exercise your mind and body.

Having put in enough effort to study, your mindset is one aspect you need to work on. Oftentimes, a negative mindset can be an obstacle to success. Therefore, be positive about the outcome of your examination.

Dear matriculant, I hope you find this article valuable? I wish you luck as you prepare for you NSC examinations.

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