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List of Courier Companies in South Africa


This article contains information on List of all the legally registered Courier Companies in South Africa.

Courier Companies in South Africa

Times are changing and there is advancement in the way in which things are done. Gone are the days when the only means or sending parcels was either through a loved or postal office.

In recent times, if you want to send a package, you will need reliable delivery services to ship your parcel safely and timely too. You will also need other services like tracking. This is practically found everywhere in the world and South Africa is one of the countries that are not left out.

In South Africa, delivery is mostly done by courier companies. As a result, there are a lot of courier services in the country with different policies.

The prices of courier services in South Africa depend on several factors such as how fast you want your goods to be delivered, which means of transport is used, etc.

While there are a lot of courier companies in South Africa, not all have stood the test of time and this article which will be containing Information on the courier services in South Africa will include those that have stood the test of time.

Thus, below is a list of Courier companies in South Africa.



This is one of the top courier companies in South Africa. It was founded in the year 2000. This Freight Company started with only just one motorbike and became one of the largest courier companies in South Africa. Some of the online services offered by Courier Guy include same-day express, same-day economy, normal air, overnight delivery and special projects. The service will depend on how urgent your consignment is. The firm also offers tracking services to inform their customers where their packages are.

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This is also another Courier company that offers top quality services. Fastway services operate in over 250 areas within the country from Cape Town to Johannesburg with the goal of satisfying their customers.

They offer distinctive, reliable, and cheap courier services with the latest computer technologies and online parcel tracking,


Dawn Wing is one of the best and leading of South Africa’s leading express courier companies, that specializes in timely express delivery services of letters and parcels up to 30kgs in  Cape Town and other regions in the country. With the help of the latest technologies, tracking services have made it easy for guaranteed safety of customers’ packages.


Time Freight is one of the oldest South African courier companies. It was founded in 1984 by Ivor Keppler as a Kwazulu-Natal based operator who grew to become one of the country’s leading road express business. Their main offices are located in Pietermaritzburg with branches in other major towns.

They are involved in door-to-door deliveries with most cities accessed on an overnight basis by the provision of cost-effective road services.


This is one of the oldest courier companies in South Africa being established in 1998. Globeflight covers both international and local deliveries.

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The ate always open for business all day round and covering shipping needs from express same-day to overnight logistics,

The company’s branches include Globeflight Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town, East London, and Port Elizabeth and others inclusive.


This courier company has come a long way and has proven to provide quality and reliable services. Their services include overnight deliveries, normal/budget cargo, international imports, and exports, among others.


This company has been in operation for over 25 years and has over 390 owner-operated retail stores. PostNet offers a wide range of shipping services to both the international and domestic to serve various markets in South Africa. The firm has grown to be the largest freighting industry in the country. PostNet has also partnered with other companies like DHL South Africa to help get more customers and improve on their shipping services.


This is one of the most efficient courier companies in Johannesburg and South Africa in general with an extensive network to serve other countries across the border ranging from Botswana, Namibia, and Swaziland. They also have over 100,000 square meters of warehousing space to meet the storage and cross-docking requirements.

This is a guarantee that customer’s packages are in safe hands.


Over the years, this courier company has recorded maximum growth due to their ability to identify their clients’ needs. Their systems are reliable, and all their offices are supervised according to the specific standards set to ensure consistency in terms of delivery and collection standards, timeliness and exceptional customer relations.


This is yet another top courier company in South Africa that has invested in its infrastructure to ensure that they never subcontract on any delivery.

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They have over 40 branches, 1,500 vehicles, and 2,800 well-trained personnel working across South Africa all with the goal of delivering quality service to her clients.

Others on the list include:

  • MDS Collivery
  • SendR
  • Pargo

In terms of delivering to local and rural areas, below are few tips:

  • To get the best price on local deliveries Fastway will usually be the cheapest. Their prices start at R36 for local deliveries. is Pargo is another option to consider. It offers 1500 collection points in South Africa
  • For bulk items, 1st freight is a good alternative.

In conclusion

From this list of the top courier companies South Africa, you will definitely find one that suits you. All of them have been deemed worthy by their customers for the services they offer.

With the information provided in this article, you shouldn’t have a problem in delivering packages from one point to the other in South Africa. The amount being charged by these courier companies wasn’t captured because it certainly will vary due to different factors. However, to get the best prices, always remember to negotiate the rates with your delivery partner regularly. To do that, you need to start building a relationship with them.

So, start now to deliver those packages using any of the above options on the list.

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