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VUT Entry Requirements for 2024/2025


We are pleased to present to you the Vaal University of Technology VUT Entry Requirements for the 2024–2025 session. 

Right now, you are thinking of enrolling at the prestigious Vaal University of Technology and also wondering if you really have what it takes. You must have even played around with the VUT online application portal and even gone to the extent of attending the university open day. Well, the VUT entry requirements are at your fingertips because, in this article, we are going to break down all the necessary admission requirements in detail so you know where you fit in and which qualification matches your grade/result. 

This article you are reading contains all the necessary VUT admission requirements for prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students. Kindly ride along as we make your VUT admission seamless and easy. 

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General Admission Requirements:

  1. The APS (Admission Point Score) system is used to calculate the students’ scores.
  2. A total APS score is calculated from a maximum of 6 subjects, excluding life orientation.
  3. The required APS varies between different programmes and depends on whether mathematics, mathematical literacy, or technical mathematics are taken.
  4. Some programmes require specific compulsory subjects with minimum levels of achievement.
  5. Grade scale: 3 = 40–49%, 4 = 50–59%, 5 = 60–69%

Specific Programme Requirements:

  1. Diploma Endorsement: Requires an APS of 24 with a minimum of 50% (4) for English, Physical Science, and Mathematics or 60% for Mathematics and Engineering Science.
  2. Non-Destructive Testing: Requires NSC endorsement and eligibility for the Diploma with English and Mathematics as compulsory subjects. The total APS required is 24.
  3. Chemical Operations Programme: Requires Technical Maths with a minimum score of 3 (40%), and any other 4 subjects with a total score of 15. The total APS is 21 with math and 22 with math literacy and technical math.
  4. Engineering (civil, electronic, power, process control, computer systems, industrial, mechanical, and metallurgical): requires a minimum of 24 APS points, with a minimum of 4 for mathematics, physical science, and English for the 3-year diploma programme.
  5. 4-Year Extended Diploma Programmes in Engineering: Requires a minimum of 22 APS points with a minimum of 3 for Mathematics, Physical Science, and English.
  6. Specific Programmes with Maths Literacy/Technical Maths: Requires Mathematical Literacy/Technical Maths with a score of 3 (40%) and any other 3 subjects totaling 12. The total APS is 23 with math and 24 with math literacy and technical math.
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Additional Notes:

  1. Some programmes may require an interview, portfolio submission, or proof of permanent employment in an industry.
  2. Applicants of mature age (23 with a grade 12) who do not meet the entry requirements must submit proof of permanent employment in industry.
  3. Admission into certain programmes is also based on additional criteria, such as specific subject recommendations and bonus points for specific subjects.

Please note that this is a summary and may not include all specific details or requirements. The exact requirements can vary between different programmes and years of admission. It’s always recommended to refer to the official VUT admission guide or contact the relevant department for detailed and accurate information.

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