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Stellenbosch University Latest Vacancies for November 2023

This article contains a guide to the latest Stellenbosch University vacancies for November 2023. It involves the job titles, roles and responsibilities, requirements, and salary involved.
Stellenbosch University Latest Vacancies
“Explore the Exciting Job Opportunities at Stellenbosch University: A Comprehensive Guide to Vacancies, Roles, and Salaries”

Stellenbosch University, one of South Africa’s leading research-intensive institutions [5], offers a range of exciting job opportunities for academics, administrative staff, and students. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the various Stellenbosch University vacancies, how to find them, and how to successfully apply for positions at this prestigious institution.

This Job Circular [3] is published on a weekly basis and contains advertisements for vacant posts and jobs at Stellenbosch University. Although the circular is issued by Stellenbosch, the team is not responsible for the content of the advertisements. Inquiries about an advertisement must be addressed to the relevant advertising department.


Stellenbosch University offers a diverse range of job opportunities in different fields. Here are the primary categories of vacancies you can find at the university:

Academic Positions:

Academic positions at Stellenbosch University encompass teaching and research roles. These include:

  • Lecturer vacancies: Stellenbosch University seeks highly qualified and motivated educators to join its faculty in various disciplines. As a lecturer, you will have the opportunity to shape the minds of future leaders while contributing to the university’s research efforts.
  • Research jobs: Stellenbosch University is renowned for its cutting-edge research in various fields, such as science, engineering, health sciences, and the humanities. Researchers at the university work on groundbreaking projects that have a significant impact on local and global communities.
Stellenbosch University Academic Position
“Shape the Minds of Future Leaders and Contribute to Groundbreaking Research: Explore Academic Positions at Stellenbosch University”

Administrative Positions:

Administrative positions at Stellenbosch University support the smooth functioning of the institution. Key administrative roles include:

  • Admin vacancies: Administrative staff play a crucial role in the day-to-day operations of the university. From managing student records to coordinating events, administrative professionals contribute to the success of Stellenbosch University.
  • Driver jobs [10]: Drivers at Stellenbosch University are responsible for transporting staff, students, and goods between various locations on campus and beyond. This role requires excellent driving skills, knowledge of local routes, and a commitment to safety.
  • Law clinic vacancies: The Stellenbosch University Law Clinic offers legal services to the local community while providing practical training for law students. Vacancies within the law clinic include attorneys, paralegals, and administrative support staff.
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Student Jobs:

Stellenbosch University offers various job opportunities for students, allowing them to gain practical experience and earn an income while studying. Some of the key student job categories include:

  • Student recruitment: Student recruiters represent Stellenbosch University at career fairs, open days, and other events. They assist prospective students and their families in learning more about the university and its programmes.
  • University jobs for students: Stellenbosch University offers part-time positions for students in various departments, such as libraries, IT support, and research assistance. These roles allow students to gain valuable work experience and enhance their CVs while studying.


To find the latest Stellenbosch University vacancies, consider the following resources:

Stellenbosch University Recruitment Site:

The primary source for finding job opportunities at Stellenbosch University is their official recruitment site, found at http://www.sun.ac.za/english/careers [3]. This website provides up-to-date information on available positions, including academic, administrative, and student jobs. You can also find information on the application process and the necessary documentation.

External Vacancies and Resources:

In addition to the university’s recruitment site, you may find vacancies at Stellenbosch University through external job portals like Glassdor [11], academic job boards, and social media platforms such as LinkedIn. Networking with Stellenbosch University alumni and attending job fairs can also help you discover job opportunities.


Applications are invited from qualified individuals for the positions shown below.

Get the Stellenbosch University Academic & Support Job listing for internal Applicants

Get the Stellenbosch University Academic & Support Job listing for External Applicants

Update: Click here to view more Stellenbosch University vacant positions for November 2023


Please read the instructions carefully before applying.

  1. A position becomes vacant at Stellenbosch University: A position becomes available, which Stellenbosch University decides to fill either internally or externally.
  2. The position is advertised: The job is advertised on the Stellenbosch University careers portal [3], internal notice boards. A closing date is also indicated on the advertisement.
  3. A shortlist is created: Applicants who meet the minimum requirements are shortlisted by HR and the line manager. Depending on the number of shortlisted candidates, applicants may be required to do assessments or be invited for an interview.
  4. Shortlisted applicants are invited to an interview. The line manager, team member, and HR are present at the interview. Depending on the outcome of the interviews, it’s possible to select the best applicants based on their interview and CV.  If there is a “tie” between candidates, further interviews or assessments can be requested.
  5. The position is filled. The best candidate for the job is selected. We make an offer. The applicant then either accepts or declines the offer.
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Tips for a Successful Application:

To increase your chances of success in securing a job at Stellenbosch University, consider the following tips (Banton, Caroline) [2]:

  • Tailor your CV and cover letter to the specific position, highlighting your relevant skills, qualifications, and experience.
  • Proofread your application documents for grammar and spelling errors, as well as for clarity and coherence.
  • Research the university and the department you are applying to, demonstrating your understanding of their values, goals, and research interests in your cover letter.
  • Prepare for interviews by practising common interview questions and researching the interview format.


Salaries at Stellenbosch University depend on various factors, including the specific role, qualifications, and experience. The university generally offers competitive salary scales [4] [1] and benefits packages [8] to attract and retain top talent. To get a better understanding of salary scales for different positions, refer to the official Stellenbosch University website or consult with human resources during the application process.

Stellenbosch University Salary Scale
“Unveiling Salaries and Benefits at Stellenbosch University: Competitive Scales and Packages to Attract Top Talent”


Stellenbosch University, located in the Western Cape province of South Africa [7], offers a vibrant campus life that caters to students, staff, and visitors. Stellenbosch University is situated in the picturesque town of Stellenbosch, approximately 50 kilometres from Cape Town. The campus is surrounded by the stunning mountains and vineyards of the Cape Winelands [6], offering a serene and inspiring environment for learning and research.

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Stellenbosch University is committed to ensuring the safety [9] and well-being of its students, staff, and visitors. The university employs various security measures, such as 24-hour campus patrols, CCTV surveillance, and access control systems. However, it’s essential for individuals to remain vigilant and take personal responsibility for their safety, both on and off campus.


In summary, Stellenbosch University offers a variety of exciting job opportunities for academics, administrative staff, and students. With a diverse range of vacancies available, you can find a position that aligns with your skills and interests. Use the resources provided in this guide, such as the official Stellenbosch University recruitment site, to find the latest job opportunities and follow the tips provided for a successful application.

Whether you are an experienced professional or a student looking for part-time work, Stellenbosch University is an excellent place to grow your career and contribute to a world-class institution. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this vibrant academic community—start exploring Stellenbosch University vacancies today.


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