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NMU APS: How to Calculate NMU Admission Point Score 2023/2024


This is an article that contains a guide to calculating your NMU APS (Admission Point Score) for the 2024 academic year. We have adopted the selection criteria of various courses for the coming admission year. 

Nelson Mandela University, NMU Cut Off Points - Admission Points Score: 2024/2025

Among the many requirements needed for admission into the Nelson Mandela University, NMU, the admission point score is the most necessary. For those of us who might be asking what an admission point score means. It is simply an accumulation of grade points needed for admission into the University. The NMU APS for various courses is determined by using a constant calculation formula which will be stated in this article. 

Every year, the management of the Nelson Mandela University publishes a standard Admission Point Score for all courses which can be used as a constant in determining the selection of prospective students into undergraduate programmes. Bear in mind that the NMU APS is only used as a selection criteria for undergraduate admission and not for postgraduate studies. 

Kindly check below for the steps on how to calculate the Nelson Mandela University Admission Point Score for the 2024 academic year. 


The formula used in calculating the NMU admission point score is a summation of all your six (6) best high school subjects (excluding Life Orientation), the total percentage you get is your admission point. Kindly check below for an illustration and example of the APS. 

  • The APS system allocates point values to the levels of achievement obtained for your matric subjects.
  • Write down your relevant NSC subjects and the levels obtained.
  • Allocate points according to the table below.
  • Add up the number of points you have to calculate your APS.
  • Alternatively, use our online APS calculator
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Table A: School Performance Score (SPS)
NSC NSC % APS APS Percentage
8 90 -100 %
7 80 -100 % 7 80 -89 %
6 70 -79 % 6 70 -79 %
5 60 -69 % 5 60 -69 %
4 50 -59 % 4 50 -59 %
3 40 -49 % 3 40 -49 %
2 30 -39 % 2 30 -39 %
1 0 -29 % 0 0 -29 %

Example 1

To enrol for the Diploma (Analytical Chemistry) you need an Admission Point Score (APS) of at least 34, as well as a National Senior Certificate (NSC) pass in Mathematics & Physical Science at least a level 4 (50 – 59 %).

NSC Subject NSC % Level APS Points allocated
English 65 % 5 5
Xhosa 60 % 5 5
Mathematics 70 % 6 6
Geography 55 % 4 4
History 80 % 7 7
Life Orientation 74 % 6 6
Physical Science 71 % 6 6
Admission Point Score 39

This applicant has met the minimum requirements for admission to the Diploma (Analytical Chemistry).

Example 2

To enrol for the BCom (Accounting) you need an Admission Point Score (APS) of at least 38, as well as four subjects from the designated list and a pass in Mathematics at least level 5 (60 69 %).

Matric Subject NSC % Level APS Points Allocated
English 70 % 6 6
Afrikaans 80 % 7 7
Mathematics 69 % 5 5
Accounting 65 % 5 5
Life Orientation 60 % 5 5
Physical Science 74 % 6 6
Life Sciences 81 % 7 7
Admission Point Score 41

This student has met the minimum admission requirements for the BCom (Accounting) programme.

Additional requirements

In addition to the minimum APS requirements, additional subject requirements have been set. These include:

  1. Mathematics: This is required for certain programmes. Only performance in the core Mathematics topics (papers 1 and 2) will be used when making admission decisions. However, school learners are encouraged to also take the optional Mathematics topics. In certain programmes, applicants who have Mathematical Literacy instead of Mathematics may be admitted to a programme where a Mathematics entry requirement has been set. In this instance, additional modules may be added to the programme, which may extend the length of the programme.
  2. Mathematical Literacy: In view of the importance of quantitative literacy for success at Higher Education studies, a minimum of a 3 (40-49%) for Mathematical Literacy is preferred for likely admission to National Higher Certificate and National Diploma programmes and a 4 (50-59%) for likely admission to degree programmes where Mathematics is not a requirement, unless otherwise indicated.
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Disclaimer: All reasonable steps have been taken to ensure that the information contained on the website is accurate at the date it was published. Nelson Mandela University reserves the right to make changes to the programme details (e.g. rules, admissions requirements) as published on this website. Prospective students are advised to consult the admissions department prior to applying.

Since you have gotten the formula for calculating the Nelson Mandela University Admission Point Score, I will recommend you use an APS Calculator to get the best result. 

Disclaimer: In order to be considered for selection for a program, the candidate is required to comply with the program’s minimum admission criteria in respect of the total APS as well as subject-specific requirements (as determined per program).

You can also check out the Nelson Mandela University, NMU admission/minimum entry requirements to get the specific requirement of the desired course and steps to apply.

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