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[Updated] NSFAS Bursary Requirements for 2023


This article contains information about the NSFAS bursary requirements for 2023. NSFAS provides financial assistance in the form of a study bursary to qualified students who wish to study or are already studying at TVET colleges and public universities.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme is a bursary that the government of South Africa offers to students from less fortunate backgrounds. The aim of this is to ensure that such students can comfortably go through their studies in universities or TVET colleges. The organization funds 42% of the University population and 70% of TVET College students. NSFAS wants universities to step up their enrollment in NSFAS. Students who intend to study at private institutions are not assisted by NSFAS.


Applicants who are approved for NSFAS funding are covered for the following:

  • Registration
  • Tuition for:
  • Food
  • Accommodation or transport
  • Learning material
  • Personal care
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Not everyone is qualified for this.  Below are lists or categories of individuals who are qualified  for this opportunity in South Africa.

  • You qualify for an NSFAS bursary if you are a South African citizen who plans to study in 2023 or you are already studying at a public university or TVET college.
  • Person with a disability with a combined household income of not more than R600 000 per year.


Once you must have gotten the consent from parent(s), guardian or spouse to submit their personal information for validation and verification, accepted the application terms and conditions and you confirm that you have received consent from all relevant parties, the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) will need more information from you to process your application.

  • Your phone number and email address
  • Copy of your ID or birth certificate
  • ID copies of parents, guardian or spouse
  • Your proof of income or 1 year’s IRP5 (where necessary)
  • Your parents, guardian or spouse’s proof of income. However, if you are a SASSA grant recipient, no proof of income will be required
  • Applicants with a disability must submit a completed and signed Disability Annexure
  • An applicant who is recognized as a Vulnerable Child by the Department of Social Development is required to provide a completed and signed Vulnerable Child Declaration and Consent Form,
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Other Documents Required, If Applicable include:
  • Retrenchment letter
  • Death certificate/s
  • Divorcee decree

If you are a SASSA recipient then no proof of income is required

For your application to be funded by NSFAS, you will need to submit the documents above and ensure to check whether you have submitted all of them correctly along with the correct details and you should be well on your way to benefitting from this bursary.


Having seen the requirements for NSFAS, you can start now to put in place all that is needed, if you desire to become a beneficiary. Remember that if as an applicant you’re dependent on your Parents/Guardian/Spouse, they Must provide their documents too. This is why you need their consent first.

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Bear in mind that to get funded by NSFAS, it is not about your marks or grades, but rather your SASSA status or your parents’ income level. The grades are important to get into an institution and you would need to be a registered student to get funded. If you are in pursuit of your higher education and are afraid about affording the cost, these details about the NSFAS application process could save your future. The application for this bursary is done online on the NSFAS website.

Information is power and I hope this article has provided you with the  information you need as a student.

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