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5 Roles of Umalusi as a Quality Council in South African Education


This article contains the 5 main roles of Umalusi as a Quality Council in South African Education as well as its impact and challenges.

Roles of Umalusi as a Quality Council in South African Education
Umalusi: South Africa’s Beacon of Educational Excellence.

Umalusi, derived from the Nguni word meaning “shepherd” or “herder,” is South Africa’s guiding force in maintaining and elevating the standards of general and further education (Umalusi. (2019, March 11). Umalusi. https://www.umalusi.org.za/about/umalusis-role). It stands as the guardian of quality in South Africa’s general and further education sectors. Established to set and monitor educational standards in alignment with the National Qualifications Framework Act and the General and Further Education and Training Quality Assurance Act, Umalusi plays a multifaceted role.

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From curriculum oversight and accreditation of educational providers to certifying qualifications and assuring assessment quality, Umalusi’s mandate is comprehensive. With South Africa striving for educational excellence, the quality of education remains under scrutiny. Umalusi’s endeavours in research, development, and continuous quality assurance are instrumental in enhancing the teaching and learning landscape in South African schools, ensuring that the nation’s education remains both relevant and internationally competitive.


1. Curriculum Oversight

  • Umalusi evaluates and refines qualifications and curricula, ensuring they meet the expected standard.
  • It actively gathers feedback and employs research to adapt and refine the curriculum, making it globally competitive.

2. Accreditation of Providers

  • Umalusi plays a vital role in accrediting providers of education, training, and assessment.
  • Through this accreditation process, it ensures that educational institutions maintain and adhere to the set standards.
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3. Certification

  • Umalusi is responsible for certifying various qualifications, including the Senior Certificate amended (SCa), National Senior Certificate (NSC), National Technical Certificate (N3), the National Certificate Vocational (NCV), and the General Education and Training Certificate for Adults (GETC).
  • They assure that the issued certifications are genuine, recognised, and uphold the integrity of South African education.

4. Quality Assurance of Assessments

  • It monitors examination processes, from setting to marking.
  • Umalusi ensures the fairness, reliability, and validity of assessments, making sure they’re devoid of bias.

5. Research and Development

  • Research is instrumental for Umalusi in identifying areas needing improvement.
  • Using this research, it crafts methodologies to bolster educational quality across South Africa.


Since its inception, Umalusi has brought about tangible changes in the realm of South African education. The meticulousness with which it approaches its duties has not only raised the bar for educational institutions but has also garnered positive feedback from educators and students alike. Umalusi’s oversight has instilled a newfound confidence in the national curriculum, exams, and certification processes.

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Being at the forefront of quality assurance in education is no small feat. Umalusi often grapples with:

  • Aligning national educational standards with global benchmarks.
  • Addressing concerns and criticisms from various stakeholders and adapting to them.
  • Managing resources efficiently while ensuring their initiatives have a wide-reaching impact on the entire education sector.


In the landscape of South African education, Umalusi emerges as a pivotal institution, safeguarding the standards of general and further education. Through its diverse roles, including curriculum development, provider accreditation, and assessment quality assurance, Umalusi plays an integral part in upholding educational quality. South African education, though striving, often faces challenges in maintaining consistent quality. It’s through entities like Umalusi, with their rigorous quality assurance mechanisms, that the nation aims to uplift and ensure excellence in teaching and learning, making its educational system resonate with global standards.

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